Jung Hae In Tops May 2018 CF Star Rankings and Joins Kim Go Eun in K-movie Music Album

Whether you like Jung Hae In or not, and I am curious to see among the readers who likes him now, the young man has made it in terms of popularity and star branding. In the monthly poll of top CF stars, which has been dominated by Gong Yoo for the last year and a half, and prior to that it was Song Joong Ki riding the wave, my Goblin has finally been dethroned and takes the second spot to Jung Hae In. The list now goes Jung Hae In, Gong Yoo, and then Kang Daniel in the third spot. Jung Hae In’s meteoric rise in the past year has come from a string of hit dramas and movies: cameo in Goblin, second male lead in While You Were Sleeping, supporting role in Prison Playbook, memorable bodyguard role in movie The King’s Case Note, lead in movie The Age of Blood, and most recently male lead in high profile drama Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food. All of this within 2017-2018, that’s way impressive and he capped it off by winning the Popularity Award at this year’s Baeksang Awards. Up next for Jung Hae In will be starring in K-movie Music Album opposite Kim Go Eun.

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Jung Hae In Tops May 2018 CF Star Rankings and Joins Kim Go Eun in K-movie Music Album — 32 Comments

  1. I like Jung Hae In. Regardless of the bad press concerning the baeksang award thing, I still believe this guy is well-grounded and his heart is in the right place. He deserves the success he’s reaping right now. I just hope he doesn’t change.

  2. Poor Son Ye Jin, definitely deserved a better drama and a co-star. He’s just riding on his looks because JHI got no range and his acting is nothing special tbh. Points for FNC for doing their job and getting their actor more jobs.

    • It-boy is easy to replaceable just look now they where crazy with L infinite and the drama rating is good too

      • Veteran Sung Dong Il does most of the acting in Miss H, as expected, LOL… This drama is actually very well written to my surprise. Go Ara looks pretty in this drama and her comedic timing is right on. L does not have to act much except to look cool and he is tolerable. So I am not surprised Miss H beats About Time. Our veteran Mr Sung is the best in this drama, he brings in the rating!!

      • Yes, It-boy is temporary. And FNC is famous for its mediaplay, looks at how they promoted to Seolhyun, who became CF darling without a rating hit.

        It is understandable that About Time does not do well in rating. Lee Sung Kyung is a bad actress who has never had a hit; only ifans like her. To SK viewers, Go Ara has more credits as a leading actress than LSK.

        Miss Hammurabi has very good plot since it is adapted from a bestseller, and the author also writes the screenplay.
        While Song Dong Il does most of the actings, Go Ara and L also have characters that suit their actings (just like how IU found a perfect character for her to play in MA).

  3. I don’t have strong feelings one way or another but apparently no kerfluffle at an award’s ceremony is going to hurt him that much. I’m passing on the rain drama because the reviews have been brutal and I hate the mean overbearing mom scenario (and, yes, I realize it can be true to life). I dropped the dream drama and also dropped Goblin. Prison Playbook is on my watch list so maybe I’ll be able to check out his actual acting there.

  4. IT boy status is seasonal. JHI is just a mediocre actor. In term of acting prowess, Park Hyung Sik and Jang Ki Yong is far better actors than he is, and on a shallow note, far better looking than he is too. Let him enjoy his Noona-killer fame while it last.

    • Ok, Jang Ki Yong is a discovery. I’ve only watched snippets of Go Back Spouse and he was cute. But I was expecting a NJK (with their similar background) and didn’t expect him to be able to emote like that in Come and Hug Me. He’s def the next It Boy.

  5. I like Jung Hae In’s acting. I enjoyed watching Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food. It was a good story-line and good acting. It’s the first one I saw him in.

  6. I did say in the earlier post to wait and see whether the photo controversy would have any real impact on him as an It boy..looks like a no, for now.

  7. I enjoyed his acting in Something in the Rain. The role fit him well and I thought he was charming. I didn’t follow the scandal that followed, but I read many comments on this blog; some people wished a speed end to his career or something along this line. I’m just struck at how punitive some people are. This is a guy who, at least till now, hasn’t done anything criminal. I agree that maybe this particular action reflects that he is not a “humble” person, but does that mean his character is fundamentally bad?

    • Some people are holier than thou. As if they’ve never done anything wrong in their life. So quick to judge. There’s more to life than a ‘bungled up’ photo-op!

      • I don’t wish for his career to end, but I also don’t root for conceited and disrespectful people.

  8. Whether you like it or not Jung hae In is in the limelight now.Dont be bitter!Hes doing hes just job.Just be happy for him!He is a good actor and people can see it!

  9. The Baeksang center thing will be mentioned with his name for quite awhile, but it won’t really stop the drama/movie offers from pouring in. CFs will come, but maybe not as many as those of PBG during his IT boy status.

    Acting-wise, maybe coz I saw him on Prison Playbook where he was surrounded veteran and theater actors, his inexperienced still shows. Technically, he was okay, but you still feel and know that he’s acting. While the other actors have found a way to be their character.

  10. I have mixed feelings about him now. On one hand, his career shouldn’t end over a social faux pas. On the other hand, he did come off as disrespectful not just during the photo op but in the aftermath. He should just take this as a lesson learned and conduct himself better next time.

  11. A it boy ? He’s 30 years old and he’s acting for 4 years. He’s a good actor and people know him only now because he only has main role now. For me he saved WYWS, even Lee Sang Yeon was not really good (I have to says that his character was really bad written…) and it was not the best drama of LJS.

    The PD of Pretty Noona said he chose him because of his acting and not his looks. I’m happy that for once a good actor becomes famous when he deserves it and not suddenly without real reasons.

  12. He didn’t catch my attention because of his looks. It was the acting. He’s a natural. Easy to watch. And compared to a few who continues to get roles/assignments despite bad acting, he’s good. So yah, I like him and hope to watch his future projects.

  13. Wonbin doesn’t make top cf star in few years but people still crazy over him and still waiting him making comeback in movie and drama.

  14. Saw him in all those dramas but he’s really just a mediocre one especially if you think about his age and how long he’s been acting.Not to mention he just had the chance now to be popular after all those years.It won’t last.

  15. The kid is alright. I do not base myself in mistakes, because we are all human. Therefore, if the kid is rude, well, let him be. Anyways, I won’t see anything of his paycheck. I enjoyed Something in the Rain, but I am not crazy over it. It was a decent drama. His acting was fine, I guess. I think that he has potential and I wish him the best. Because we all are trying to make it in this world.

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