Mark Chao and Bai Jing Ting Start Filming C-remake of Critically Acclaimed K-drama Misaeng

This is one remake that I have confidence will do justice to the original, if only because of the leading man attached. Filming has started on the C-drama remake of Misaeng, itself a popular Korean novel which was adapted into an even more popular K-drama starring Im Shi Wan and Lee Sung Min as the male leads. The C-version male leads for the drama called Ordinary Glory is Mark Chao as the elder character role and young actor Bai Jing Ting in the newbie worker role. Mark is a very particular project picker and his one C-drama was the massive beloved fantasy period drama Three Lives Worlds, Ten Miles Peach Blossoms. So basically imma just say “I’m with him” and trust that his discerning taste has selected another winner.


Mark Chao and Bai Jing Ting Start Filming C-remake of Critically Acclaimed K-drama Misaeng — 14 Comments

  1. “I’m with him” too… 🙂
    I didnt watch Misaeng, and I love MC, I’m gonna watch this one. And of course, it all depends on whether this drama will get Eng subs or not 🙁

    • Might wanna try recent great C-dramas “The Way We Were” and “Moonshine and Valentine”, good storyline, good acting and NO DUBBING…

  2. I didn’t watch Misaeng either. But I did recently finish “Three Lives, Three Worlds, Ten Miles Peach Blossoms.” I first watched the movie version and found that there was the Cdrama. I really, really liked the Cdrama!!!! So good! The movie was good too, but too short.

  3. Visually, Bai Jingting does look the part of a C-Jang Geurae though I’ve never seen any of his works. I’m not exactly sure that I can imagine Mark Chao as an equivalent of Section Chief Oh, but this is definitely one remake I am excited to watch. Please let it do justice to the original!

  4. I really like Misaeng. This will come down to whether or not it ends up being 50 episodes full of unnecessary filler. Filler is the bane of cdramas.

    • Oh wow. I forgot all about the standard Cdrama length of 50 or more episodes! The original was a 20-episoder clocking in ~27 hours in total. Even at 45mins per episode, a 50-episode drama would come up to more than 37hours, so I cannot imagine how they are going to fill the remaining 10 hours, unless they had more office politics (no unnecessary melodrama please!). Perhaps they can make it a 36 episoder, which makes it the same length as the original.

  5. Misaeng : I don’t doubt its popularity but it could be boring flat if the Chinese remake is not careful and hopefully not draggy
    I love mark chao and been waiting for a long time for him to come back to drama scene. I’m looking froward to seeing him in the drama

  6. Korean definitely make decents remakes. I’ve watch few definitely they out the original those chinese dramas from 10 years or so ago remade Koreans recently. It’s not even comparable. Old Chinese dramas were just horrible so draggy and the acting oh geez..though they’ve improved slot in their dramas.

  7. Mark chao : I admire his picky choice. And this time he’s selected misaeng, a dry realistic drama. I support him for this.
    And I hope that he and all the entire crew could carry this drama well. Also hope it will not be draggy as is typical of a Chinese drama.
    Mark chao, do your best!

  8. I love Mark Chao and Misaeng is one of my all-time favorite K-dramas ever. He’s very selective when it comes to television series so I believe there must be something good about this remake script that entices him.

  9. OMG, Miseang! If you haven’t seen the Korean drama yet it is a must see. And Mark Chao, I’m in for the C-version but I hope they don’t do a typical lengthy and lengthy and lengthy and most often pointlessly lengthy… version. Every episode of the K-version was gold.

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