Moon Chae Won and Yoon Hyun Min Start Filming Tale of the Gyeryong Fairy

The summer is upon us and so starts the filming for upcoming fantasy romance with a light fairy touch that is Tale of Gyeryong Fairy (Gyeryong Goddess). Starring Moon Chae Won, Yoon Hyun Min, Seo Ji Hoon, and Goo Do Shim, the drama takes the legend of the fairy with the lost wings and adds a modern twist. Moon Chae Won is a fairy come down from heaven and takes a bath in the mountain, losing her fairy clothes and falls in love with a woodcutter. He dies young falling off a cliff and she can’t fly back to heaven without her clothes so she stays on earth through centuries to wait for him to be reincarnated. In modern times she runs a coffee shop looking like a old woman but those with special abilities can see the pretty young woman she is underneath the fairy magic. The two male leads both trigger her senses as being the possible reincarnation of her husband so she needs to figure out which one it is. The drama doesn’t have a network yet but will be fully pre-produced, with the PD of Women of Dignity directing.


Moon Chae Won and Yoon Hyun Min Start Filming Tale of the Gyeryong Fairy — 14 Comments

  1. As a reader of the webtoon, I was initially kind of skeptical of Seo Jihoon’s casting because his character is a graduate student under Yoon Hyunmin when Seo Jihoon is in his early twenties and I find him youthful-looking. However, seeing him in the script reading photos, I think he does look the part as Kim Geum, and I think he embodies the warmth of his character.

  2. Ohhhhhh please any station pick this up! Sad that Kang So Ra couldn’t take it but happy as that Moon Chae Won has stepped in. YHM so good looking and adorable. Yayyyur that’s us when it does screen. Looking forward to this. ?

    • It’s either with tvN or JTBC. A few days ago, someone an insider posted a picture of the scripts for 6 episodes on instagram with the#jtbc tag.

      • -add-

        The JTBC was brought up by Joo In Soo’s agency when they posted the news of him joining the cast. I somehow think it’s legit.

  3. She’s so talented, I hope this drama deserves her.

    She’s also so freaking gorgeous, she has that doll-like but natural look and I can’t get over her face since like 2011 lol. I know she wanted a break from sageuks but I wish we could see her in one again, whether it’s a movie or a drama – she’s been doing only modern dramas for the last six years.

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