Park Shin Hye Exudes Delicate Maturity in May Elle Pictorial in Korea and Singapore

If there is a moment of converge is knowing that Park Shin Hye doing a romance drama with Hyun Bin is forthcoming and it brings together over a decade of career development that appeared to be on different planes. Binnie did Ireland in 2004 when Park Shin Hye was a child actress in Stairway to Heaven that same year, and with the passage of fourteen years we’re on our way to Memories of Alhambra in a few months to see if these two popular Korean stars will make current day romantic magic onscreen. I feel like onscreen sparks is sorely missing or at least the buzz is off the Hallyu rose and there are fewer and fewer stars that generate excitement. Park Shin Hye truly deserves her popularity because she brings the audiences and netizens to the yard, even if to critique her, and that’s all fine because she’s teflon coated with fourteen years experience and looks better than ever, as evidenced in this May 2018 Elle pictorial which ran in both the Korea and Singapore editions.


Park Shin Hye Exudes Delicate Maturity in May Elle Pictorial in Korea and Singapore — 12 Comments

  1. After watching her in LHITF, I can fully trully say I’m glad to be her fan…..she showed herself to be honest,introspective,intelligent, artistic,not afraid to fail person, liked that about her. Can not wait for this drama and if she’s going to tackle a movie after.

  2. Love what you wrote Koala.
    My baby girl( indeed a gorgeous woman) looks so fine, and getting better day by day. Love all those pictures. Such beautiful aura!
    I am anxiously waiting for MOA, with HB, and I know they chemistry will be on point. Shin Hye is the Queen, from I die hard fan always! Good bless her always and forever! Fighting warrior! Your fans by your side!

  3. She has matured so well.

    Just thinking whether Choi Tae Joon is a little young for her. But then love is age blind and Tae Joon could be equally matured too.

    All the best for her new drama as well as her relationship life.

    • The difference age is only a year. Maybe because some people looks older that their age and some younger than their age.

  4. I bet park shin hye and choi tea joon will break up soon cause he only use her to get populer and attention he even dating seolhyun and other member group too. Poor park shin hye hope you dump him or he will dump you soon.

    • Well, “The entertainment world is an animal kingdom” – Lee Joon. So we don’t need to worry about celebs love lives lol. They are adults and they are living their own lives. Real life is not like innocent Korean dramas lol

      • She should be carefull cause wrong move and one mistake will ruin her career chose friend wisely and have good attitude, we can see what happened with yoon eun hye plagiarisme scandal her agency handle thats scandal so bad even her friend just stay away from her. And psh agency is small she should move to big agency to get more succes.

      • PSH like you, me and all of us out there is human and I don’t expect her to be perfect. We all have flaws. She needs to find her own happiness, whether it is with CTJ or not.

        Please don’t bring in YEH because we have all seen how unjustly she has been treated by K-netz.

  5. So far Park Shin Hye made good decisions both in her drama and movie choices, so I think she has a good enough head on her shoulders for the choices in her life as well. Her small agency is another one, it lets her do what she prefers….it seems like it’s her who is dictating her agency and not the other way around from what I ca

  6. Continue…. can read about them. Seems like she’s the focus of her company so it’s to her advantage. It’s also heartwarming to read that they allow her to give ALL of earnings from fan meetings,merchandise,books to charities, causes that she supports…. I don’t think she’ll get that freedom from a big company whose main agenda is to make a lot of money from her.

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