Popular Boy Cross-dressing as Girl Sageuk Webtoon Mung Bean Chronicles Gets K-drama Adaptation

This story sounds like a reverse Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, and has the allure of being a potential K-drama hit. The popular cross-dressing sageuk webtoon Mung Bean Chronicles has been commissioned for a K-drama adaptation, with this particular cross-dresser being a young man dressing and living as a girl. He chooses to dress as a girl and lives in a widow village to avoid marrying the childhood bride that his parents brought into their home. He meets up with a young woman who hates life and is training to be a gisaeng though she’s totally boyish and together a heart warming romance ensues. The webtoon has been serializing since 2014 with quite a lot of fans, and the drama version will be directed by the PD of Fight My Way with the screenwriters of If We Were a Season and Kang Deok Soon’s Love Story jointly doing the script. The drama is scheduled for late fall and will begin casting soon, looking for a young male actor who can convincingly cross-dress and is as pretty as a girl.


Popular Boy Cross-dressing as Girl Sageuk Webtoon Mung Bean Chronicles Gets K-drama Adaptation — 53 Comments

  1. BUT WHO?? The only known actor who can nail this role with gestures expressions and body language is LEE JOON GI i doubt he will cross dress AGAIN???? or may be they will find a new face??? its a VERY difficult role. No IDOLS PLEASE PLEASE. They cannot bring the expressions and grace required

      • But who knows?? Its difficult to find such grace and expression in a guy not to forget koreans care a lot about speech in saeguks. Ive seen so many boy groups cover girl groups but the grace lee jun ki had while performing twice TT was just unmatchable. He looked waay sexier than any idol did. He knows the tricks to make him look feminine and also change his voice. All the male idols are easily recognisable because they cant hide their broad shoulders and manly voice But jun ki knows the tricks. They better pick a very good actor because it will be a classic if done right or else it will be laughable less than mediocre piece of work and waste of time.

      • Maybe some idols can change voice but not their shoulders and body language. They should find someoneworth it

  2. Watching Miss H now, L is actually quite pretty… he has nice skin, not too tall & muscular, so he can probably pass as a girl 🙂 His acting has improved a lot too.

  3. Lol. This is interesting. It’s high time to look for a young version of Lee Jun Ki who was so beautiful in “The King and the Clown”. The only actor I could think of is Im Shi Wan but he is in the army.

  4. Full length Movie yes! 16 episodes; Hell no! As for an actor with effeminate features OMG they’re a dime a dozen in Korea. They’ll have no trouble casting. I’m happy for anyone idol or non idol. For the female lead I’m nominating Chewbacca from Welcome to Waikiki. Sorry don’t know her name. Anyway it does read exciting and I’m curious as I’ve never heard of the webtoon. I like to fawn over my male actors but I think I’ll end up with a complex if their character is a cross dresser for the duration of the drama.

      • Lee jun ki has prominent adam’s apple too but he pull if off nicely in the king and the clown. Seriously though, hyungsik, he is used to cross dressing during his idol days, he might not want to do it anymore…and it is a no for me too. But he is too pretty too and can pass up as a girl.

      • wait! park hyun shik has an adam’s apple?lol I was busy staring at his pretty face to notice that..i would vote for him and im si wan if they can wait for him..for this drama?.They have the look but more inportantly the acting chops.

      • @rubyred you can look at his pictures,phs has a very attractive adam’s apple, but he has done crossdressing in concerts and in swdbs too. He really is pretty in long hair. So far, he is the only available actor that i know who can change feminine voice too 🙂 but maybe impossible to take this role..he is maybe aiming for diversity in roles.
        Bogum too, but maybe he has attached himself on the boyfriend drama already.

    • Quite a few of the Hwarang cast could do it lol, whether it’s Park Hyung Shik or Jo Yoon Woo (Yeo Wool in the drama) or V (Han Sung).

      On second thought, I realised Jo Yoon Woo is going away to the military and V’s voice is way too deep to pass for even a deep-voiced girl.

      • I think V could actually do it bcs he’s an expert in changing his voice. And he’s pretty af haha.

    • ????lol he would never do that again.Its the very reason why he goes for these dramatic hero characters in his dramas.But “Gong Gil” and the King and the Clown is such a classic that even today..the Korean media still mention it one way or another whenever they are talking about LJK???.

    • yoo seung ho could nail it too.I remember warrior baek dong soo..he looked so pretty even though he wasnt necessary meant to be ineffimate.

      • Ah yes he was very pretty in WDBS and got himself some shippers who shipped him and JCW . The reason I mentioned Kim Sun Dal, his movie, is because he did some cross-dressing in it. The only issue would be his voice since he has a very distinctive deep rich voice. It would be a bit hard to modulate that voice and get a near-feminine voice. I already miss him, I want him to be back soon

        The casting team will have a hard time to find THE actor considering it is a sageuk and the actor needs to have the acting chops required to perform well.

  5. Cha Eun Woo of the boyband Astro is really pretty and can pass for a girl. He was in Best Hit and Revenge Note and is not a bad actor.

  6. Since you mentioned Moonlight Drawn By Clouds, how about Jin Young? I thought he was prettier than all of the girls in that drama. XD

  7. Jinu from group WINNER would make a pretty girl. 🙂 Kang seung yoon from the same group too but he’s tall, so might not work as well as Jinu.

  8. Lots of idol are pretty enough to be a girl, so if the producer isn’t to adamant on getting a skilled actor, Lots of choices there. Visually they are the best choices, pretty and slim, some even look like babies. As for the non idol, all I can think of at the top of my head is Jung Hae In. He’s pretty, though not my cup of tea.

    • don’t you find JHI a little… old…? have you read the webtoon? I’d much rather prefer LJK if you choose someone over 30, although I doubt if LJK will accept it. In my mind LJK is still the prettiest. JHI has to step aside as compared and he is over 30 btw… there are a lot more younger ones to choose from. no offense.

      • None taken. As I said, not my cup of tea. It’s just that his face popped into my head and I cannot think anyone else younger/prettier yet.

      • Ooh.. one more person came to mind, but I don’t know his name. He’s been playing the younger version of the male main characters in many dramas lately. Radio romance, while you were sleeping, come and hug me, etc. He’s still in his teen years, can act, pretty and slim.

    • yeah but this is a drama and most idol-actors…..can’t act lol. There’s a reason they have such a bad rep when they take lead roles.

      No use being “pretty” in pics and clips from carefully chosen angles with perfect lighting, if the facial expressions and spoken words coming from their mouths feel unnatural and obviously “acting”.

      • I know.. that’s why i said what I said. I cannot even name one young idol as I’m not a kpop follower, but frequently saw their faces everywhere. All I know is they are pretty & young, and if the producer doesn’t care about acting chops, lots to choose then.

  9. How has no one mention Shinee’s Taemin yet? Yes, he’s not an actor, but who says he can’t start now. He’s up there with Jaejoong and Lee Junki as the OG pretty boys.

    • Actually, Taemin has acted before. He was in a sitcom back in 2009 playing the cutie high teen crush/boyfriend of Shim Eunkyung and Han Bobae. He wasn’t amazing though, and he hasn’t pursued it since, so I don’t think he’ll be shopping around for acting gigs any time soon.

  10. V/Park Jimin from bts or Park ji-hoon from Wanna one!! + kim so hyun for leading lady!! These are my drama leads..

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