K-movie Jin Roh: The Wolf Brigade Holds Star-studded Press Conference

It’s a fiver of big and popular K-stars for at the movie press conference for July summer action flick Jin Roh: The Wolf Brigade (Korean title Inrang). Starring dual male leads Kang Dong Won and Jung Woo Sung, the supporting cast adds Han Hyo Joo, Kim Moo Yeol, and Minho to up the ante. After Along With the Gods and Battleship Island last year had so many big names, the K-movie industry is following in the footsteps of Hollywood and Chinese cinema in assembling blockbusters as well as improving CG and directorial flourishes. Jin Roh is about the near future year 2029 when North and South Korea is prepping for reunification and a secret group threatens to disrupt it, feels rather apropos with the timing to current events. The press conference unfortunately looked like a hot mess with the three leads not wearing all black suits, Kang Dong Won still dresses in the dark, Jung Woo Sung borrowed his great grandfather’s wrinkled suit, and Han Hyo Joo turned into Chun Woo Hee‘s dazed doppleganger.

Jin Roh: The Wolf Brigade trailer:


K-movie Jin Roh: The Wolf Brigade Holds Star-studded Press Conference — 11 Comments

  1. I’m a shawol and I’m really looking forward to the movie even if Minho has a small supporting role. It looks great honestly and apparently has been in the works since 6 years. Hopefully their hard work will pay off.

    PS – are leather pants customary outfits for yg artists? Can kdw get a new stylist? Who the heck even wears leopard prints nowadays? Lol

  2. Kang Dong-won looks forever young. I like his sense of fashion like the fashion is going crazy mad but he keeps it cool, and just shrugh off “what do you know about fashion?”

  3. Jung Woo Sung is looking his usual effortless, charming and suave self. He ages well and continues to look amazing for a 45 year old actor.

  4. Kang Dong Won is Kang Dong Won after all. Whatever hideous styling thrown at him would simply suit him, so that’s fine with me. His styling here is one of the better few of his long list of eccentric fashion styles. Lol. Han Hyo Joo looks fine for me.

  5. Jung Woo Sung; Han Hyo Joo and Kang Dong Won; Minho and Kim Moo Yeol what a line up and fricken great story too! Now who is going to be the kind soul site to upload the movie subs and all for us international fans to see? Please pretty please? ?

    • What a stupid thing to say, those uploads with subs are illegal and does more harm to the movie and everyone who worked hard on it!

      • @another abc – Oh please how else do the rest of us get to watch K dramas and films in fact Asian films in general. And I didn’t mention any site in particular. What are you doing now? Policing how I am to watch Asian dramas and films? Geez smack smack with the naughty stick I’ve been sprung. Please do me a favour and go preach on DN; DH;KA and every other site going and let them know your unfavourable opinion. Until then…care.

    • The movie is Warner Brothers. I’m sure it will be available for rental (with subs) on all normal legitimate locations in due time, as most major Korean films are these days.

  6. This is incorrect facts though, the lead and Korean billing is Kang Dong Won, next is Han Hyo Joo, then Jung Woo Sung, so in short, Han Hyo Joo is not a supporting role, she is the next lead as her character is the key to stir things here, and Jung Woo Sung might be senior but he was the supporting role actually.

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