Kim Hyun Joong to Return with Fantasy Romance K-drama Three Years After Domestic Violence and Paternity Scandal

In the history of bad K-drama casting decisions this is going to rank as one of top three no bueno ideas. K-ent is reporting that disgraced but planning an entertainment career comeback idol-actor Kim Hyun Joong has been cast in an upcoming cable drama. It’s a 12-episode fantasy story called You Whose Time Has Stopped and will be Kim Hyun Joong’s first drama in 4 years since Inspiring Generation, and since his epic and awful scandal for domestic violence, abuse, and fathering a child with his ex-girlfriend and then involving a paternity fight all played out in court. The drama is about a time traveler with an unknown age and background who lives alone, and when he encounters the female lead he learns the true meaning in life. So it’s not just a K-drama return for Kim Hyun Joong, it’s via a romance K-drama. SO MUCH NO I CAN’T EVEN. The drama is slated to start filming in July with an October 2018 premiere on MBC Dream Net. Please let this be a bad dream….


Kim Hyun Joong to Return with Fantasy Romance K-drama Three Years After Domestic Violence and Paternity Scandal — 104 Comments

  1. Oh dear who is going to the female lead? Maybe an idol who wants a shot at acting may try…don’t think any decent actress will want to accept.

  2. I knew this would happen after they allowed Park Shi Hoo to make a comeback. KHJ still has female fans overseas so it’s not surprising.

  3. So you can treat women badly and rest a few years and get away with it with your career and fans intact. I think women should be smarter and come together in not giving these men an out. No one should be able to treat women badly and keep their careers and positions intact.

    • Well if you think about the fact how men in the west get away with such behaviour. I mean Trump didnt even need to go on a hiatus but instead was rewarded with a presidency it isnt at all surprising. At least KJH had to step back for 4 years and who knowd how he will be received back. It might be a gigantic flop.

      • He should be held accountable as well. My post was not meant to specify a country, in my opinion women everywhere should unite against this kind of thing. A hiatus does not make one’d deeds go away no matter how long.

  4. Hip hip hooray best news today! Looking forward to seeing him on screen again and please anyone who wants to pour their righteous fairy dust on my comment just move right along! I’m fan of his work and what he does in his personal life is his business and if he’s working to earn a crust and pay for his son’s upkeep then so be it. Yes I am an international fan and have always been. Yayuurrr!!!! ?

    • I like how supportive you are of abusive relationship and domestic violent! Good job…keep it up…that’s why our world is so fuck up. Lol…just for your pleasure, you’re willing to iqnore the bad thing this disgusting excuse of a human did. Good luck if you should ever meet this type of person in real life

      • Now now Shirley please language dear we’re all adults here and so now breathe in through your nostrils and out through your ears. I wouldn’t want you to bust your windpipe or blood vessel with dem fighting words. Calm thy self and step back and being the fairy that you are do me a favour and sprinkle all that good righteous fairy dust over yourself and enjoy reading my post above once again and inhale what you can from what I wrote. Be nice now and do re read it again and again so that you understand in your simple fairy brain that I ‘support his work and what he does in his personal life is his business’. Sending you warm pink fuzzies so that you don’t ricochet off into your ceiling in the process ?

    • Really?? I used to be a fan of Park Yoochun, but after THE scandal, I still could not see his face. I just hope he lives quietly and righteously and learn from the lesson. So, I hope for the same with Park Shi Hoo, Kim Hyun Joong and anybody else who had similar cases. So, why would someone still want to make these people appear in public, be a role model again? Yes, his personal life is his business, a person is not guilty until proven otherwise, but these people are not proven to be not guilty either, their cases are not finished but dropped or whatever due to insufficient evidences n etc. I am not asking you to hate them, but can you not support them, just be neutral. The world is bad enough, don’t use our rights to support something we are unsure whether they are right or wrong. If they are really right, let them prove to us, they are right, don’t support them blindly. If they are unable to do that, then I believe they did not take this things seriously. So, why should I or we believe in them.

      • I’m watching his next drama and I’m a fan of his past work. Start a petition; go on his soompi thread and tell them your story. What part of ‘its his life, his business’ and that I’m only interested in him as an actor don’t you comprehend? Is that hard to follow that I watch dramas and I don’t really care what they do after they leave the screen. Yeah sure I read up and comment on it but my life doesn’t resolve around their personal life and making judgement calls to the point of obsession. I’ve been consistent in my comments in previous posts and nothing has changed since then.

      • Yoochun was accused of rape, then they found out it was a conspiracy with the accuser’s boyfriend. People went to jail for that and it wasn’t Yoochun.
        KHJ was exonerated in the end. I don’t know about the other case. I would not speak up for them if so many people weren’t so busy convicting them in the court of public opinion. The real court is what matters. The rest of us are just bystanders. If either of them come to your house and ask you out, then I guess that it would be appropriate for you to tell them no, because you think the courts are wrong. I don’t want anyone, male or female to be abused, but for us to be negative about their lives when the preponderance of evidence is on their side just ends up as rumor-mongering. If we don’t like their performances then we are free to ignore them.

    • As a woman who has suffered domestic violence (my ex beat me even in the street) I can’t understand you. You say you admire his work, and I say to you this kind of shit (he’s not a person) must be rotting in hell. My ex is working as a teacher in a famous college, with a Phd in Computer Engineering. He’s admired, he publish a lot of articles. He seems normal, a nice guy. I was his first. He also beat his second woman, an his third… Really, I don’t care if he wins a Nobel, he’s trash, and his work is trash. Maybe if you had experienced this, you’ll know how I want to puke evertime I see an abuser. You don’t have to answer with sharp and “witty” words to this comment, I only wanted to share my view as a survivor. Really, don’t answer me.

      • @Natalee It sad to know that you went through such bad experience. It must be hard for you. I feel really sorry for the real victims of domestic violence.

        However in KHJ case, based on press releases from both sides, looks like they both got physically with each other which involved pushing one another. Sound like in this case, the girl is stronger emotionally than Kim Hyun Joong.

      • @natalee -I’m sorry if you were offended by my comment and in all honesty it’s very brave of you to share your story but KHJ was taken to court; tried and not convicted but still bears the brunt and consequences of his actions.

    • @ Ann
      You are brave to highlight your perspective knowing how certain commentators here can throw in very strong and cutting remarks.

      Let’s see how he performs. I read that his last performance was commendable.

      • @Rei Thank you for your supportive comments.I post regularly using the same user name and I know that commentators will post in response.I’m glad there are still those who are informed and not quick to judge on these posts. There is still some goodness left in the world?

    • Mate that’s your opinion but it just feeds into I can’t get away with anything and that’s disappointing. I wonder if you would draw the line at murder or paedophilia. Definitely not getting my viewing hits.

      • I am sure Ann Joel is not condoning vile acts like pedophiles and murderers. As much as lots of people choose to believe that KHJ beat up the wife according to her claims, he was never convicted of the charges. And as much as people feel that the court is bias, we are not the judge or prosecution team to say otherwise.

        Ann Joel is free to express whom she likes to see in a drama. And in this case, think again, why would his ex GF reconcile with him a few times even after she claimed he hit her? Anyone in the right mind would run away after being abused right?
        So while no one is condoning abuse in any manner, we are not in the position to throw stones at the accused person. I am not a fan of KHJ but I don’t think that it is fair to attack Ann Joel for her views.

      • @thegonggirl- Can you go and read up on the case and enlighten yourself before advocating if I would draw the line at murder and paedophila. Don’t insult my intelligence and show your naivety.

    • I am most agreed with u.. personal life should not mix up with what he is in his jobs ..not everyone knew exactly what is going in out there .. we are just wanting to watch his piece of work not those whom really want to mess up with him with his personal life . i like psh too …

    • Well that is certainly because life does not stuck on a drama only. Supporting his work means supporting his life as an artist hence him as a person. And as far as i’m concerned you are definitely not living in a drama coz you are an actual human being whom are “all adults that breathe in through your nostrils and out through your ears” but then significantly try to limit thy life to the world of drama as an act of worshipper who idolize his work and asking others to judge you as so. Deym i would think you are consoling yourself with lies here–

      • @Hannasj- Again another take with your one sided view on the case; please go and read up before claiming that I’m ‘consoling myself with lies here’! The only consolation that you have going is your inability to comprehend actual facts of a case that found in KHJ favour.

    • Love this man…can’t wait to see him again. Nothing’s better than a man who won’t give up on himself. It seems to be a fact that Koreans/netizens find it difficult to forgive but the truth is, if we live long enough, all of us, at some point, meet that wrong person or become involved in that wrong ‘situation’ (the one that we look back on it later and can’t believe we let ourselves be ‘that’ crazy). KHJ has been through hell and probably feels like he’s still in it. But if you guys can look at Ajusshi or Am I human too and feel like the woman was ‘okay’ to betray someone who’d not done a thing to her then I wonder about your sense of right.

      • I am pleased for him and looking forward to this drama. As far as I have read, his EX is fortunate that she is not in prison for manipulating evidence and lying to the court.
        He served his country honorably, he is back on track now. I hope he can continue to succeed. I wish more people would take the advice of Thumper’s father in Bambi…”If you can’t say something nice,don’t say anything at all!” Thank you for the nice things you said. ?

  5. Even if you leave the scandal aside which I see his oppalogist “international fans” are doing, he’s still a shitty actor who has never had a successful drama as lead – literally all his non-BOF dramas are flops.

    He adds zero value to any project as an actor, unless it’s negative publicity, “get this human trash away from state-supported channel” types.

    • How many times did she hit him?

      From where I live woman is not always the victim nor the man is. And certainly, women are not weaker being from over here.

      • @MistyEyes For god’s sake he broke her ribs and she was hospitalized twice because of him and he called it “play around”. Do you think someone who is physically stronger than a woman is right to abuse them in that extent? She is not a saint in this story but she surely is not wrong to a point to be beat up for a jerk like him. Have you even checked the messages he sent her? He is awful human being and that’s it. No excuse here.

      • Geez…One thing I dislike is when woman project that women as weaker gender.

        Seriously… I am not siding KHJ but based on reports it is not right to condemn him. And definitely the girl is not a weakling as you think she is.

        One thing I can say about KHJ? He is not a smart person.

      • @MistyEyes she was the one who had to go to the hospital after being hit, not him. He admitted himself that he struck her. You still think she wasn’t a victim of violence after that?

        Oh and this prince among men was also cheating on her – her discovery of his cheating was what triggered his violence.

      • And one thing I dislike are women who ignore science. We are the weaker gender. Period! That doesn’t mean I agree we are inferiour and can’t do something better than men. But when it comes to foul play force they are way stronger.

      • You can believe what you want to believe regardless if it’s true or not. Based on my objective reading, KHJ is a fool.

        I think it is just a cultural thing. But really women are not weaker being in my perspective. I’ve witnessed domestic violence involving couples that the man was the being abused and battered. I’ve witnessed couple who get into physical fights but it’s actually the woman who physically hit first. Believe me, woman can physically fight against a man.

      • No point stacking mistyeye. She is not siding him. She is making a point here that there’s two sides to the story.

        Nobody deserves to be beaten up and for goodness sake, which girl wanna keep getting back with the BF who beats them up? Is love an excuse to stay getting abused and to get beaten up? And to purposely get herself knocked up by a guy who is not married to her and then sue him a few times while still dating him after that?
        Which sane person wanna keep doing that?

  6. Honestly, in this case, I think the both of them were in a toxic relationship, both are responsible for that. Now, violence should be avoided in all the cases, I mean if you’re angry you just leave to calm down.

    Justice had handed down a verdict, so nothing should stop him working if he can. Nobody is forced to watch, listen, etc him. It’s like Betrand Cantat in France. We are free to support those people or not but we don’t have the right to force people to do the same as us.

    • I do think like you, their relationship ship wasn’t sane bit I would like to add that Betrand Catand killed a woman and KHY not,she even had a baby with him and ask for money to heal herself.
      That’s the problem ,it looks like money compensate the hurting.

  7. Wasn’t his ex crazy? And he was cleared of charges?
    Why you all so mad, just don’t watch this if you don’t like him

    • So, she was crazy? what is crazy for you? define the kind of mental illness she has. Crazy… of course. You know? when I explained to my friends that my ex was beating and mentally abusing me, initially they supported me, but after he “explained his own version”, they desserted me. Why? because I was inmersed in a depression, I was scared to go out because he was stalking me, so I was tagged as “crazy” too. Too bad I didn’t report him to police, I was so scared because he told me he would kill me.

    • Nope, the aggressions really happened and he even admitted by himself that he physically assaulted her once but she let the charges go once they came back together and that’s the part his fans always forget. How convenient. Plus media shared their exchange of messages and he is awful person. But yeas she is not a good person neither.

      • Yah really why?

        These people throwing judgment clearly read & believe one side of the story. I am not saying KHJ is not guilty nor the ex because I simply don’t know what actually happened. Both parties could be lying all these time. Who knows? All I can say KHJ was a fool for throwing his future for a girl.

        I can’t imagine how judgmental people are and how difficult they are towards others. Why don’t they just chill because life is short. Be kind.

    • Betrand Cantant was convicted of murdering his mistress and was jailed for 8 years. After he got an early release he stayed with his ex-wife who then committed suicide and there is evidence that there was emotional and physical abuse from him. Much as I love Noir Desir I won’t buy anything that he has produced subsequently. He has served time and he it is dead set on making money from his music. I would ‘maybe’ feel more sympathetic if proceeds of his earnings went to abuse victims. I as a consumer don’t see the remorse and nor should my money pay for him to have a comfortable. Don’t worry he would still be receiving royalties from all the hits of Noir Desir so me withdrawing financial support would not put him in the pit.

  8. Actually there is NOTHING WRONG with Kim Hyun Joong… is the MAD WOMAN WHO HARM KHJ so badly.
    KHJ he’s too kind !!!

    Please don’t harm him anymore!!!

    Thank you ❤
    Aunty from SG

    • Ewww I’m ashamed to be your fellow countrymen. It’s a fact that he was abusive to her, even if the abuse was mutual, HE DID HIT HER and sent those cringey messages. I wish your daughter or son will never have to go through an abusive relationship like this.

  9. the plot for this drama sounds a lot like you from another star. I don’t see how they are going to pull this off because this storyline has been done before with a much better lead actor. I think they chose him for the guaranteed ratings for at least the first few episodes because I think people will watch out of curiousity at first.

  10. Good lord the delusions here….y’all sound just like Chris Brown stans after he beat Rihanna.

    ‘It’s also the woman’s fault, it’s private, I don’t care if he hit her’….let’s just hope none of you ever or your loved ones encounter such a situation in real life.

    This isn’t even a mere accusation, it was done via police and courts like all the #metoo disbelievers want and some of you still support this pos anyway….no words.

  11. And also the “I don’t care about his private life, I only like his work!” talk is some bs. What work is even there to stan? He was a terrible actor whose dramas as lead were all flops even when he had some claim to relevance.

    Unless you think his wooden face, dead eyes and low ratings are somehow bringing anything of value to a project that is. Maybe the producers of this want to launder shady money by investing in a flop drama or sonething.

    • Even if he is a talented actor (the way Park Shi Hoo is) his work should not be supported. I don’t know the guy and I certainly do not hate him but it is not right to hurt and disrespect women and get away with it with most of one’s fans intact. It clears a way out for this sort of behaviour. Now other men (I’m not just limiting it to entertainment personalities) will not think twice before harming women because the consequences of doing so are not so dire. Rest for a few years in riches and comfort and then come back as if nothing has happened. Your show will have good ratings (PSH again) and it is like it never happened. We have to make men understand that they will not get away with hurting us. No matter how talented or how handsome this man hurt a woman and I can’t help but think about her right now seeing him in the news, reading how other women support and defend him. It just doesn’t feel right guys.

      • I agree with you but I was just thinking of the ‘I don’t care if he beat a woman, it’s private life, I like his work’ crowd, that there was no “work” of his worth liking because duh, he can’t act!

        I also don’t care about any celebrities’ private lives if they’re not committing crimes or harming other people. Date, marry, plastic surgery, even drug scandals don’t bother me ….that’s all private life stuff. Violence against women, though? That person is a public hazard and should be treated as such. And in Korean ent which is so image-focused, there should be NO room for an abuser to make a comeback in a drama or movie, throw him out forever to his “international fans”.

        Like damn even Lee Byung Hun is scum but he never assaulted a woman (that we know of).

    • @royal- If you are going paraphrase me then paraphrase exactly what I wrote and don’t embellish my comments with your assumptions. Not only are you misleading you’re downright ignorant. Supporting someone’s work does not translate into me supporting their behaviour and actions in their private life.

  12. “Fan of his work”?!!! What work? He cannot sing nor act lol stop supporting abuse and violence. It’s perverse! Who you support is a reflection of your own beliefs, so you can do all the mental gymnastics @Ann Joel but you are still supporting abuse and violence!

    • @lilykoo- Don’t suppose you’re another assumption maker who hasn’t read up on the case? Or is your ignorance so blinding you’ve omitted entire chunks of what has happened between KHJ and his ex? Or perhaps are you channelling Dr Phil and trying to psycho analyse me? I don’t support abuse and violence but you’ve taken exception to my comment above and made a statement about an opinion I’ve expressed. How very judgemental.

  13. Arrgh????.I have no words.I think they are still banking on exporting his drama to Japan or some South East Asian country where he has fans when it flops in Korea.His career in Korea is almost non-existent.That channel they are airing his drama on has the lowest viewer audience.I dont think he has the star power nor the acting talent to produce a ground breaking result like Yoon Shi Yoon did for TV Chosun and have high ratings.I also think KeyEast and him are very selfish and whoever is casting him.He doesnt have musical talent either but at least he can torture only his fans with that.Why do they have to put him in drama where he will drag other people down(staff, co stars, etc) with his messy reputation?Id rather see upcoming stars like Jang Ki Young or Woo Do Hwan and many others who need a breakthrough in these kinds of productions.

    Let me say this so it goes off my chest.Out of all these men;Lee Byung Hun, Park Shi Hoo, Park Yoo Chun and him.I think he is the worst of them all to me.

    • Ok I want to say that Lee Byun Hun is different from the other three. He is a dirty old men who likes to hit on younger women but other than being a cheating bastard he didn’t do anything to physically hurt or harass women. Being horny and hitting on other people are not good sure, but they are no way similar to hurting and abusing women. The women LBH hit on could have said no and he’d move on to next. This is not defending him or anything just making a point of distinction here.

      • Abuse is abuse, whether it is physical or mental. Both can have a devastating effect upon the other person. No excuses for either. For what ever reason, the lady in the relationship with KHJ kept returning for more. She even allowed herself to become pregnant more than once. That behavior is not normal. Both of them need therapy.

    • To be fair, PYC went to sex parlour for service. He did not hurt or harass women, he was blackmailed by hookers (from what I read). I cannot watch him now after his scandals, but he does have talent in writing music and a little talent in acting. I think PSH and KHJ are the worst cause they abuse women. LBH is a dirty old man and a cheater.

  14. I don’t even know what to say, even koala? I mean u all have ko idea what really happened other than what u read nd read on blogs nd Internet.. Who u all to judge him? If u don’t wanto watch pls don’t. Ko one forces help to watch it

  15. Everyone deserves a second chance, even if they have been convicted of a crime. If they have served their time and paid their dues, then they deserve to go back into society and resume their lives again.

    KHJ is an actor/singer. It would make sense for him to try and get back into acting and singing.

    He may not get the award for being the most decent human being and I may not want to be in a relationship with him. But he is not applying to be a humanitarian here. He’s an actor/singer and he’s only going back to what he knows. He has every right to do that and people also have a right to support or to not support his work.

    Furthermore, it’s been 4 years. A lot can change in 4 years. He’s now a father, he’s also probably had time to reflect on his actions. Everyone makes mistakes, albeit it can be big or small mistakes. But the important thing is that we learn from our mistakes and not to repeat those same mistakes again.

    This is the same for LBH, PSH and PYC. It is unfair where they get ridiculed and have online negative comments made about them. Their job/art is their acting. Assess and critique that.

    • Sure everyone deserves a second chance but women do not get it, only men do. And what kind of a message this gives? You can beat a woman, hurt her, rape her and then the only consequence will be taking a break from your career without any financial hardship and then return saying sorry. The second chances are given to people who have seen the consequences of their actions. I don’t think this guy (or PSH or MYC did)

      LBH is different from the other three. He is a horny old cheating bastard but he didn’t hit or abuse anyone. For me this is a major difference.

      • LBH was involved in assualt and blackmail case on the set of IRIS. He framed other guy who had negative public image. Even Kim Seung Woo husband of Kim Nam Joo testified against him. But LBH won due to his power.
        LBH is known for having connections with the gangs.
        Everybody is familiar with his womanising ways. Probably he also abused many women but nobody will dare to speak against him.

  16. Saw this coming. If Park Shi Hoo could come back then he could too. If this drama ends up being a hit I would be so disappointed again. Cause all it takes is another hit drama.

    Yet we have G.NA who had a prostitution scandal who is basically banned from coming back. Don’t get me wrong her scandal was bad, but at least she didn’t hurt anyone in the process. Males do have it easier.

  17. It’s sad that guys like him still have fans and still have opportunities to return to TV when 2NE1 Bom is still ostracized because she brought pills for her mental illness that was legal in America but illegal in Korea. I used to Park Shi Hoo’s fan but since that incident I have never watched any of his dramas even though I loved The Princess Man. The world is truly unfair.

  18. I wonder how many of the readers commenting are one and the same person…

    He can’t act, he is an abuser. Any female entertainer with even smaller scandals is ostracized to never work again. But I suppose Oppa is different…

  19. There are some extremely toxic relationships and I’ve seen one party repeatedly verbally dig at the other until the second one explodes. I would NEVER condone violence from either a man or woman, but after hearing about people seeing a violent and agressive woman attacking a guy with screaming, slaps and fists, I can no longer automatically assume that the woman is the victim. And she went after him repeatedly even harassing him at home and at work and when he went out with friends. So sometimes women are dangerous to men. (KNIFE, ANYONE?)
    she grabbed a kitchen knife and tried to stab him while his back was turned. He moved to a different town, she followed. Although us sane drama fans would never do this, domestic violence can go both ways. Nope, I am not defending abusers but just pointing out that these poisonous relationships can escalate to incredible levels of verbal and physical abuse.

  20. Let’s give KIM HYUN JOONG a lifetime second chance. He is a good actor and if the drama has a good story then I don’t hesitate to watch. All of us commit mistakes. Let us not make another person get to depression because of his failing career. Instead gave them a proper support and positive advise. Thanks!

  21. Sadly he is not even a good actor so I’m not sure what is the point here. At least douchy Park Shi Hoo can act, but this guy? He should just be a model

  22. Jeez….KeyEast is still willing to take him back after all this. He’s not even a good actor to warrant a return to drama. What’s worse is that it’s a romance drama. The agency must be dumping $$ to the production. Regardless about the outcome of the trial, it’s undeniable that he’s a domestic abuser. His reputation is really in the pits…but not surprisingly, he still has fans.

  23. You all want him to be dead or bagger so you all will satisfy. I am not his fan, but I believe he should have a second chance. Example, Robert Downey Jr, he has done bad things but he was given a second chance.

      • If you read stories of both sides, sounds like both parties abuse each other.

        If KHJ is woman abuser, is the ex a man abuser?

        None was actually said about the family of the ex. But I think the girls family is someone of influence or a family with money. Of how she can afford with all those press releases & lawyers, definitely she’s not from a poor family.

      • My question was referring to Robert Downey Jr’s example. I don’t think it is a fair comparison. Agree with @asta. As for KHJ and his ex, I think both have their own problems which I am not really interested because I don’t like to watch his acting and his idol days were way before my time 🙂

    • don’t worry he will come back, even mbc give a slot for his drama, btw Robert Downey jr hurting his self and his acting is excellent too. so please don’t compare Robert Downey jr with kim hyun joong,that ironic.

      • @MistyEyes You talked so much about how are you not shielding an abuser but this is exactly what you are doing here.

  24. Shielding? Did you even read? Geez you are quick judge and so one-sided.

    Have you realized both parties are abusers based on info released by them? The thing is; your stuck to the thought that women are weak and always the victim. But hello this is 2018 & women have a say in all things. ohh well unless you are imprisoned within a custom that women are lesser beings then there is really nothing I can do about it. In that case, no matter how I explain things to you, you will never ever understand my perspective.

  25. I am pleased for him and looking forward to this drama. As far as I have read, his EX is fortunate that she is not in prison for manipulating evidence and lying to the court.
    He served his country honorably, he is back on track now. I hope he can continue to succeed. I wish more people would take the advice of Thumper’s father in Bambi…”If you can’t say something nice,don’t say anything at all!” Thank you for the nice things you said. ?

  26. To the writer of this article ockoala…I am disappointed in your total inability to pay attention to the facts in KHJ’s case. Witnesses who took a picture of Miss Choi in a restaurant caught her in the photo accidentally. They also saw her bare arms which were unmarked. This was right after she claimed to be beaten. They testified to this in court and brought the photo to the judge. Also,there were text messages between the mother and the girl conspiring against him. Her hospital records were checked and she was found not to be pregnant in all but two of her claims. One ended in abortion. She had the other baby. Her rib injuries were presented differently to two different hospitals…the first one claiming she was injured on exercise equipment in the gym. She tampered with their text messages. Her witness in court could not back her up. She was found guilty of giving false info and fined the highest fine possible in Korea. He may not be perfect but he certainly did not do all that she said. She did attack him when she broke into his apartment and found him with another woman.
    The point of this is that it is possible he was not a perfect gentleman all around. But she lied and lied. The courts all believed his testimony because it was consistent and backed by facts and evidence.
    Don’t spend your time doubting what the courts found. Write a straight story, saying he is to start a new drama. You don’t have to like his acting. Personally I do. So don’t watch the drama, but also don’t continue to malign him. The negative comments are also a form of violence.

    • @sunshine – And thank you for the ‘voice’ of reason in giving an comprehensive overview of the Sorry KHJ saga. I didn’t comment on the case itself when I expressed my opinion above but was criticised as a result in several posts.

      • Thank you Ann Joel. I often wonder why people want to go after celebrities for gossip that is hard to verify. And if people don’t like someone’s acting ability or singing style or behavior, they should move on to enjoy someone else. And realize that the word ‘idol’ actually comes out because we , as a society,make little gods out of humans. False is always written next to idol in the Bible. Only God is to be worshipped. People cannot live up to any other person’s ideas of perfection, and when they don’t, we slam them. Enjoy entertainment and entertainers for what they are. Pray for them, each other, and our leaders. And don’t forget that quote from Jesus. “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

    • There was no lie about the physical assault. He himself acknowledged it. It was a toxic relationship to be sure but physical assault shouldn’t be swept under the carpet as just a ‘heated argument between partners’ One woman every three days dies from domestic abuse. She is definitely no angel however the fine she got was for lying about being pregnant and getting an abortion. The head judge when looking at the deleted text messages found that she didn’t add, forge or manipulate any parts and that the deleted parts were not disadvantageous to him. So if you are going to mount a case for oppa at least don’t be disingenuous and give part of the information. I am outraged that he is given public exposure. For the people who argue give him a second chance well maybe he should show more sincerity. And to those that say he served his country honourably well he did what all other men under 30 do in South Korea (unless there are medical or other reasons) it called conscription.

      • @the gong girl – If you are so incensed and outraged then go to Key East and make a formal complaint against him. The soompi thread is updated regularly so make a comment there too. Furthermore follow up on the latest with his ex as to what charges have been laid against her because no amount of quibbling here is going to change what has happened. Both parties were at fault. However who are we as ‘international’ viewers to argue with the Korean court of law? I’m not mounting a case at all in his favour. It’s just that your hatred of the man is so glaringly obvious. His ex orchestrated a web of lies and deceit but ended up getting tangled in her own mess and now she is suffering the consequences. No one in their right mind here supports his behaviour at all. But it’s what is proven in court and the judgement passed that needs to be respected. That’s what I’m going by sorry.

      • When the first and only actually admitted to behavior was sorted out, what he said was that they had a “push-pull” confrontation when he wanted to break up. Also the text messages were about one of her falsely claimed pregnancies. She was after him to get pregnant. There are so many people who decided he was guilty from the very first reports. It took years for this to go through the courts so people really had to pay attention to the whole case and search for articles and interviews with her attorney and his and court transcripts. So many people still want to go after celebrities for any rumor or innuendo. These people are human too, and deserve justice. She made many false claims, he was advised at first by his agency to continue to see her and to humor her. Eventually when that didn’t work he got an attorney.
        Our society is telling young people that casual hookups are fine nowadays, however everyone including unplanned little children are hurt when we see sex as casual, and just another appetite to be satisfied. It’s one of the most powerful drives in the world and needs to be kept in the confines of marriage. In the right context, in a planned and loving marriage, it can keep a family together and help raise healthy and moral children for a better society. Truthfully, if women stopped using sex as a tool, they would see that whether we like it or not, sex and love are not the same thing. Respect, restraint, love, marriage and then sex should be the order.
        Not only would the single parent, fatherless child problem be nearly eliminated, but sexually transmitted diseases would go away. Men, of course should show restraint also, but women hold the key. There would be more really strong relationships if women truly valued themselves and learned to wait for the man who is willing to wait for her.
        I wait patiently to see the outraged comments to follow this one. I hope everyone has a lovely day.

  27. @Ann Joel as you and I both know the legal system is not fair. Imagine in 2018 in Australia our Attorney General has just introduced legislation that that an abuser cannot cross-exam the domestic abuse survivor. It’s not like anybody in the legal system thought that this isn’t a harrowing process but law and judicial reform is long and laborious. There was sufficient evidence for him to be charged for assault and battery independently. And the rest is mired in their toxicity resulting in the he said and she said. My focus is that someone like that has publicly being charged for assault and battery (and he acknowledged and apologized after she decided to not to pursue those charges) is still being given a hall pass to continue in the entertainment world; so no it’s not my hatred of him per se but he is symbolic in South Korea and others around the world. Barry Hall in Australia very well-respected AFL player lost his radio job as a result of derogatory remarks about women. So this argument is what is acceptable in today’s society. In the era of #metoo qnd #timesup Kim Hyun Joong does not have a place in the public sphere. I will repeat 1 in 3 women die as a result of domestic abuse. Peace out.

    • @the gong girl- Ive read your claim and I’m glad you stated your cause and the relevance to KHJ case. Yep it is hard to see KHJ continue with his ‘life’ knowing the history of his actions and basically having no repercussions as a result. It’s unfair and deemed offensive. I get where you are coming from. You’re in Australia; I’m in New Zealand which I’m ashamed to admit has the highest rate of family domestic violence in the western world. However for me I’m not going to argue with the Korean justice system. I don’t have the right to. Ive read articles on KHJ so based on what I read I’ve made a conscientious decision until he is proven guilty then I’m going to remain impartial. Peace out too.

  28. It has been proven in court that she has tempered with evidence to suit her agenda, she also lied about her pregnancies before she finally got pregnant, as well as forced abortion and even her trip to the hospital.she could not produce any evidence of her previous pregnancies or abortion but their was evidence of her partying the same day she supposedly had the abortion. If we go by he said she said well he said that she hit him and was extremely abusive both physically and verbally shall we ignore all that because she is a woman and simply condem him? To some the answer is yes, to others including me the answer is no. I don’t believe he should suffer based on gender bias if she hit him then tit for tat is a fair game. I for one would be looking forward to his drama.

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