Descendants of the Sun Secondary OTP Jin Goo and Kim Ji Won Reunite for Cameo Appearance in Mr. Sunshine

Prolific and ratings winner Korean screenwriter Kim Eun Sook generates a lot of buzz and garners a lot of loyalty from her collaborating actors and actresses. She gets lots of cameos in her dramas from folks who have worked with her previously, and for the just premiered tvN period drama Mr. Sunshine there is a return of two popular stars from her military medical hit drama Descendants of the Sun. Second leads Jin Goo and Kim Ji Won make a guest appearance in the first episode playing the parents to female lead Kim Tae Ri‘s character, and will also mark another same drama appearance for Jin Goo and male lead Lee Byung Hun over a decade later since All In where Jin Goo played the younger version of Lee Byung Hun. The early K-netizen feedback is that the drama looks incredibly lavish but the story isn’t gripping right off the bat.


Descendants of the Sun Secondary OTP Jin Goo and Kim Ji Won Reunite for Cameo Appearance in Mr. Sunshine — 25 Comments

  1. You can watch it on Netflix.

    First of all this doesn’t even deserve to be categorized as a Korean drama. I’m actually pretty surprised by the writer knowing the fluff she tends to write. Which I can see why the Korean audience saw it as boring.

    What a story telling about patriotism.

    • Patriotism? How ironic! Is LBH the patriot here?He is portraying a loyal person but can’t even be loyal to his wife moreso to a country.

      • No, The patriots are the Korean people who fight to protect their country. LBH plays a boy who grew up in a foreign land.

        If we are still hung up over his cheating scandal you are more invested in his flaws than his wife. That says something.

    • it is a korean drama lol.
      From the trailer maybe it looked grand and more about patriotism but I’m sure its more about love story than anything else. Its KES we talking about.
      And seriously LBH look way older than other casts. Why KES not casted some mature older supporting actor to balance things out ??

      • I agree, the female lead should have been closer to his age or atleast in her mid thirties.

  2. Its broken a record though.Its rating is 8.9%.Its the first TVN drama to get such high views with its first epispde.The reviews are not exactly positive but the numbers speak for themselves.Lets see if it will be able to sustain its audience or will it end up like saimdang diary(starring Lee Young Ae)which had mega high ratings on its first episode(16%) but by the end of the drama it end with 8% and bad reviews.

    • Goodness Siamdang was such a disappointment here is to hoping this is not the case. I hope being picked up by Netflix means they watched the whole show and decided its decent enough for their platform.

  3. Apparently, It beat out the Goblin’s first episode in ratings with 8.852% so we’ll have to see next week if LBH still has his talent to bring in viewers.

  4. I watched the first episode on Netflix. Jin Goo and Kim Ji Won played their parts very well. I’ll be the first to say that I found the first episode mind-numbingly boring and I’m not Korean. I assume that Lee Byung Hyung is supposed to play a character a few years older than Byun Yo Han and Yoo Yeon Seoul but he comes across as decades older, a middle-aged Ahjusshi. I’m going to give the next few episodes a go before I decide to drop it or not. I remember DOTS started out slow and kind of boring but picked up by the end of episode 2. The cinematography was epic and so beautiful, but I found the plot a tad disjointed and hard to follow. Well, not all dramas can start off with a bang, like Goblin.

  5. Okay IMO Kim Ji Won should have been cast instead of Kim Tae Ri and that would have had more leverage because looking at the stills above its obvious she would have been a better casting choice and had a mature look instead of the father-daughter set up at first glance. Glad it got high ratings in its first ep. I’m looking forward to this ride and needed some consolation for the weekends after Lawless Lawyer. Excited to be on this journey for ‘Mr Sunshine’. Rock on Ep 2!!

      • @tzuyu – Yes In your opinion that might be the case and IMO if you read my post I’m not implying that KJW is a better actress than KTR I’m implying that casting wise KJM would have been a better fit and look. Please don’t start a riot over this. Not worth it. Just enjoy the drama.

      • To KJW fans. She’s the most talented actress in korea but underrated. So they keep shade and put down other actresses lol.

    • Uh you do know Kim Ji Won is younger than Kim Tae Ri, right? How is it going to help the leads’ age gap problem to replace Kim Tae Ru with an even younger actress?

      She looks good with Jin Gu but he had a 12 year age gap with her, not a 20+one.

  6. lol this reminds me of all those Asadal casting comments claiming Kim Ji Won is too ‘modern looking’ to be in a sageuk. And yet here she is, looking like a classic beauty in a simple hanbok!

    • Sturbbon kim eun sook always make female lead look worse and uninteresting. Look how they don’t like park shin hye, song hye kyo and now kim tae ri acting is boring. And how kim ji won fans thing she better than kim go eun lol. I’m feel sad for psh,shk,and now kim tae ri cause shit kim eun sook drama always make female lead weak not independent.and kes always wrote about perfect male lead and interesting story about second lead. Kim ji won always shine if she only second female lead and supporting actress.and I hope i song joong ki casted in asdal chronicle that drama will be flopping cause I don’t like kjw and know how they blame song hye kyo and park shin hye

      • Look sweetie, you can’t even type a coherent sentence because KJW being praised makes you that mad, I pity you.

        I don’t know how good your English comprehension skills are but they can’t be very good if your response to my stating that KJW looks good in sageuk clothing, is to start playing the victim on behalf of Kim Tae Ri and other KES leads.

        She’s literally in the drama for only a minute and still makes you go off like this, not bad at all lol.

  7. It’s Kim Eun Sook. Her name value alone ensures high ratings. Happy for Kim Taeri though. Let’s hope her character in Mr. Sunshine is meaty.

    • I give KES credit for this much, she knows her power and when it comes to casting she pays attention to the actors’ skills.

      Kim Tae Ri will likely become a household name by the end of this drama if things go right. She already has the critical acclaim and can sell movies on her name, this is a good boost for her just as it was for Kim Go Eun.

      • I don’t think Goblin has added any credit to KGE (instead it made her worse coz her character was so poorly written). But I agree KTE may likely gain popularity with ifans beyond her movie achievement ?

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