C-ent Buzzing About Zhao Li Ying Reportedly Pregnant and Marrying Feng Shao Feng at Year End

For the past few weeks there have been non-stop rumors that C-actress Zhao Li Ying is pregnant. It’s a pretty ridiculous and far fetched rumor to spread but strangely this one has legs and this week the pregnant murmurings added an additional layer of getting married which is when I decide to at least post about it. According to the tabloids, Zhao Li Ying is three months pregnant and for the last three months this normally workaholic actress has not acted nor does she have any acting projects lined up. She did some light CF work earlier but in the last month has done nothing. Her side has been denying the rumors but it also came from fans spotting Zhao Li Ying wearing loose clothing and once with purported boyfriend and maybe baby daddy Feng Shao Feng where he seemed very protective and solicitous of her. Now the rumor mill has added that the two plan a year end wedding, which makes sense IF she is pregnant. Now we have to wait and see if a baby belly pops up soon along with wedding news.


C-ent Buzzing About Zhao Li Ying Reportedly Pregnant and Marrying Feng Shao Feng at Year End — 23 Comments

  1. I just dont like FSF.. Hm… But it’s not like im gonna marry him lols, so, good luck for them. Im glad if he’s going to settle down with her. She’s pretty and damn popular. Good for both

  2. I think I read a news that Zhao Liying say she is having a break due to a badly-broken hip bone and health problems related to poor nutrition. Both of them worsened since she didn’t rest well. Anyway, people shouldn’t assume that an actress is pregnant when she is unexpectedly taking a hiatus just because she is a woman. Male actors don’t get the same assumption.

  3. Zhao Li Ying always looked fragile though so I don’t buy that she is pregnant. She did take to Weibo to explain why she’s taking a hiatus and it was because her doctor suggested it since her back injury wasn’t getting any better and she sustained those injures years ago. She probably thought she was getting older and your body does not recover like when you were younger. As for her and FSF dating, good for them if it’s true.

  4. Definitely feels more like advertisement for their upcoming C-drama where they play the main leads and to divert the attention from ZLY’s current tax invasion scandal

      • They both have tax invasion news coming out for sure so they agreed to use this stunt before the tax news came out 😀

    • Don’t know that Zhao Li Ying has tax evasion scancal. Not saying that it’s not true. I just want to know Where do you hear it ?

      • This scandal did come out before the tax invasion scandal. There was rumors before of them dating but it was fake since they were casted as the main leads in a upcoming C-drama. This feels like the same thing since their C-drama should be near the end if not finish filming, just awaiting broadcasting. The tax invasion scandal is all over Chinese media since it has quite a few big name stars with Fan Bing Bing heading the scandal. Koala reported the tax scandal recently. If you google search it or look under the Fan Bing Bing tag on this website, then you’ll find it

      • I havent seen anything about tax evasion and Zhao Liying. Isnt Fan Bing Bing the one that has a huge tax evasion scandal?
        As for rumors of them dating they have been going on since last year. Their drama finished filming in like March but every few months or so more pictures of “them” come out and I say “them” because it is impossible to tell if those are indeed ZLY and FSF in the pictures. You mainly see him and some girl, who could or could not be her.

        As for this last pregnancy rumor it seems so ridiculous, but only time will tell. She already said like a month ago that she was going to take a break for health related reasons and first they came out with the ZLY is leaving the ent business and now this. I believe this is her first break in six years.

      • Fan Bing Bing is leading the tax invasion scandal because of she’s the biggest star but there are other stars on that list including Yang Mi and ZLY because from the report there is other “studios” (most of these stars have set up their indepedent management studios) that are listed in this one area where the tax is often lowered. There’s also reports of these “studios” addressed on land that’s part of a construction site instead of an actual building or office. Fan Bing Bing is getting the most coverage since she leads the scandal so depending on how the government deals with her, determines how the others listed in the scandal are dealt with either a fine or possible jail time.

  5. Zhao Liying has been hit with a whole lot of bad rumors since she decided to take a hiatus. When her hiatus was first announced, she was hit with rumors that “explained” her hiatus and said that she had a blood clot in her brain and a serious heart condition. She then posted on Weibo that she just needed a break as any normal person would if they’re feeling tired. Then she was hit with this pregnancy rumor. Regardless if it’s true or not, I wish her good health.

    • the “blood clot & brain tumor & heart disease” was almost understandable because ZLY explained them in such a way that did sounded so serious. But, it is possibly an intentional stunt too, if supposingly she is pregnant for real and need a lot of other rumors to make it look like everybody is making up things everywhere. I doubt her health is any issue, trying to lose so much weight I assume she would’ve check in with doctors regulary and know her health early on already. I’m doubting if the weight loss is even true too, before she was famous her waist is already super skinny like what it is right now. She only looked a bit fat just because her face was way too wide. Today, her body remains the same except her face is no longer wide anymore. Overall impression, ZLY is also an ordinary actor who tells lies as well and truth hurts.

      I cannot help rolling eyes at the stupid desperate news articles that try so hard to promote her exotically unusual wide face unlike anybody else. I don’t know why they are trying so hard to prove that thing, oh yes we are so blind, nobody else on earth has wide face 😛 And wide face people you guys need to watch out because you won’t get famous (it doesn’t have to be logical reasoning, ZLY say so), yes I’m mean you Vicki Zhao! Yang Mi lost her squarish face and it’s plastic surgery, ZLY lost her wide face but no, it’s totally not plastic surgery and don’t get that wrong!

      Her crazy fans finds her too pure for anybody and she is prohibited to date anyone. Especially old perverted uncle like FSF. He does not match her…because ZLY does not sleep around like him because she’d only went on a honeymoon with big CEOs and what that only means is she’s clean because fans say so. She’d never dated anyone before either, not even Chen Xiao. Nope, Zero rumors.

  6. I think she is not pregnant for sure,
    ZLY will be out on august 15 for public event, she will prove that.

    But I’m glad if they trully dating 🙂

  7. Must be so frustrating for her that she can’t even take a break for her health without rumours flying around. I can’t stand Feng Shao Feng. He gives off such slimeball vibes like that old creepy uncle who is always trying to hook up with teenage girls.

  8. They are now officially married. I am now waiting on them to confirm pregnancy rumours. Wishing them both a lifetime of happiness.

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