First Posters and Trailer for K-movie The Negotiation with Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin

The official posters and trailer are out for upcoming thriller K-movie The Negotiation, notable for top actor Hyun Bin taking on the lead role which also happens to be the antagonist. It’s the first time he’s playing a legit baddie and his female lead Son Ye Jin isn’t a romantic interest but the hero out to take Binnie down. The Negotiation stars Hyun Bin as an arms dealer who stages a time-limited hostage situation leaving Son Ye Jin as South Korea’s top government negotiator brought in to resolve the impasse and save the hostages. I’m going to have a hard time buying Binnie as the baddie I’m support to hate instead of looking so damn fine onscreen lol, but it’s a nice palate cleanser to see Son Ye Jin being a capable negotiation specialist rather than the emotionally stunted pretty noona who makes bad dating decisions.

Trailer for The Negotiation:


First Posters and Trailer for K-movie The Negotiation with Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin — 15 Comments

  1. OMG my Hyun Binnie is so handsome despite being a hero or a weird villain. He and his beloved girl Jiwonnie are a power couple in the entire Korean Entertainment world. Figthing my beautiful couple. Thank you Akoala for the update of Mr. Kim. Now we just need to wait for Mrs. Kim Jiwonnie drama to update.

      • Yes my dear they are indeed a real couple. They have been together for long time now but in a secret relationship. You should go check on Ha Ji Won’s IG account. She gives so much hint but people just don’t happen to know because Hyun Bin just fake a public relations with Kang Sora not too long ago.

    • You’re one delusional heck of a Shipper. Spreading lies everywhere about Hyun Bin dating Ha Ji Won in secret when she was never his type to begin with. Lol how shameful of you.

      • The sad thing is that she really seem to believe her delusions even with HB publicly dating other women. HJW was never his type too.

      • Stop bullying others when you know you envy their love for each others. Sorry that your ship never sail with Hyun Bin.

        @Daluola I’m not the delusion one here, it’s you and and everyone else who disagree. Y’all should go check Hyun Bins recent presscom for Negotiation. He is so reserved because he’s taken by the Queen Ji Won. Son Ye Jin dear not to flirt around because she’s Ha Ji Wons friend. Have a good day being in Denial.

    • Shucks, this delusional comment is the first comment which made it difficult to skip over… wish I can unsee it.

      Please take your delusions to whatever shipper forum there is for your ship and I think your comments will be much more well received there.

      • I don’t know why people have so much hate when it comes to Hyun Bin love Ha Ji Won. If the public doesn’t have this much hate toward their relationship, they’ll probably come out already.
        You know that many Ha Ji Wons fans are getting mad at reading all these comments against her relationship with Hyun Bin. In no time you’re be the facepalm person when they released their wedding date like SongSong couple.

    • Guys..I think this @reignSG1023 user is a troll or really sick in the head.Dont take her bait.

      @rhienz dear.There is no such thing between Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won.Its all in her head.She is always spamming in his articles about this.She is lying to you.Hyun Bin has had three public relationships with high profile celebrities.There is no reason for him to hide if he was dating HJW. The public would be supportive of them if they ever dated.

      What woman will allow her man to fake a public relationship with another woman?If I were a man I would dump that woman for being dumb or lacking in self-worth.I dont believe Ha Ji Won is that dumb or with so low self esteem, she would stay with a man who acknowledges relationships with other women but not her.Hyun Bin and her are just friends.

  2. The trailer look good. Now i can’t wait to see my love slay the villain role for the first time. He’s still looking so fine as always.

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