Suzy All Bundled Up for K2 Down Parkas in New Pictorial

It is hot as Hades right now where I am and seeing this latest pictorial with Suzy for sportwear brand K2 my core body temperature actually spiked 10 degrees instantly. She’s all bundled up in huge puffy down coats that are perfect for the Arctic right now and nowhere else in the Northern Hemisphere. I don’t know how Suzy can manage to not look like the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man in these giant parkas and make me consider one of these mega babies this winter when I normally eschew the warmth of down for the sleek silhouettes of wool coats. I like that Suzy makes pictorials look effortless rather than overly posed or made up.


Suzy All Bundled Up for K2 Down Parkas in New Pictorial — 7 Comments

  1. I want that first jacket or the one wonbin was wearing tbh they look so warm and perfect for the winter. I
    have not seen many jackets like that in my country, despite the cold winters. Anyway I thought it was Kim yoo Jung in the first pic. Never realised that they looked alike…

  2. Absolutely gorgeous as usual…I can see these jackets will be in hot demand all wanting to look as beautiful as Suzy does. ?

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