Ji Chang Wook, Kang Ha Neul, and INFINITE’s Sunggyu Cast in Military Musical

I feel like Ji Chang Wook and Kang Ha Neul are having a complete blast serving their military enlistment. It’s by happenstance that the two popular actors and also musical veterans are serving in the army around the same time because they keep getting to showcase their singing chops together and looking mighty fine doing so. This time they get a third addition of INFINITE‘s Sunggyu who enlisted just three months ago rather abruptly but heck no time is as good as right now when it’s something that one has to get done. The musical is called Shinheung Military Academy and basically sings about the rah rah days of patriotic Korean youth fighting against the Japanese colonizers. Great to see these boys so pumped up to entertain and spread some patriotic vocals.


Ji Chang Wook, Kang Ha Neul, and INFINITE’s Sunggyu Cast in Military Musical — 24 Comments

  1. OMG that third pic from the bottom where JCW and KHN are casually singing and Sunggyu is scREAMINg into the mic has me weak ahaha

  2. I feel like they are serving in celebrity units, which has been abolished after Rain Bi’s controversy. It’s better this way, no specific unit but just give them the special treatments in vague way like this.

    • If you know nothing, you better shut up. It makes you sound dumb.

      FYI, even that celebrity unit that they used to have, if they were as active soldier… they still train as active soldier except that they tour from base to base. And on top of that, they still have to comply other promotional duties e.g. as radio jockey or tv presenter.

      • When the Celebrity unit was removed, they come up with that ‘Real Men’ but it’s not the same as these celebs in Real Men were not full time soldiers as they probably served 4 days in a month which is a big difference having soldiers who travel from base to base that promotes the moral of serving soldiers.

    • Another thing, if I recall correctly.. that Rain controversy happened during their vacation. Just like any govt servants or any employees who are entitled more or less 4 weeks annual leave, soldiers have the same entitlement. These soldiers are obliged to serve their country at a very minimal wage, in fact, temporarily giving up their millions of the dollar… and all they get are words like this and gives out total disrespect to the soldiers. Besides, in the case of JCW, KHN and SK… they are doing the musical basically for free and the military is raising funds for these artist efforts.

      In the case of Rain…he served as an active soldier. When he was on duty, he stayed at barracks 24/7.

      • It’s still the same then, basically they’re still getting special treatment at military, other soldier mates have to train for the whole day and doesn’t get to travel as much as them just because they’re not fit for this musical, in my opinion, it’s better for these celebrities soldiers to stay low during their military service, not gaining cheap popularity like this.

      • I don’t know how your brain works. These celebrities are putting more than twice the efforts than non-celebrity soldiers. I wonder why you can see that. You probably have not work yet or have done something with bigger responsibility.

      • correction:I wonder why you CAN’T see the amount of efforts put in by celeb soldiers.

      • Not to mention it was already unfair to male celebs to begin with. Compared to their female counterpart whose career won’t be disturb by military conscription, male celebs have to hault everything for two years and the burden of rebuilding their will be waiting for them once they finish the service. Yet they get insults that they don’t absolutely deserve from good for nothing keyboard warriors.

      • twice the efforts ? I’m sure they’re given much more rest and vacation as their rewards compare to their non celebrities mates. I’ve seen quite a lot of pictures of them having vacation or outing in social medias.

      • In employment world if ever you’ve in it already, entitlements are based on performance. Whoever puts in most efforts gets better compensation. Not everyone in this world thinks he or she is pushover and a victime all the time.

      • @mistyeyes looks like you don’t have any points left to defend your favorite celebrity. I would still call that cheap marketing.

    • So I gues like the 20 non celebrities who were also cast in that musical. I wonder if it’s such a privilege for those celebrities to give performances like these for free when they used to get paid thousands for the same job before enlisting.

  3. I’m surprised to see Sunggyu just after 3 months… JCW and KHN made auditions before being chosen and they did one year of army.

  4. They look good and happy.But I have to agree with larana and koala too.These two look like they have just gone on a long vacation by going to the military or acting hiatus but can still do the things they like without fangirls and netizens breathing down their necks while still get media exposure like Lee Seung Gi did when he was in the military.

    Such a stark difference to Kim Soo Hyun and Joo Won who are serving in active duty.We dont hear alot about them.Or even Lee Min Ho who is doing public service.The last picture I saw of LMH he looked miserable like he is being dragged to that place.But then again, KSH and JW went away at a career low so staying out of the radar will make people forget “Real” and that horrible adaptation of “sassy girl”.Lee Min Ho also went out with a whimper.So maybe laying low will make people miss them and anticipate what they have to offer as 30s mature men.

    By the way are JCW and KHN serving active duty or military public relations?

    • Some people just don’t want to things for free? What these (3) guys are doing being in this musical is basically charity. As these guys are active soldiers, they also have to report to the barracks outside their practice.

      I think some people are plain losers and just hating for nothing. Victim mentality you say.

      • While some celeb soldiers are pretending to be sick to shorten their service or to have an extented stay in the hospital & while other just don’t want the military to earn from them, these soldiers are giving out extra work yet they get these total disrespect from some losers.

    • Excuse me @mistyeyes more than 10 comments in the same article just to insult people who are of the opinion that these two are having it easy in the military??Why cant you have your own view on a topic and disagree but still respect people who see things differently from you?I notice you do this almost all the time whatever topic.

      Just for the record, I am not a die-hard huge fan of KHN and JCW but I like and respect them.Whether they are serving as celebrity soldiers or active duty or public service.I still hold all of them in equal high esteem because they are fulfilling their duties.But hey, go and ahead and call me all insulting names under the sky if it makes you feel better.It wont change what I think and said about the matter.

      • Because you don’t make sense. All of these military celebs have been covered by the media. Just because you don’t hear about them, does give you the opportunity to throw negative stuff esp those hardworking soldiers. In the case of these 3 features soldiers in this post, they are giving more efforts than most soldiers. FYI, these musical is a military production and they would be actors along with other soldiers and voluteer actors. Have you realised how many hours of practice actors put in to give audience a perfect show? Clearly you don’t as you freely blubbered nonsense.

        Kim Soo Hyun was covered media with he finished his military. Joo Won is now a drill instructor and was recently interviewed about G-Dragon. Lee Min Ho, well, he is a public servant holding a desk job… I think the Korean are too fond with anyone not on active military duty. But hurray he just promoted himself by sending food truck to Son Hye Jin at the Pretty Noona shoot and posted about celebrating 12th anniversary since debut. And Lee Sueng Gi had done many MCing and singing engagements during his military service.

      • In addition about Kim Soo Hyun- I don’t expect him to be doing anything beyond his responsibility as a soldier because he didn’t do any jobs since 2015 being ‘Real’ as his last project when shoots were concluded in 2015.

  5. @MistyEyes unless you work inside the South Korean military where you know, firsthand, all about what is really happening; there’s no need for you to be this high strung in defending these celebrities who don’t even know you.

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