Song Hye Kyo Posts First Two Scripts of Boyfriend with Park Bo Gum

It’s officially a go for upcoming fall tvN melodrama Boyfriend, with female lead Song Hye Kyo posting a picture of her first two scripts for the drama. It seems rather serious looking at the font style they used for the drama title, but then again an older woman from a rich family dealing with the aftermath of an arranged society marriage divorce finding romance with a twentysomething man with no successes yet to offer seems prime for heartache. With that said, the drama must be quality on paper to attract two of the big names in K-ent, Song Hye Kyo is of course established with a twenty year career track record but Park Bo Gum is the wunderkind It Boy of the last three years.


Song Hye Kyo Posts First Two Scripts of Boyfriend with Park Bo Gum — 27 Comments

  1. I choose to be optimistic and to give this scriptwriter a chance of redeeming herself as far as dramas are concerned. SHK and PBG, fighting!

  2. Wonder how this drama will be like.. it’s pressure on both of them since Song Hye Kyo never had flop dramas and Park Bo Gum is the Nation’s boyfriend/son-in-law and an It-boy with highly successful drama almost 3 years ago

    • I’m correct, not 4% but 7% ?
      Even though the rating is low but good review from critics. And writer NHK never had high rating drama except TWTWB. But even so the drama she wrote was almost high quality

      • “Live” is one of TVN’s highest rated dramas this year with good reviews.Last year “Dear My Friends” also had good ratings and good reviews.Both were written by NHK.So its not correct to say TWTWB is her only
        highest rating drama.

    • Hey Love Wadai/ Loveconditional, did you really get banned from Netizenbuzz? Try changing usernames to your original and you will notice that you can post up comments again 🙂
      Also, that must be a reason why SHK and Hyun Bin broke up. I’ve got to say, Hyun Bin is quite gross.

  3. Hye Kyo should try something that isnt melodrama or romance next time.Like action, sageuk or crime thriller.I want to see something that in a role that displays her acting chops not one heavily reliant on her beauty, popularity or her chemistry with the male leads, to sell the drama.

    • She can’t do that because her performance heavily relies on her looks and she sells melodrama the best. It’s her strength. If she does something too different, people will criticize her acting again.

      • I agree, I would do the same if I were her but it sucks knowing that as an actress where your limitations are. Not everyone can be at JDJ’s level.

    • She said in her interviews before that she wanted to try action thriller and action movies. And is hoping for more female centric chungmuro films.

      • then why did she sign on this drama? This was all plain talk and no action in her part…. or did she not get any offer on any action thriller nor female centric chungmuro films?? ummm… who will invest on her doing an action movie… she probably has to be the producer of this film to make things happen.

      • @candycane This is her interview in 2016.

        Regarding her next possible project, Song Hye Kyo said,”I have no idea yet. I did get a couple of offers, but I still can’t bring myself to read a new project. Rather than a drama, I think I may pick a movie. For dramas, I’ve become more careful because now there are specific works that you think of when you hear the name ‘Song Hye Kyo’. If I were to do a drama again, I would really like to work on a fatal melodrama. Like a love that can’t be? I await a project where I have to deeply invest my emotions.”

        She didn’t say she wouldn’t do drama at all. But ofc, you’re not a fan so I don’t blame you for not knowing.

      • @sunshine – thank you for the info on her interview in 2016. I was only responding to @Faith because BF is neither an action thriller nor female centric…. so is BF a fatal melodrama? Meaning one of the leads will die? Hopefully it won’t be from an incurable disease because this type of storyline is too repetitive.

      • She has a better chance of heading a femalecentric drama or starring in an action/crime thriller if she hooks up with the guys at OCN or jtBC than movies tbh.Or act in indie movies not the commercial ones.

        The reason for what am saying above is because she has not been successful in chungmuro like she has in dramas.So femalecentric roles wont come to her just because she wants them.She would have to work her way up and do some serious networking.Its been 20+ years since she started and she hasnt been able to score a box office hit to her name nor does she have a super memorable role I can think of in movieland.So she would not be the first choice for femalecentric role in chungmuro unless maybe its an indie film like handmaiden.Not when there are women like Kim Hye Soo, Bae Doo Na, Jeon Do Yeon, Moon So Ri and others.Her career is also heavily reliant on her image, femalecentric role in movie could involve going into uncomfortable zone like nudity,violence etc because the stories are usually dark.

        Even her peers like Son Ye Jin, Jun Ji Hyun, Ha Ji Won and others have had to be really prolific and playing leads “supporting-like” lead roles or low budget movies roles for a while despite years of acting experience before they started having more meatier roles.

        @candycane is right.Rich and powerful women like her should pioneer by producing and funding the movies they want to see more of, in korean cinema.They can then recruit young rising talent who are already known to kmovie audiences like kim go eun, park so dam, park bo young, kim tae ri and others.Thats the way to diversify chingmuro.Producers say they dont do them because they usually flop.So influential women actors and directors need to produce high quality movies that succeed in the box offic.Thats what will motivate producers to change their perception.

    • @candycane maybe most of her offers are the usual chungmuro trend for the past year 4 or 5 male headlining the movie and 1 female as the accesorry for the film.

    • @candycane Shk received an offer for a female centic movie with go hyung jung and is positively reviewing it. Its produced by the producer wife of director Ryoo seung wan the director of Berline file, The veteran and other action films.

      • @jia wasnt that last year though?I heard about that offer in July during the song-song marriage news period.But ever since, there hasnt been any updates whether they will really push through with the project or whether it was dropped?

      • What happened to the movie? I haven’t heard anything about it since the rumoured casting news. Maybe it was dropped.

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