KBS Drama Matrimonial Chaos Joins Mon-Tues Slot Still Led by tvN Sageuk 100 Days My Prince

Lately KBS just can’t land any punches in the prime time drama time slots and newly arrived prestige drama Matrimonial Chaos (The Best Divorce) doesn’t offer any reprieve. This Monday Matrimonial Chaos with Bae Doo Na and Cha Tae Hyun took over from the recently concluded Lovely Horribly and brought a little bit higher but still low ratings of 3.2% and 4.0%. It looks like a battle for second place with MBC‘s Bad Papa taking in 2.4% and 3.5% in its second week airing, and the only decently rated big three drama is SBS airport tale Where Stars Land (Fox Star Bride) with 6.7% and 9.1%. Cable remains where all the action is at and the time slot lead remains with tvN sageuk romance 100 Days My Prince staying steady with 9.089% while the second week of The Beauty Inside on jTBC remained strong at 3.479%. Overall there should be a drama for every taste in the Mon-Tues slot and this is the line-up for the next few weeks.


KBS Drama Matrimonial Chaos Joins Mon-Tues Slot Still Led by tvN Sageuk 100 Days My Prince — 16 Comments

  1. I guess the public do not trust the main networks anymore. It is evident from the lackluster ratings. It seems they would go for the cable networks for entertainment. Unless it is a Kim Eun Sook’s drama, I doubt that any drama from the big three stations can netted above 10% at all.

    • Ever since TVN started airing dramas at 9:30 and directly competed with the Big Three last October, only three dramas have averaged above 10% (Witch’s Court, Return, Miracle That We Met). They are fighting over a shrinking audience, which is why they cannot break double digits anymore. Beauty Inside only added to that, by becoming the first JTBC drama in a while to air at 9:30.

  2. Only watching “100 Days My Prince” in this time slot…Lovely drama, I like it so far! Started it for my girl Nam Ji Hyun but I’m pleasantly surprised with Do Kyungsoo’s performance- Solid acting and I even find him quite charming… It’s a shocker for me since I was very against his casting at first lol

    As for the other dramas, I’m just not interested…”The Beauty Inside”-> I don’t like the male lead. Period. + the movie was great and enough for me; “Where Stars Land” is the drama that took over my most beloved drama of the year (30 but 17) so I just can’t watch it yet; “Bad Papa” and “The Best Divorce”-> not in love with the cast or the plot so it’s a pass for me.

  3. Out of all this line up, the one I’m looking forward to watch is the 100 days my prince.

    Btw, I read in weibo that Fan Bingbing posted a message for her fans.

  4. Feel bad for the main station. But the cable station starting to look lesser quality wise. I really like the first 3 episode of The third charm. At least it has it’s charm. Starting Forth episode in, and the development on narrative is starting to look a very mediocre rom com. And I can’t even watch the first episode the beauty inside. It’s nothing like Oh Hae Young, the acting look so flat eventhough this drama has Seo Hyun Jin and Lee Min Ki! 100 days prince has good production and solid acting. But not a fan with the script. Haven’t watch the korean version of the best divorce. Hopefully the execution will be close quality wise to the japanese one.

    Loving the ghost detective, and the first episode of bad papa.

  5. 100 Days My Prince is very disapointing. I don’t like D.O., he looks like a teenager who sulks and not like a 28 years old prince, the story is boring and pretty weird. For a preproduced drama, they could have done better.

    I didn’t like the characters in Matrimonial Chaos, why they always must be so exaggerated. I would like a story that assumes the divorce once.

    I like Beauty Inside, there are some lenghty parts and I don’t know understand why they casted Ahn Jae Hyun, he’s so bland…

  6. I guess they were expecting with big stars like chae tae hyun and bae doo na they could attract back audiences, but it really seems viewers have lost interest in the main channels regardless. Rather awkward for said big names. I really liked the Japanese version of the great divorce so I’m wary of watching the Korean one…not sure of it will live up to it…

  7. 100 days my prince has such high ratings? Weird because I don’t feel much buzz with drama like previous youth saeguk hits like Moonlight. I dropped the drama because it feels like a typical youth historical drama and nothing special.

    I’m enjoying Where Stars Land. The drama is fresh to me as I don’t think I’ve seen a drama which focuses on airport operations. Somehow I think this drama will gain more attention if its on Cable since people have this prejudice that cable dramas are superior nowadays.
    Beauty Inside is also really fun to watch, I’m enjoying all the random cameos.

    • Korean youth historical dramas are nothing special. They are all about the same in plot. The buzz usually comes from the male lead. D.O is good in acting but he doesn’t have the visuals and charisma of Park Bogum or Kim Soohyun.

  8. Watching ‘Where the stars land’ for mindless fun and just going with the flow; so far so good and glad Lee Je Hoon and Choi Soo Bin were cast instead of the other 4. Then started on ‘Matrimonial Chaos’ liking that too so yep that’s the line up for the start of the week. Happy with my fill but it’s ‘The Guest’ that’s my mainstay for the week. Just using the first 2 dramas as fillers before embarking on that scare fest. Don’t watch it in the dark or alone.

  9. I am loving 100 days my prince, it is really an enjoyable drama to watch, it may not have a super perfect plot, however, it is something that you look forward to every week. DO’s acting is really on point, not to mention how lovely Nam Ji Hyun is.

  10. where the starts land make me realised that CSB is kinda bad, I thought she was okay but that just a blind support, start watching stronger delivery and I am not robot and now I feel that she was always bad.

  11. I’ve watch all the first two episodes of all Monday dramas, so far, only two dramas which I think interesting.

    One, I like Beauty Inside but kind of disappointed of Lee Min Ki’s performance. Was he a model before? I remember what a certain acting coach has said that models are the ones who are the most difficult to teach. The description really fits with Lee Min Ki’s performance in this drama which kind of similar type of performance that you can find in Park Hae Jin, Nam Joo Hyuk and other models who’s now doing acting.

    Where’s Star Land is also good so far. I am not so keen at Chae Soo Bin’s whiny voice. I am also not so into the character of Lee Je Hoon. It’s the same type of character you find most Kdramas. But one positive note with his monotonous and creepy voice, it somewhat fits his cold character. Nevertheless, overall IMO, the drama is worth watching.

  12. i loved Nam ji hyuns character in 100 days my prince i hope that she woill do more sagauk in the future im 1.5 years late in watchkng this drama

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