Yoon Eun Hye and Chun Jung Myung Dealt Horrible Photoshopping in Drama Posters for Fluttering Warning

I’m so dying with laughter and feeling cringey embarrassment for my darlings Yoon Eun Hye and Chun Jung Myung for being stuffed into this drama poster epic fail. But it’s good natured ribbing because K-drama posters run the gamut and there are plenty of sad sack attempts so this is nothing new. The official drama posters for MBN rom-com Fluttering Warning (Love Alert) puts the warning and alert on horrible photoshopping ahead. The graphic designer who cut out the silhouettes of the leads for the magazine cover poster below needs to be fired and the one who forgot to properly airbrush the shadows off their faces above does as well. It’s certainly a waste of the natural visual charms the two but harmless in the long run since this is a fluffy K-drama geared more towards fan service than critical reviews.

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Yoon Eun Hye and Chun Jung Myung Dealt Horrible Photoshopping in Drama Posters for Fluttering Warning — 26 Comments

    • Yoon Eun Hye was diagnosed with pernicious anemia and edema which causes her face, body and under her eyes to swell which is why she isn’t looking her best..during her drama Missing You she passed out and had to be brought to the hospital cause of that

      • Plastic surgery
        She can’t even move her mouth properly in the teaser
        She has dead eyes and zero chemistry with the male lead

      • I didn’t know she had pernicious anemia. Thanks for telling me. Health is so important, hope she is okay now.

    • She looks the same in the yellow poster but it makes CJM look… different. And the pink one just needs even more work for me…. Not a big fan of the posters… lol… whoever designed them could have tried harder.

  1. this poster is so bad. it made two attractive and charming actors look bland. what with those cristmast like lamps ??
    Hope this drama success, its been looong for YEH

  2. And here I thought it couldn’t get any more generic and cheap-looking after that teaser
    Yoo Eun Hye can stop coming on screen with her bad acting, botox face, and awful pronounciation. She is a washed out actress

  3. Yeah, not a big fan of the posters either but on the other hand (I don’t believe I’m saying this) they look compatible both in looks and acting wise (after watching the 4th teaser). Their acting is complement each other whether in comedic or serious/dramatic scenes. Make me feel excited to watch this drama.

    By the way, I like CJM hair style in this drama. It looks manly …

  4. He deserve a better female lead. Most of the people who worked with her become fail.
    Her image is so bad in Korea too tsk tsk tsk

  5. I don’t know much about plastic surgery but the only thing that i see is a couple of charismatic actors who aren’t anymore in ther 20’s but in their mid 30’s. one can be the most beautiful woman or handsome man but aging changes the features.

    • It wasn’t a critic but a compliment as some are talking about plastic surgery . @ Sherin , i hope that you don’t think that i’m an anti. people here knows that YEH is my fav . I was just saying that her looks are natural for someone in her 30’s. Until now i still find her as one of the most charismatic,elegant kdrama actresse. I’m really happy that she’s paired with CJM . 5 years was too long and i hope this one will be the first of many future projects.

  6. And eun hye’s anti still coming here.. Shameless..

    Oh, I’ll just celebrate our big sist comeback!
    You can watch this drama in VIKI, whenever you are ready to be amaze by eun hye’s superb acting!

  7. What I think is hilarious is the text on the magazine spread. I find it particularly funny that the name of the magazine is… “MAGAZINE”! It has an article called “THROBBING SECRET”, and the issue’s focus is: “From makeup base to lipstick Cosmetic brand that captures Asia”.

  8. Mrs.Koala favourite flop actress.
    Making the same accounts and deleting comments won’t change the fact that she is no.1 most hated celeb along with Kim Hyun Joong.
    Poor CJM though stuck with crappy female lead who can’t even act. Her acting has been going downhill since Coffee Prince

  9. These people spouting plastic surgery just because someone features change due to pass of time must be young. Wait 10 or 15 years after, you probably won’t recognize yourself after that long. You would probably be a case plastic surgery gone bad when you reach in your late thirties.

  10. Pfft this looks so low budget and cheap. YEH surely has gone down to such level
    These fans saying her face changed just because of aging is so delusional 😉

  11. Don’t mind d haters. They are so negative they won’t stay happy anyway. I know YEH was diagnosed with pernicious anemia stuff and sometimes her face bloat so badly it looks like putting botox. Who wants that anyway? The haters doesn’t have a single clue about her but just condemning her. Go ahead Haters, hate all u like & stay hateful always! GOOD for u!!!

  12. I was YEH fan, i wait this drama, but her face looks different, make me uncomfortable, i like her chubby looks and no make up look, very natural and elegant, btw what happen with her lips, and her lipstick in this drama makes her worse

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