Yang Se Jong Models the Preppy Gentleman Look in Bazaar Korea Pictorial

I didn’t write much about summer 2018 SBS drama Thirty But Seventeen but I quietly watched it every week and thoroughly enjoyed the dramatic journey. It wasn’t eventful or groundbreaking yet had a calming comforting vibe that matched very well with male lead Yang Se Jong. For the same reason I didn’t like him in Temperature of Love for being so bland I thought he infused some edge to raise his aura to a more interesting level in Thirty But Seventeen. He also had fantastic chemistry with female lead Shin Hye Sun that he didn’t have with Seo Hyun Jin in Temperature so for now my opinion of Yang Se Jong has swung back to positive territory. He needs to take on edgier characters to sharpen his onscreen softness but as a still model he is awfully charming to behold in the November issue of Bazaar Korea.


Yang Se Jong Models the Preppy Gentleman Look in Bazaar Korea Pictorial — 12 Comments

  1. He looks like SJK in his younger days, softer image.
    I hope he goes for more edgy roles in the future.
    Let’s see what he will pick up next.

  2. in 30 but 17, he was totally outshone by SHS and AHS. I don’t see why he can be a male lead, but maybe other people like him? I don’t. He is totally snoozefest Zzzzz…

    • Outshone??? In that drama he has different character from SHS and AHS tho. SHS and AHS’s character is cheerful and lively (because AHS is still 19 y.o and SHS is still has 17 y.o. mind although she is already 30 y.o) while YSJ’s character is awkward and more serious than them because he is already 30 y.o. I guess you prefer cheerful character.
      Btw I still think that he is better actor than AHS. AHS is great actor but he lacks in “emotional portrayal through eyes”. I already finish watching 30 But 17 but I really feel the difference between their acting. I can feel the emotion even just by looking at YSJ’s eyes. While I can’t feel any emotion through AHS’s eyes.
      But I appreciate your opinion. I just want to share my different perspective. If you don’t like YSJ and don’t want to see him again in drama, then okay, it is your decision and I appreciate.

  3. 30 but 17 bored me (just not my type of drama I guess), but he was so good in Duel. Really nailed the good and evils clones, and the mysterious doctor original, and the good-clone-pretending-to-be-the-evil-clone scenes. It was mentally confusing for me to see press conference photos because I kept expecting to see both the clones there lol, I felt weirdly empty and cheated that he was only one person. Hope he picks up more thrillers or darker roles in the future.

      • I mean, the greatest script in the world couldn’t have saved the show if he couldn’t act. Maybe you thought him leading ruined the show(?), but he dominated screentime playing three characters and I was certainly never bored seeing his face during the show. You’re fine to think he’s a bore and I’m fine to think he’s proper magnetic in the right roles.

    • Just ignore…I don’t think we should take seriously someone that almost think Seohyun is the best actress to have ever graced the screen (ok I exaggerated a bit there)I can admit that her performance in ‘Time’ was better than in Moon Lovers…still reality is Kim Jung Hyun hard carried the drama imo and it’s a shame he couldn’t complete it due to his health (dropped the drama as soon as he left)

      Yang Se Jong is indeed a talented actor. A bit underrated unfortunately, still he’s good. Just hope he and his agency will choose a edgier/more challenging role for his next project. 30 but 17 was a good rom-com and his chemistry with Shin Hye Sun and even Ahn Hyo Seop was totally daebak! I enjoyed it more than Temperature of love. Heartwarming and fun show.

      Haters can keep hating him…meanwhile the guy is recognized by the industry and winning awards(and it’s a feat knowing that he’s in a small agency and a rookie…thus proving he’s more than a pretty face)

      Lastly, I’m glad Koala has finally come around about him.

      • Agree with you. What’s wrong with the haters tho (he is soooo humble, his humbleness is another level, how can people hate this humble person)? But I kinda understand it, I mean, every celebrities have haters. Btw I think GoodPeople is small agency too, that agency currently only has Yang Sejong and Kim Sunah as rising actor and actress. Other actors and actresses in that agency aren’t that well-known yet. Maybe the biggest actor agency in Korea currently is SidusHQ. That agency has so many popular actors and actresses.
        I become his fan because of his acting tho. His acting in 30 But 17 is superb, especially when he acts trauma. His eyes really can portray that TRAUMA FEELING. He is so good in romantic scene too (His gaze is no joke). You can see it, through intense romance in Temperature of Love and even simple romance in 30 But 17. I already finished Temperature of Love and 30 But 17. I can’t finish Duel tho. That drama is so frustrating, especially that Jang Deuk Cheon’s character is so annoying and rude. So I only watch Sejong cuts in the drama.

  4. IMO, he is not like IT guy type and more like Jung Kyung Ho who keeps better and better as time goes by. He has this calm and charming aura around him. He has surely talent. He does not overact nor over the top to his character and its what I like about him.

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