Kim So Hyun Fresh and Lovely in White at 2018 Fall Seoul Fashion Week

The second half of is chock full of news and new projects with the current IT crop of grown up famous Korean drama child actresses. We have Nam Ji Hyun in cable hit 100 Days My Prince, Kim Yoo Jung returning in jTBC drama Clean With Passion For Now, and news that Kim Sae Ron is considering the second season of KBS drama Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul Ho. Throw in Kim So Hyun‘s double acting confirmations and we have a fiver – she will be doing 8-episode mini-drama Love Alarm and also signed on for the K-drama adaptation of hit film Miss Granny. I so feel like a mom seeing all my cute talented daughters grow up and succeeded beyond even the expectations despite how treacherous it is to navigate K-ent. On the fashion front Kim So Hyun continues to be one step better than expected as she looked at the Seoul Fashion Week event recently in an all-white mock neck dress with simply platform peep toe sandals. 


Kim So Hyun Fresh and Lovely in White at 2018 Fall Seoul Fashion Week — 23 Comments

  1. Korean entertainment industry is really blessed with really talented child actors. And even more amazing, they grew up decently (unlike Hollywood child actors), continue their anazing career and transition to adulthood and looking fabulous too with good healthy image. Kudos to them.

    • That a very general racist statement which I find offensive. Just as some American child stars don’t often make the cut in adulthood the same applies to South Korea that has an appaling record of suicide and Depression in the industry…So much for well adjustment…Please speak in fact.

      • Well… You are obviously offended over nothing. And am not sorry that you feel offended either.

      • hahaha… so funny here. Racist? Yeah, watching K-drama while I am even not Korean sounds very racist as a matter of fact… 🙂 Happy Halloween 🙂

    • I just think that K-actors work a lot harder to maintain clean images because of how judgmental & nitpicky the general Korean public is, whereas American actors mostly care much, much less about how they are perceived? Or at least, the public doesn’t care as much about their favorites having a spotless reputation, so you’ve got a lot of not-very-nice and not-very-clean people continue very successful careers in Hollywood (both in front of and behind the camera).
      So anyway, I’m sure that K-actors have their share of problems and vices as well–they are just better hidden than those of their American counterparts. Like, back at the beginning of the year, when KYJ temporarily pulled back from her drama “Clean with passion”, I read some blind item that the reason wasn’t her having a medical issue, like her PR-team claimed, but… the kind of issue that you’d expect from a young American star who suddenly disappears for a few weeks/months and goes to an exclusive kind of clinic/retreat… to detox.
      It was really shocking to me, and I hope it was just an unfounded rumor, but it still forced me to take off my rose-tinted glasses when viewing K-ent.

      • Gurl if you know the rumor is unfounded don’t go around spreading it. Hypothyroidism is a serious disease. Plus there are K-actors caught in act of drug abuse after hiding it why not use them as an example to reinforce your first premise. Otherwise this will just be a hate comment veiled under false concern.

      • Korea is very strict with drug use to the point that they arrest citizens who take pot even in countries where it’s legally allowed. If KYJ really did use drugs, she would have been investigated by now and it would have been all over the media. You could have used k-celebrities who were actually investigated(TOP, Joo Ji-hoon, Park Bom though her case was debatable) to make your point, and yet here you are spreading an obscure but nasty blind item about a girl who really was sick. For shame.

    • They work hard but KSH especially is a super hard worker in all aspects of life be it public image, acting, studying or anything else. She’s really something this one.

  2. Btw, who haven’t watch her first ever travel show “Because This is My First Twenty”, please watch it via Lifetime Korea YouTube channel!

    You won’t regret it! I guaranteed!


  3. I’m curious. I know that Nam Ji Hyun is a student in psychology in University. She studies one semester and actes the other one.

    How KSY does handle her studies? She worked a lot since she got accepted into Hanyang’s University.

    • After Radio Romance ended, she has entered her classes, finished her first semester around June-July and resumes her activities back till now. For now, she takes break for one semester.

      I’m not sure how her arrangement for Miss Granny since there is no confirmation, no updates for the airing dates or which TV channel. Maybe she continues her studies after Love Alarm and take one more semester break for Miss Granny.

  4. 4 thoughts:

    1. She’s lovely

    2. I’m amazed she can walk in those shoes

    3. Her knees don’t look bad. I don’t like knees. They often are the sore spot on pictures. Ugly. Call me crazy. 😉

    4. She look like a fairy. Vanishingly… tiny, small, slim… but not unhealthy. How does she do it? She’s really grown up now.

  5. She’s the prettiest of all the young actresses for me personally. Her good looks just can’t be topped and her acting is Mashallah.

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