Chinese Actresses Showcase Throwback Beauty in Period Pictorials

I love gorgeous stars and throwback fashion, and when the two are combined together it’s too pretty not to share. The Chinese actresses are still hewing closer to retaining their own individuality and unique beauty rather than converging towards a homogenized norm that is happening too much in K-ent, and with the different types comes more creativity in pictorials.

I recently came across a dazzling collection of recent magazine shoots featuring four of China’s most well-known actresses, in a similar old-school throwback arrangement in outfits and layout. Crystal Liu, Li Bing Bing, Sun Li, and Angelebaby are each transformed into the varying ideals of Chinese period beauty, with some getting a smidge of a modern twist. It reminds me of the breathtaking pictorial Lee Young Ae did last year when she donned modern interpretations of the Korean hanbok.



Chinese Actresses Showcase Throwback Beauty in Period Pictorials — 9 Comments

  1. Beautiful pictures.

    A personal observation, i know this a personal blog and Koala can post whatever she chooses.

    However, there are often several/ ongoing stories of a young actresses who are starring in a new drama, or another of a famous actress who was involved in a scandal a few years back now making a come back, then another few stories of another actress’s wedding, fashion shoots of gorgeous people…and the repetitive and unimportant list goes on.

    Yet there is a very prominent story at the moment which has never once been featured on this blog about bullying, physical/verbal and emotional abuse of young band members by their Producer/Manager and the CEO allowing this behaviour to continue. This is of course the Eastlight Band’s current legal allegations against their management. The story highlights what may be a hidden but rife problem in the K Ent industry. Abuse and exploitation of young people trying to find fame.

    It is interesting why this was never featured or mentioned. Allegations of sexual assaults get mentioned. Then haters jump on board and pound someone when they try to make comeback.

    Is it because Eastlight is not a big enough name in the industry? Or their story is not as interesting or as the useless fluff that gets featured here. Oh so here’s the 5th posting I have read of exactly the same story!!

    If it was some good looking group or some of the pretty young darlings that you continually post, their story would be featured.

    It is great to read/see what is happening in the entertainment world. But please try to give a balanced view and feature the good, bad and the sad ones. Alot of people read your blog. Posting gorgeous people and pics are nice.
    But try to also post interesting, real, relevant stories that have severely impacted on people. These are young people who were physically abused daily, one was locked in a room and hit continuously across his head. Now he’s receiving psychological treatment. Important? I think so!

    • Koala mostly posts things related to the acting world. She doesn’t cover Kpop unless the idols branch out to acting.

      On the other hand I understand your frustration with the darkside of the Kpop industry. But there are other blogs that are more focused on Kpop world are covering that.

      • Thank you rr, maybe I should do a search for those blogs. Each to their own.

        Knowing that people are suffering abuse and harm, yet time after time reading posts about mindless, unimportant and useless information gets a little tedious after a while.

        Sorry, just had to throw a final rant in there, bye!

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