The Very Pretty Three Leads of SBS Drama My Strange Hero Show Off Complementary Charms

The upcoming SBS drama My Strange Hero (Bok Soo is Back) looks light weight and that’s just fine by me. I’m forever traumatized when Yoo Seung Ho did Missing You that it will take an unending diet of him doing cute fluffy dramas to make up for that. His last I Am Not a Robot was a great appetizer and I’m hoping for a solid main course with My Strange Hero mainly because I like him with Jo Boa more than my initial expectations when he did Robot with Chae Soo Bin. This drama also has a great second male lead in Kwak Dong Yeon, and he looks the most serious in his drama stills whereas Yoo Seung Ho is playing up his playful side (pun intended) and Jo Boa is a total high school queen boss with her confidence and visuals.


The Very Pretty Three Leads of SBS Drama My Strange Hero Show Off Complementary Charms — 16 Comments

      • What is the reason? KDY is only 21 years old!!!! Aren’t you a bit mean to say he is “forever be second lead”? Goosh, what planet are you from?

      • Even as second lead he’ll still be a far superior actor than your oppa whose career is basically over.

      • Whay i say that,because you say he is the only saving grace for this drama, what common ,when Yoo seung Ho 21 ys old, he was lead man for so many film. You think he can compare with Seung Ho about acting. You blind

      • @Hoala – NO ONE is comparing KDY to YSH. Can you read English? You are the blind one when you cannot even read who has commented what? Make some sense here.

      • Why are you replying to me ? My comment was not meant to you. I never said KDY is the only saving grace of the drama !! Re-read my previous post.

      • @Eva – That @Hoala person is crazy! LOL. Someone from the Stone Age who cannot read nor use the computer. hahaha…

      • @candycane. Wow the few times I comment, I get such extremes reactions
        There is too much craziness for me here. Those fans have obviously more serious issues. It’s not about being able to use computer or to read. Some salty KDY fans said KDY is the only saving grace of the drama. ROFL. This is the funniest thing I’ve heard. As if the rest of the cast is nothing and he will be the only one saving the drama. Should I remind everyone that a veteran actor who got the daesang at KBS dramas awards last year is part of the cast ? Then I got attacked by a YSH fan… hey @haola if you want to defend your oppa, you don’t need to jump to our throats and make hasty assumptions. YSH is a talented actor but there is no need to put down other actors and say they will be forever second leads in order to defend your bias. His talents are recognized by k-critics, only pressed and salty fans are in denial.

  1. Same on you with Chae Soobin, Koala.
    I’m on board with this couple, and Kwak Dongyeon. Going to squeeze this in my drama schedule.

  2. I am just fiiiiiiine if Yoo Seung Ho decides to do fluffy dramas at the moment after Missing You. I only started liking Yoo Seung Ho after I Am Not A Robot (late on this ship). He and Kwak Dong Yeon have a long career ahead of them so I don’t think fun dramas will harm them one bit. One day, they will act in more serious fare and I will probably rewatch all the cute dramas they’ve been in to recall how cute they were.

  3. I definitely read someone saying KD was the only saving grace of this drama nothing else seems interesting. I can say the same while being a Yoo Seung Ho fan.I’m highly allergic to romcoms and had it not been for him I wouldnt even have wanted to watch the show. Yes I have issues with him opting for romcoms IF they are loosely/ casually written ones like I am Not a Robot.IANAR was plain lame and stupid, period. I really want success for him with this drama.Please drama please be good this time. Oppa Fighting!

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