Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye Bring Smiles and Chemistry to the Memories of Alhambra Press Conference

There’s double the star power and excitement at the press conference for weekend tvN fantasy romance drama Memories of Alhambra, with leads Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye looking as good together in person as they have in the previews so far. Binnie is a little too stuffily dressed what with the thick suit and turtleneck but it’s winter in Seoul so I’ll give him a pass. I love the wine-colored lace dress Park Shin Hye is wearing complete with matching platform velvet peep toe sandals and beautiful makeup. The two were also laughing and joking at lot during the event, boding well for getting along as costars and delivering in onscreen chemistry as a result. The drama will be the first AR (augmented reality) based drama in South Korea and is also getting a high profile overseas distribution having been picked up by Netflix to air concurrently.


Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye Bring Smiles and Chemistry to the Memories of Alhambra Press Conference — 124 Comments

  1. Press conference looked like a movie premier to me, with their venue and having the fans watch it with them. Park Shin Hye also changed outfits during the event…..typical male Hyun Bin came with one outfit ? Both looking gorgeous! Can not wait for Dec.1st since it will be shown 1 hour after the local broadcast. Is that a first? And Netflix is exclusively showing it too!

    • I think it was two different events.
      They had press conference in the morning, and preview in the evening.
      They had another interview in the night/noon and PSH changed her outfit again but HB had the same outfit too LOL.

      Mr.Sunshine also has the same broadcasting schedule before I think.

  2. They look great but sorry still can’t compared to him and my goddess Queen Ji Wonnie… Park Shin Hye look super old regarding her younger age. She look as old as Hyun Bin already. Their chemistry is off. I guess Hyun Bin will never find a production as good as Secret Garden and a partner as gorgeous and talented as Ha Ji Won queen. Sadly this drama will surely loose to Encounter. Don’t know but still can’t digest Park Shin Hye acting.

      • We’ll I never said she is young but at least she look so much younger than all your pretty unnie when she is actually older. Park Shin Hye and all his other co-actress look so old although they are young or old. My queen is a natural born beauty with talents. No wonder Hyun Bin only acknowledge her as the best he’d work with.

      • Must be blind to think that Sung Yuri, Han Jimin, Son Yejin and Song Hyekyo looks old.
        Have you even see Ha Jiwon’s latest photos?

      • @ReignSg1023 Not to be mean but if you really want to put down his other actresses he work with than let me give my true opinion about your goddess too. She is the least pretty he’d work with and is the most over hype partner of his. I’ve watched Secret Garden and don’t enjoy the drama including the main couple’s. I would said Ha Ji Won look young for her age but to compare her with his other actresses, they are as talented as Ha Ji Won too so stop being childish and trying to start fan wars. Han Ji Min, Song Hye Kyo, Sung Yuri, Son Yi Jin, and Nana are way prettier than your queen but glad their fans are not as naive. If you don’t like him working with other girls than don’t watch as simple as that. Let others enjoy MOA in piece.

      • @Star and @Dreams Sorry to shatter your little shallow hearts but Ha Ji Won is way talented, beautiful and more classy than all his other actress being mentioned here.

      • Nah Ha Jiwon is old and has degraded into acting. Nobody is jealous. You and Reign should pray for your unnie instead of leeching onto Hyun Bin again. So pathetic.

      • @ReignSg1023 – disguising as @Delurker does not earn you any extra brownie points! I disagree that HJW looks “so much younger”. To me, she looks her age, age 40! And I don’t believe she is a natural born beauty, her looks have changed a lot over the years. Kim Sun Ah has made him shine in My Lovely Sam Soon, not HJW. PSH looks much younger than HJW to me besides being much younger than HJW in real age. I have young eyes, your eyes are stuck in year 2010 along with Secret Garden. Put on your reading glasses to see clearly.

      • @candycane LMAO you’re disgusting not me for denying that HJW is not the bridge to make him shine. I don’t recall seeing his name attached to Kim Sun Ah and MLKSS as much as with Ha Ji Won. Everyone here is freaking salty because they can’t accept the fact that Park Shin Hye really suck and is overrated. When watching her drama, her co-stars always seem to outshine her. Ha Ji Won was always pretty and natural unlike Nana and all his other co-stars that have some touch up to their face here and there. Waiting for this drama to flop because there’s so much better script out there like Boyfriend.

      • Admit Ha Jiwon is a has been. Hyun Bin doesn’t want his name attached to her anymore. You should named yourself Delusional. None of the things you are saying makes sense. Must be hard defending your fave that you are losing brain cells.

      • @Delurker – you must have forgotten that Boyfriend’s female lead SHK is also HB’s past costar and she has no touch up to her face here and there. Your channel vision is getting worse and your brain is totally fried. It is ok if you want to call HJW a bridge because it is more suited than calling her a natural born beauty. LOL.

      • @candycane You’re one salty person who think you know best when you and everyone here are just bitter about his end to your ice cold princess. Ha Ji Won is so much better from talent to personality and beauty. She is a well respective person who is love throughout South Korea and Asia. She is beyond all these young actress level. These nonsense about her should be put to an end. Like it or not Hyun Bin still have her back even after all these years.

      • @AmazingCouple – wow, you keep changing your username and think no one will recognize you? I don’t really care about a 40 y.o. woman tbh. Why? I am just a K-drama watcher and I like to be entertained by whoever is on my computer screen. Good luck to your Queen in marrying her Prince Charming! 40 years old and still single. LOL. If he loves her, he should know what to do.

      • @candycane you must be retarded to think everyone is the same person because we stand up for our queen when your bias only have you. Such a bitter and disgusting person. As long as I know everyone here is f**king jealous of my girl and her success it’s all good. No need to wast my time on all these MORON.

      • @Amazing Couple – watching your language. You certainly sound like one of them… hahaha…Your queen only has one slave – and that’s YOU!

      • @HJW fan: I’m glad PSH looks her age so she can act with more mature actors and look good with anyone. Wait who is HJW recent costars? Didn’t she act with random idol who never lead before?
        And I’m glad she star young so she can act and do charity for newbies, something PSH’d better not doing.

    • LOL. Someone’s jealous. You deserve a cape so you can be Super jealous. Bye Felicia, don’t let the door hit you on your way out

      • How is someone jealous if they’re just stating their opinion because of all his leading actresses Ha Ji Won is a better actress and is more versatile. Park Shin Hye does look old here. If I don’t know she is so much younger, I would think she is Hyun Bin’s age. They look a bit odd but we’ll see how their chemistry’s like when the drama air.

      • Well she can state her opinions but she’s putting down another actress. And she’s not even HB’s fan, more of HJW’s.

      • @Sarah When you’re Ha Ji Won’s fan and think she is the best. But sorry dear you forgot Kim Sun Ah, she is by far the most versatile actress he’d work with. She’s the one he acknowledge not your Ha Ji Won. This is the reason why I said too sick of seeing Hyun Bin being string attached with HJW. Are her fans really that desperate or what…? Can’t y’all just go rewatch Secret Garden and leave other people alone.

      • @Palai You’re one blind oppa fan girl to look down on another talented woman. Stop denying that Hyun Bin is a good actor when he’s not. He only get to were he is right now because of Ha Ji Won who give him all the spotlight when she could have over shine him badly in Secret Garden. I see most of the fans from his other actress lead are some jealousy freak by always trying to throw shame on Ha Ji Won. Park Shin Hye really does suck at acting and look old.

      • @Delurker: Ha Jiwon fans are the stupid and insecure ones because she’s flop right now. Needing to step on other actresses by saying she’s the best and most beautiful co-star.
        Even after 8 years they still can’t let go of HB. Lmao.

      • Ha Jiwon can barely keep her spotlight now. Help her find another man instead of barking like dogs here. You guys are the one stirring trouble here by mentioning Ha Jiwon here. Why? Because she has nothing interesting going for her other than being Hyun Bin’s ex co-star.

      • @sarah so bashing is stating opinion nowsaday? What if HJW is a better actress? Is it ok for you guys to be disrespectful and hating other actresses who work with HB? Saying much about yourself.

        PSH has been filming with no sleeping as they need to wrap up soon so she did look tired. But old? I guess I like that she looks older and not having baby face because she can work with senior actors and look good with them. Did you know many already start shipping them and Korea already loves their chemistry and visual together. So I’m glad she look old, dress old so she can match and look perfect with her costar.
        Odd? Probably you didn’t see their cute interactions?

    • Move on idiot Secret Garden already too old years drama, why you so keep bothering degrading other actress with HyunBin, all Actors and actress should work to another not to stick to one Leading lady..you are really stupid.

  3. Encounter/boyfriend was pretty boring with song hye kyo always same acting and facial expressions. But surprisingly get 8.6% rating I don’t know if that rating was good or flop.

  4. I love her outfit too, and i think shin hye really comfortable with him, maybe because they already shoot many scenes together overseas. Love them and really can’t wait for the drama.

  5. I can’t stop laughing??? when watching encounter because park bo gum lovey dovey with his hyung wife. Dr.kang image really strong it’s hard forget her role in dots.

    • I can’t agree more. I feel like I am watching a film when watching Boyfriend. What I mean is, some dramas feel so real but with Boyfriend I keep thinking she is married to his bff.

  6. ValentinoZara aka bannednetizen aka the infamous troll..can you stop mentioning Encounter here? This article has nothing to do with the drama at all! You really can’t live a day without bashing SHK smh

  7. That’s it, I’m done! Is it too much to ask for some genuine positivity ever in this blog? Especially whenever PSH makes a comeback. Like damnnnn,some of us just want to enjoy our favs comeback in peace; without being trolled or dumped on. If I had gone by a lot of this online comments regarding actors (moreso actresses) or taste in dramas, I would have lost my enthusiasm for it long ago. Real life is hard enough, watching an
    asian drama which is fiction should just be for unwinding and finding an escape.
    I’m done with this blog, and few others; at the very least until Encounter and MOA are through. You will not ruin this experience for me. I’m not even a regular poster here but it’s too exhausting reading some of this trash. I keep losing braincells over this mess.
    Over and OUT!

  8. Yeah…yeah…yeah… It’s here at last. Love them both. They look so comfortable with each other its so cute to see so I can’t stop smiling. Fighting memories of Alhambra team. Looking forward to collecting memories with you.

  9. PSH look beautiful here, she look very comfortable with Hyun Bin and i can feel the great chemistry between these two already. 3 more days for MOA and all the wait will be over.

  10. Reviews for first episode is positive from the people who watched it in the drama preview event yesterday… Fingers crossed for a good story throughout.

  11. I really like her dress! She looks beautiful and feminine 🙂

    I’m really curious aout this drama. All the game/VR stuff look interesting and original.

  12. Waiting MOH and I am cheering for both as for some dogs that keeps barking in every article related to park shin hye showing that your mentality only ,you are nobody but loosers .

  13. I love her dress hair and make up. The shoes needed to go but every rose has its thorn I suppose.

    Hyun Bin looks very good too despite the fact that turtleneck was not a good choice.

    One thing that caught my attention, Hyun Bin always gets along with his female stars. I like that. Obviously his female co stars feel comfortable around him.

    I wish this drama best of luck.

    • PSH gets along and have chemistry with all her costars too.
      They are perfect together and would definitely enjoy each other company.

  14. Korean dramas are getting streamed on Netflix and Viki now, since DramaFever shut down. DramaFever’s old shows have already transfered over to Netflix.

  15. I never understand park shin hye hype.She is not a great actress.she she looks basic and boring.Hyun bin is pompeous and not all that.

    • I never understand you guys coming in every article related to park shin hye before every drama saying those typical repepitive words seriously go watch your fave and ignore her presence.

    • I never understand every unwise person and their logic. If you dislike someone why bother to drop by and make comparison or talk down on them. Later get mad if others degrade your favorite, people these days sure are so weird.

      Two more day to go MOA. Fighting Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye.

    • You will not understand her hype if you don’t get to know her. Facts is most of her dramas are hits. That’s why she had her hype. If you favorite hah as many hits as her they will have the same hype

  16. Congratulations on the press con n Good luck on episode 1 both leads look gorgeous n ready to wow! Well done to all involved in getting MoA here. ?

  17. I love SEGA but I don’t get the ship of Hyun Bin and Ha Jiwon. She’s obviously not his type and they are just good friends.
    I enjoy seeing Hyun Bin with different leading ladies. Looking forward to this drama. Hopefully its a huge hit so Binnie can do more dramas.

    • If she is not his type and someone he had eyes on why did he stand be her side after all these years. Only lover is close enough to carry someone’s beloved father’s on his pass. So stop hating already when you guys are no better to talk down on Ha Ji Won.

  18. Agree with Loveholic & NikeRose. Once the drama got good rating, overrated or bad because of so and so.
    Just can never be happy.

    Just be happy & enjoy the show, life is short & there are so much pressure in school & at work

  19. Dam I didn’t know people hate Ha Ji Won that much. Guess she really did leave a scar in everyone’s heart after her and Hyun Bin got together. Must of really pain people to accept the fact that he did have something with Ha Ji Won behind a goddess back. Will like it or not the world have to adknowledge the true. People really need to stop talking down on Ha Ji Won because she’s not fake but a real talented woman whose beautiful from inside out. No wonder every korean man respect and admitted to falling for her. Fighting unie these hater hate because you got the best on your side.

    • they dont hate her read again, its coz of a post criticizing anybody paired with hb,have something behind a goddess back?wow so ur admitting they were cheaters, good riddance of hb then, for the goddess u are reffering.

      • Let me guess this is coming from Song Hye Kyo’s fans. You guys really can’t let go after all this year’s the hate for Ha Ji Won. Well too bad Hyun Bin still have Ha Ji Won’s back after all these years even after all the bashing from his so call cold ice goddess princess who only look good outside but not inside. If everyone here is so kind why don’t ya’ll just ignore what ever dropping down here. Proven all the people here are no better too.

      • Nope I am not SHK’s fan. But she is pretty, decent in acting and is way more successful than Ha Jiwon. Oh, happily married as well and once was the love of Hyun Bin’s life.
        Meanwhile HJW is a has been, never loved by Hyun Bin and has crazy fans like you. I don’t hate her, but her fans like you need to be reminded of the facts.
        Never said I am kind either, but definitely in a better state of mind than you.

    • No disrespect to PSH fans here and sorry for this but I feel sorry for Poor HJW getting slammed for no reason but just for being in association with HB. It’s a celebration of work but yet again the ugliness in these comments always overshadows this. I’m a HJW fan after seeing 100 days with Mr Arrogant but the amount of vitriol thrown at her is insane. I’m glad that Lee Jun Ki said he wanted to work with her some day.

      • You got to be kidding here, no one is trying to slam Ha Ji Won if her fans learn to leave people alone. It won’t get this ugly if Ha Ji Won’s fans don’t come here putting down other actresses that have collaborate with him before to now Park Shin Hye. So you’re not so open minded too. If you want respect you have to earn it or the truth will hurt. It’s her fans that make her look bad. Song Hye Kyo is now married and keep circulating her name her is disrespectful. So not professional at all. Her fans should let people enjoy the drama in piece.

      • After reading all the comments here I think you got the wrong impression about everyone trying to slammed Ha Ji Won. This is MOA topic a drama where Hyun Bin starring with Park Shin Hye and have nothing to do with Ha Ji Won but her fans usually come in to stir problems. It’s rude to degrade Park Shin Hye and Hyun Bin’s other previous co-stars by comparing them to Ha Ji Won so everyone is entitled to their rightful opinion since it’s getting out of hands.

      • Yes. Poor HJW indeed. As a proclaimed HJW fan @Ginger Crunch, can you speak with your HJW fan friends and tell them to please stop contaminating MOA articles? If you want to speak up for HJW, you need to go somewhere instead of adding oil to fire here. You are not helping here at all!

      • @Bora and Candy Cane; Since when did commenting on a post was just contained to that topic? Everyone drops names everywhere and there are no boundaries or rules to say otherwise. I was being apologetic firstly for PSH fans however you two have made it into something by responding. @candycane -Your insults at HJW prior to me posting is the reason I added to this thread. So let’s keep this civil; having digs regardless of who said what begs the defence of HJW. She is single and 40 years old- so what? It’s 25 days to Christmas where I’m at so why aren’t you out and about sharing your loving Christmas cheer and decorating Christmas trees whilst you’re at it? And just so that you know I’m not a diehard fan of HJW I just don’t like to read disparaging remarks about anyone.

      • Oh @Ginger Crunch – LOL. You are being insulted at my conversation witn @Delurker…. what a joke! hahaha… this tells me a lot about you. Keep on defending for what you think is “civil”. You are one classic example of reading a book starting from the middle. Yes, she is single and she is 40 years old, so what? What did I say of what? Did I say anything about it?? Read again. I was wishing her well because her Prince Charming is not paying attention to her… Why I am explaining the book to you?> Obviously you won’t understand. Please start from the beginning.

      • Oh dear me still going so best me be the better person and wish best wishes to PSH and HB on their premiere for episode one hoping they get top ratings for tonight and thereafter because the trailers and their press con chemistry definitely has everything in check to show that their MoA is going to be a weekend winner! I’m watching ‘A pledge to the Gods’ and am hooked on that so need something fun to switch too as well when MoA drops. @Palai & @candycane – Please take heed and don’t reply to my post on this frivolous thread. I’ve written something positive I suggest you do the same instead of nit picking at my posts. Thank you and have a great day!

  20. Oh wow this post is a dam mess with all these flames from the non-related people being thrown in. People please stop all them nonsense of wanting to start a fan wars when you’re bias is not a part of the production. Poor MOA’s fans will probably have to cope with these irrelevant comments from the star of the drama to its end…SMH.

  21. Tomorrow is the D-DAY! YAYERZZZZ!!! Park shin hye is a good actress to me and the rest of her fans. Who is better than who is not definitive afterall. Period. Hoping tht she has sth new to show in MOA. If not, nvm we hv a female centric thriller movie awaiting ahead 🙂

  22. MOA….will definitely be great,hyun bin oppa is a great actor, emphasis on’great’ & shin hye unnie is a sight to behold, she’s talented & worked hard for this drama,so am sure it’ll be awesome,…..too bad I can’t ship them.,..lolz….shin hye unnie hwaiting!!….you are loved

  23. Hyun Bin really know how to make girls go cheeky over him. I love that every co-stars who collaborate with him have that shy girly moments. He sure is a Mr. Right like Arirang World always praise him to be. Shin Hye looking so cute with Hyun Bin make the wait even longer when it’s just one more day left.

    Also what’s up with these crazy Ha Ji Won fan war. They really need to move on and go find a better drama or man for Ha Ji Won. Hyun Bin is no longer in the boat.

  24. OMG the wait is killing me here. One more day to go and best is since its on Netflix. Hyun Bin is love and Park Shin Hye is cute. All them teaser got me sold cause I love gaming story related.

    All the commentary here should just ignore those crazy Sega shippers. They’re always trouble maker in most Hyun Bin related post. Too much attention seekers.

  25. LMAO when you know if you click on a Hyun Bin article then prepared to read how gorgeous and talented Ha Ji Won is. Na should have leave all the love factor and boasting about Sega and Ha Ji Won in the proper Secret Garden thread or ya’ll be fried belittling other actress he’d work with. On the open minded side Ha Ji Won is far behind his other co-stars because she’s falling behind nowadays. Learn to accept that she’s past her prime time. All the younger actress are climbing up the game unless Ha Ji Won still is able to maintain the spotlight like some of Hyun Bin leading lady. I’m lost by her fans actions, they came in a none related Ha Ji Won post to start drama than turning the situation 360 degree around making her the victim. Very childish and intolerant behavior. Hyun Bin doesn’t belong to Ha Ji Won so all these nonsense are making Ha Ji Won come off as a desperate woman who is chasing over a guy who have no interest in her.

    Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye look very cute at the press conference. Hope their chemistry’s is as cute in the drama.

  26. Hyun bin and park shin hey both look so gorgeous in this presscon I love love them and so excited for MOA. love you shin hey fighting !!!

  27. Dam not to offend anyone but all these talking about HJW really burn. Hopefully fans of her will take this as a lesson learn not to mess with fires again. Only talk if you have something good to say or else close it up.

    Tomorrow is the day we’re waiting for to see Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye. Memories of Alhambra ❤❤❤ with be a different concept.

  28. I don’t think MOA will hit since hyun bin tend choose flop drama. Even his latest movie was flop didn’t even get break even. Let see battle rating tomorrow again KBS drama.

      • Meh I’m watching encounter 1&2 ep that’s just boring no conflict or plot. You need wait until 7/8 ep before we now that rating was stable or not.

      • Even if it drops its already more popular than What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim and Something in the Rain lol.

      • ??? remember lovely horribly?? That drama get good rating in ep.10 then boom that’s drama was flop. Same with Kim hyun joong and koala darling Yoon eun hye drama was flop hard even koala not write articles about YEH.

    • You must be very heart broken to go bashed Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo in every articles and post you’ve seen them in. From Soompi, Netizenbuzz, allkpop, to here AKolaplaygrounds is pathetic act. They can flops or win is their problems. They’ll still great actors and well love by so many. So all these hater just have to cope with it despite from all types of delusional antis (shippers to nonsense viewers). Doesn’t matter if Hyun Bin will bring ratings or Song Hye Kyo their fans wiLl still support their works. They’re doing what they love to as actors.

    • A pathetic Secret Garden shipper like you and the rest af your game are still stuck in 2010 that’s why you guys don’t realize that the world is moving forward. Hyun Bin is not Kim Joo Woo the drama character so go cry to Gil Ra-Im or Ha Ji Won. Why bother to come in here to give people headaches. Just go back to rewatch Secret Garden to cure your broken heart. I felt bad that Hyun Bin have such dumb shipper fans. MOA ia a great refreshing drama. I enjoy episode 1 a lot.

    • It’s not even competing against KBS dramas if you even bother to look at the time slot.
      And nah MOA will not be a flop. Hyun Bin finally has another drama to call his own and not be hounded by Sega and its shippers.

  29. All the disrespectful commentary here need to be stop. Song Hye Kyo is a well respected woman here in Korea who’s talented and beautiful. She was once the love of Hyun Bin’s life and he still a friend off her. All the Ha Ji Won bullshit are off delusional imagination. Very embarrassing to claim Hyun Bin have a close door relationship with Ha Ji Won to the world. The act of desperation and wanting attention for Ha Ji Won. A close mouth and imagination relationship is not love, it’s trash. An open heart love of telling the world she is your significant others is pure love. Song Hye Kyo is the bless and still was a part in Hyun Bin’s heart while Ha Ji Won is just delusional in her fans brain cell so stop all the embarrassing shame.

    • You should reading song hye kyo interview in w Korea about break up and relationship. Articles regarding celebrity break up always claim that the celebrity will “maintain a good relationship as colleagues”. But in reality, wouldn’t they become stranger? How indifferent would you have to be remain as close as colleagues? If you break up with someone, shouldn’t you avoid them forever? I think that’s best for next people you’ll be dating too. I’m understand that right now why she avoids to meet lee byung hun, rain, hyun bin even kang dong won. She lost contact with them because will be awkward to meet ex or even work against in another project. That’s why I don’t like her because she was falling in love so easy with her co-star.
      About encounter I don’t this drama will pass rating mr.sunshine just 2 ep. doesn’t mean will be hit. Remember lovely horribly? That’s drama get 5% rating in 1/2 ep, end up flop.

      • rain?she meet with kth with choi jiwoo, so whats ur point,and kdw he move to other agency,and shk hang out mostly with non celeb fren, mostly her staff,

    • Secret garden never move on lols, they still live in 2010. Hyun bin drama continue flop unless he make reunion with hajiwon that’s will save his career after get flop after flop. And they will get married and happily ever after????

  30. i love the first episode of MOA especially the near ending scene where shin hye is crying and the OST OMG!! whats the title of that song it fits the drama perfectly cant wait for episode 2. I dont care about ratings and all i just want a good refreshing drama. Fighting MOA!

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