Song Seung Heon Continues Cable Drama Career Success with OCN Heist Thriller Player

The pairing of Song Seung Heon with smaller niche cable network OCN seems to be a match made in drama heaven as both have really flourished together. Song Seung Heon’s latest OCN drama Player just finished airing with solid ratings starting with 4.474% and staying relative consistent in the 4s to end with 5.083% in the final episode. Player improved on Song Seung Heon’s first OCN drama Black in 2017 with started in the 2% ratings and increasing to end with over 4% at the end. I’ve loved Song Seung Heon since the very beginning of his career with Autumn in My Heart and honestly his turn away from the Big Three networks and also melos have been the best decision, able now to do dramas that are different in genre and so much more entertaining to watch. He’s also managed his personal life well, after being part of the actors military service controversy in the mid-2000s, he hasn’t had a single bad line of press. His post-Player media pictorial here is just classic Song Seung Heon handsome, love well tailored winter wear on him.


Song Seung Heon Continues Cable Drama Career Success with OCN Heist Thriller Player — 14 Comments

      • I don’t think dating a 42 y.o. Korean man is considered “lucky” unless one can tolerate the very demanding K-culture of a wife’s duty… I think I might have watched too many K-dramas to scare me from needing to deal with the in-laws, daily cooking (including breakfast!) and cleaning… just my opinion… hahaha… He won’t stay hot and charming forever.

      • LOL he was the lucky one. Perhaps you don’t know who Liu Yifei is. You might be familiar with her name but not her story.

  1. I hope the next time, they will give a good actress as partner because Go Ara and Krystal are not really good and very young…

    • I enjoy My Princess with him & Kim Tae Hee – great visuals and their acting is decent, story is funny and ratings were good. Go Ara’s acting is cringy (but she is pretty) and she is actually not that young… I didn’t bother checking out Player because I don’t like Krystal (both in acting and she has a very mean face), is Player worth watching? The next time, maybe Park Min Young will be a good match with SSH both in acting and looks πŸ™‚

      • Wasn’t he on that drama with Park Min Young where he got the “hand towel” nick name? And everyone said his acting on that drama was BAD.

      • ooops sorry… didn’t watch that drama… please forget my suggestion. I am not his fan. My fav drama of his is My Princess πŸ™‚

    • I really liked My Princess too! Black was good except for Go Ara and the end.

      He acted with PMY in Dr. Jin and it was really a bad drama. The plot was terrible. They can’t do worse, so why not :p

  2. Holy Hand Towel! He just smolders.
    I started Player but never finished. Maybe bc I had to watch it on not a legal site and it got annoying to deal with the pop ups…I hope something easy replaces the defunct DFever.

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