Lee Seung Gi and Park Min Young Gorgeous and Still Fashionably Mismatched in Second Outfit Change at Golden Disk Awards

I didn’t watch the 2019 Golden Disk Awards much like I skip all Hallyu music related event unless one of my baes is involved and even though I just coo over their pictures. Such was the case with Lee Seung Gi and Park Min Young cohost this year’s event so I didn’t know they changed outfits midway through hence the need for this follow up post. I thought they were dressed very mismatched with each other on the red carpet but they continued even after the outfit change. Park Min Young’s second dress was sleek and sexier compared to her feminine frock on the red carpet while Seung Gi continued the turtle neck and jacket combo but in different color and texture variations. It was like he was dressed to be a pageant master while she was dressed to attend a debutante ball, hence the mismatch because they looked like they dressed for total different occasions, lol. But still very pretty pair they make, makes me wonder what Vagabond would have been like if she was cast as his female lead.


Lee Seung Gi and Park Min Young Gorgeous and Still Fashionably Mismatched in Second Outfit Change at Golden Disk Awards — 22 Comments

  1. Gosh, it would have been a blast if PMY was cast instead of Suzy. Seriously, they both need to do a drama together. Their looks and acting skills are very in sync, I can see their perfect onscreen chemistry already as they both have a reputation of being professional and having great chemistry with their co-stars.

    • For real. PMY is a seriously versatile actress across all genres – romance, comedy, drama, action, even sageuk – and she really does have great chemistry with all her male leads, I still haven’t forgotten Healer.

      • Don’t even get me started on Healer. I have just finished rewatching it and All the feels came tumbling right back.

  2. Now why you go and ask that question? It’s too bad. What could have been?

    Suzy is not suited for that role and the promote proves that as well (both image and acting wise). PMY would have been the better choice between these two.

  3. I think I like the blue gown better. Either way, PMY looks gorgeous.

    I’d still rather see them pair up in a rom-com or melo than action-themed drama.

  4. She looks beautiful. I’m not a fan of his looks on the other side…

    For the pairing in a drama, it would be nice. But PMY was pretty disapointing in City Hunter as a bodyguard. I never could take her seriously. So I don’t think she would have been a better choice than Suzy.

  5. Their height difference is sooooo freaking cute.Seung gi’s second outfit was a mess but he looks so handsome *-* or I’m too biased because I love him so much. xD

  6. I like as an actress and she looks stunning in both dresses, but I like Kang Sora better. Her dress was out of this world and she look gorgeous…

    And If I need to choose, I think Sora and Sung matched better, they also did great for the third time doing MC

    PS..i jusy needed to say something, since they were also part of the Golden Disk Awards too

    • I was wondering why the article only featured Day 1 and nothing on Day 2 haha.
      All 4 MCs look good! In terms of outfits Day 2 MCs matched better.

  7. LSG’s turtlenecks are covering a huge hickey and no one can convince me otherwise hehehe

    Goddess Mi Young is dazzling as usual! She would have great chemistry with LSG but I want her to act in a drama that is either female centric or centers around her playing a strong character and not a romance with a male lead.

  8. The other two MCs outfits on Day 2 of the same award show really matched.
    They are Sung Si Kyung and Kang So Ra. Gorgeous looking twosome!

  9. Gotta tell you, if I wanted plastic surgery, I’d get it in a shot and thumb my nose at the people who think they have the right to judge. Losing weight changes your looks too, so are we going to criticize those who drop weight.

    PMY, is pretty on the outside and pretty on the inside. She never is out of the limelight for long. She has been in many hits, which wouldn’t have been as good without her collaboration. Wook didn’t make Healer popular alone.

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