Memories of Alhambra Breaks 10% Ratings in Episode 14 as Jin Woo Completes Mission and Se Joo Returns

Memories of Alhambra feels like a drama within a drama, or perhaps a game within a game. With two more episodes left, I’m enjoying it still but can’t get immersed in the opposite way Jin Woo is fully immersed in the AR game that’s take over his drama real life. There is so much PPL for Subway and even shopping in Myeongdong without any further emotional grist the end result turns superficially satisfying like playing a video game. Episode 14 solved one major problem and got rewarded with ratings going up to 10.025%, cementing this as a hit for leads Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye but probably without legs for rewatching and longevity.

Jin Woo got the magical key to NPC Emma and presumably solved the quest and freed Se Joo who returned home at episodes end. But the douchey Professor still refuses to call off the police investigation and Jin Woo’s even douchier second ex-wife Yoo Ra ups her lies to say Jin Woo confessed to murdering Hyung Seok. The final two episodes appear nicely staged for solving that conundrum and tying up loose ends, and as much as I like Jin Woo having a decent caring woman like Hee Joo in his life going forward those two sadly continue to have as much spark as watching step-siblings act out a pretend relationship. 


Memories of Alhambra Breaks 10% Ratings in Episode 14 as Jin Woo Completes Mission and Se Joo Returns — 52 Comments

  1. I’m happy the ratings are steady till the end 🙂

    The SF drama always has bad luck.

    They used very well the Spain and the history. It was not just a way to make it more exotic but was really a part of the drama.

    • I think the story doesn’t need the female lead and the writer said that two exwives are more important than FL to develop her main male character this is the truth .

      • She really said that? =O omg. She could have done us all a favour and not have heejoo written in then. I mean what’s the point of her lol

      • Omg why did an actress who is titled one of the biggest names of her generation accept a drama where she is just a plot device to develop the male lead? Maybe they tricked PSH.

      • Yes she said that you can read her new interview you will find that the writer doesn’t need any character beside her male hero development.

  2. Funny how the writer gave an interview and said she was influenced by Pokémon Go to write MOA and I recall the early days when the drama started someone mentioned it here. Hopefully SSJ has been reading the commentary that followed too. This weekend brings us all closure and it’s been quite interesting how it has all evolved over the last 2 months but I’m happy that HB has redeemed himself and increased his fan base too -that perhaps is the best thing that has happened in MOA.

  3. The main couple’s romance is so random. Hee Joo has no self respect it seems, looks like a desperate case of self esteem issues. All Hee Joo does is cry all day long after Jin Woo lol. For what? The whole development of their love line was super lame. PSH’s character is so pointless, the drama would’ve been as good without her. The kiss scenes were super bad, Jin Woo grabs her face, she leans back with a dull expression and he smooshes his lips agains hers and she just stays there. Isn’t PSH tired of directors doing her dirty like that? Does she watch movies and dramas and learn how to look relaxed and into it when you kiss? I think PSH should do something else than romance genre because she simply is not convincing in it.
    Ex-wives…. very unnecessary too? I can’t believe Song Jae Jung as a woman herself can write such crap about female characters? All of the female characters exist there to develop Jin Woo, all of the female characters exist there to teach Jin Woo something? Whadafuq ??? The PPL is sooooo bad and obvious, PSH was just a walking PPL mannequin, she had no other valid purpose there…… the programming part is so dumb too. How the hell can a 17 yo boy program something so complex that it disturbs the space and time too??

    • Exactly what I said lol. She has no self respect. No wonder she has no female friends. I wouldn’t wanna be friends with someone like her either. Forced lame random romance with zero spark. It’s like watching an elder bro drag his younger sis around in the last episode lol

      Your description of the kisses…on point! Lol. He just smashes his mouth against her while she leans back n constipates. Hyun bin doesn’t even look like he’s into it himself. She needs to stay away from romance. Really. I don’t think I’ve seen her have any spark with her costars except Lee Jong suk.

      The ex wives are there as plot devices for jinwoo, so unnecessary n badly written.

      Laughing at how sejoo can program something so complex too. Which I guess is probably why it went all wrong…

      Drama is actually very boring so I’m surprised at it’s high ratings

  4. This drama is boring af. Hard to believe it reached 10% when better dramas earlier this year could not reach it.
    Would have been compelling if its a movie, as the idea seemed unique at first. Or a 8-10 episode drama.
    K-drama need to learn from J-dramas and not make a mandatory 16 episode count for every drama.

  5. I gave up watching this at episode 9 and I don’t regret it. I’m just scanning recaps. The only really good episodes were 1 to 4. The rest up to now have been just filler, ppl ads and a convoluted storyline which makes very little sense n has tons of loopholes. The editing n flashbacks were so jarring and confusing.

    The only fleshed out character is jin woo with literally everyone revolving around him. Doesn’t help that Hyun bin is acting well here, as if he’s in a movie and watching the most of the other cast feels like I’m watching another average drama.

    Heejoo is completely lame and unnecessary I wonder why she was even needed? The drama is a jin woo centred one anyway. She serves literally no purpose and cries every episode n chase jinwoo around. A man who literally makes use of her, lies to her, is a jerk and quite possibly making use of her feelings for him. Does she have any self respect? She also doesn’t seem to concerned about her brothers life.

    Also, i see zero chemistry between Hyun bin n PSh. Zero. He has gravitas and charisma and she can’t compare at all. This is the problem when you cast actors that are quite a bit older than their female counterpart. The romance is unnecessary, lame and forced. The two kisses were so random and lame? Psh as usual looks constipated and grossed out. I’ve watched a few of Hyun bins work and I gotta say it’s go to be the worst kissing I’ve seen from him. Maybe he was offended at how constipated psh always looks lol.

    Acting wise, psh dramas will from now on be a hard pass for me. She can’t act and is so image conscious. She tends to accept roles like these I suspect due to the money, the international reach and the fact that she gets to work with Hyun bin. Every single role of hers is the same. She has the same behaviour, same expressions, everything, heejoo is cha eun sang 2.0 but at least the latter had some sort of personality. Also, I don’t find her attractive in the least. Her crying is awful. She needs to stop taking productions n go back n get into acting classes.

    I’ll not be rewatching this drama. Not even Hyun bin can save it for me.

  6. And when Hee Joo was in Spain not once did she attempt to make paella??!? Why?? Yep my only gripe about MOA was the characterisation of Hee Joo why even bother creating her in the first place.

  7. I like the drama enough but it’s all Hyun Bin and perhaps some secretary seo and Director park. So bromance hits the spots but romance…if Hyun Bin was a bad kisser it would have been unbearable but at least he is a good one and I guess it doesn’t matter who he has to kiss. (Because in my mind I rather it be me anytime LoL wahahaha)

    But on a serious note- Hee Joo has to cry every episode- it’s tiresome and totally unnecessary.
    Can someone link me to the writers interview because I want to know what was the basis of writing such a character in such an awesome premise!

  8. Looking at the screen shots out of context, another idea for the plot comes to mind.
    What if JW fell in love with Emma in the game, not knowing it was based on a real person? Emma actually aided him, giving him advice and courage throughout the game’s various missions. Then, once he managed to free SJ, the real Emma steps out from behind her brother! Look! She’s real! and the tentative romance begins as the game ends…

  9. The writer is lame. She hasn’t even addressed the legal issue of someone killing another person in a game so is it accidental murder? I’m sure the last two episodes will not deal with this.

  10. This drama would have been so good if there’s no romance involved. At least it’s the best drama of the year for me. Hyun Bin is so cool and flawless hard carrying the whole drama without any problems. I was so immersed in his performance that I could careless about the lack of plot holes. Glad that the rating is picking up so hoping for this drama to end great. Hyun Bin never failed to disappoint. As for Park Shin Hye to each their own I won’t complaints. She was never the best when comes to acting so if her fans mad blame the writer. Her role is very pointless. Why do people care so much about the kissing scene or chemistry of both leads. I watch all Hyun Bins dramas and his only best kissing scene is with Song Hye Kyo and Han Ji Min so the kiss scenes shouldn’t matter.

  11. This is all the writer’s fault, really. All Hae Joo does is run around and call after people, while crying. If you look at any other korean drama with a action-y plot, there’s always a female lead that just drags the episodes on with her crying. I don’t see how she helped at all by calling him and following him around. They could’ve made this more interesting if they had just thrown away the romance and had Hae Joo participate in the game, taking over Secretary Seo’s account. We know that PSH can be a badass (Doctors, anyone?) and she could’ve actually done something to find her brother

    • I get it if the script didn’t include romance in the first place. But if there was pressure coming from viewers, production, director, what have you, then get some help writing a believable romance through assistant writers. She’s just doing disservice to herself, the actress and everyone involved, as the criticism & bashing will come. The great potential this drama had but now…

  12. Half of PSH’s screenshots has her mouth slightly opened showing her front teeth, looking clueless helpless and air-heady, exactly like Bugs Bunny (now there are two in K-buzz). This is how she wants to act and that’s why she sucks so badly in MOA. Yikes!

  13. Why everyone here blame psh acting? Please direct your hates to the writer who forcefully create the romance and psh just follow the script and try her best to performance. At least, she pay her effort in practicing guitar, learning Spanish…

    • You call that constipated look her trying best to perform? She is a veteran in the business, not a rookie. She is responsible for her acting expressions. Her guitar playing and Spanish speaking is a requirement for the character, she is not offering any extra bonus for the drama. She does not need to accept this role if she cannot hack it. Yes, blame the writer, blame the director, blame all management for casting her. She has no fault 🙂

      • Yes she isn’t her fault that this writer decided in the half of this drama to understand that her character will be nothing ,she isn’t her fault that the romance isn’t planned from the start ,she isn’t her fault that her both character would add nothing but to bring some people to watch seriously you think the kissing scene is awfully bcz constipated look !!! Guys you will complain in every related drama about kissing .
        Everyone are agree with her bad and poor written characters .

      • No one watches PSH seriously ??? Who cares about any kissing? The AR game is all about killing ?

      • May be you as a person but not the most who questioning about her role and demanding to be something .

  14. Well, if the writer didn’t want the romance then she should have stuck with it. Another famous drama of this PD – Secret Forest didn’t have any romance. The writer should have stuck to her initial story instead of writing romance half hearted.

    • The writer don’t want to waste hb and psh that’s what she said in her interview which create inconsistency and the unnecessary romance 🙁

  15. Can you please link me to the article/interview where she said that please? It doesn’t matter if it’s not in English. Thanks

  16. I just heard that Episode 15 will be aired Tomorrow (Wed) and the final episode Sunday. Does anyone know why? So get ready for tomorrow^.^

  17. I’ve had a rethink about the casting of PSH and SJJ the writer. Maybe SJJ had no intention of having a big name such as PSH cast and really didn’t want to focus on HJ character development however when the Director; Production company; TVN and the Producer sat down they knew their budget was going to be blown way out of proportion cue PSH with all her endorsements and sponsorship deals and she wanting to work with HB threw caution to the wind and accepted the offer. Problem solved except SJJ was left fumbling trying to rearrange the script because PSH was in but HJ was a mere wallflower and that’s why it went all topsy turvey when the story evolved. So in all fairness the casting of PSH lies with the MOA Director/Production company and Producers and any blame should squarely sit on their shoulders!

    • Agree. As I have said, blame the management for casting PSH. She does not need to be in the drama. She is so dispensable, only for the PPL’s? (sounds like that other idol actress, useless). LOL.

    • Yes, that’s what it sounds like from SJJ interview. She wasn’t expecting HB and PSH to be in her story. Then, when these two top stars came she didn’t want to waste their beauty and chemistry (in her own words) so she was forced to rewrite her drama. TVN was and still promoting this drama as romance so there lies conflict. The writer says it’s a hero drama but TVN says it’s romance. Meh.

  18. I was planning to watch this drama but the comments put me off. Sound like this drama is like W that I have ditched half-way through. If it’s really like W, the 16-episode drama is too long for this kind of premise but I think they could have done movie instead.

    • MOA is much better than W, I dropped W at ep 12. Movie is actually more suitable for MOA concept, but I still very much enjoy the AR game ride. Just tune out all female characters except the cute little sister Min Joo then I think you will enjoy the drama. Try it.

  19. It sadden me that this could have been the best drama of the years due to the refreshing concept and the main leads. I love Hyun Bin. I could actually for once enjoy Park Shin Hye since I usaslly can’t finish a drama of her before. Chanyeol also improve in his acting.

    Why did the writer spoiled the drama like this? She could at least explain why there are tons of confusing loopholes to the story instead of giving such an interview. But I won’t 100% blame her all the way after reading her interview regarding why the HeeJu/Emma character are wasting.

    Only if Park Shin Hye can play her character better with more emotion, Hee Ju won’t be that annoying even if she is more of a side characters. I have watched tons of dramas with such character before and they work because the actress were able to connect to their roles. I’m not blaming Park Shine Hye because it’s not that I haven’t watch her works before. Hyun Bin and her do have chemistry or else this drama would be even more messier to watch. What’s with all the crazy kissing scene bashing. I thought it’s good where it is since everyone should know this drama have no romance back bones. To many expectations, half wants romance while half want the game action alone making me annoyed. Also ruining the drama. The writer did address before hand that this drama is a male center story so why are everyone complaining now? Pretty sure Park Shin Hye knew before accepting this drama. Whatever let just hope the two final episodes is good to make up for this whole mess. I’m still in for the game and action. I’m just disappointed that I want more action but end up with so little action scenes. Good luck Memories of Alhambra. Hyun Bin is always at his best and never fail to give a flawless performance regarding how bad the script is.

    • I stand you here. Why are everyone complaining when I recall both actor were given the the script to view before accepting the drama? Or else they won’t dropped the City of Stars drama that were first offering to them. All these Park Shin Hye were trick to accept this drama is all biase and unreasonable excuse. I don’t see why one of the main roles should have to be equal to solve things, equal to appear at times or whatever. The character must stand in his ideal position according to the story and nothing more. If Hee Ju role is to cry only and still move me, I’m satisfied. Which Park Shin Hye did do much better towards the end. I’m also a huge fan of Shin Hye and think it’s not such a huge thing to fuss about.

      I enjoy the drama and is still rooting for a good ending.

  20. If only the writer did a much better job in corporating the whole story together this drama would have been a hit like Goblin. Sadly she mess up but I won’t said it’s that bad because I still love the drama. It’s still my favorite of the years. Hyun Bin and Shine Hye are a cute pair. I love their banter and chemistry together. Hyun Bin is so cool as if he’s in a high demand movie and not in a drama.

  21. Don’t care about all the complaints about this drama. I appreciate writer SJJ hard works because their are those who are able to enjoy the story as how it is and not nitpicking every little things out. There has never been a drama that are realistic without any flaws. The actors themselves are happy to land in her drama so that’s what matter. If it wasn’t for this drama I don’t even think I would ever watch a Park Shin Hye drama so thankfully to writer SJJ and TvN for this amazing drama. I find her cute and bearable to watch. Just that her roles of Hee Ju and Emma are not the kickass type: they still have their own reasons to be in the drama. Love both Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye.

    NOTE* Why does people act like Park Shin Hye have never taken this type of drama before. As far as I heard all her roles are similar since The Heir. To call out the writer like this is very pointless and lame. (She trick Park Shin Hye to accept this roles is the most unreasonable excuse coming from her fans.) I would be embarrassed if I were Shin Hye. I don’t I would accept a role I don’t like if I’m in the industry this long.

    • Well, as far as I’ve read the interviews that were linked here and seen PSH’s interviews, it seems that they did dirty to her. The Heir is not comparable because she was much younger back then and you don’t reject Kim Eun Sook in that position.

  22. Does people expect to see both Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye eat and swallow each others mouth up. Eww… I prefer a clean drama then a drama with full of hard kissing scenes.

    Love both Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye, hoping to see both in another project together after this drama ended. They have good chemistry though there’s not even any skinship involved.

  23. Congratulations Memories of Alhambra for reaching 10% in the ratings slot. Still so immersed in my talented Hyun Bin performance… So sad it’s ending this weekend. I will really miss seeing him until his next project.

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