Tears Flow as Everyone Tries to Clean House in Penultimate Episode 15 of Encounter

I find tvN Wed-Thurs drama Encounter (Boyfriend) petering out for me emotionally, and without even the how will it end curiosity that sustained me into the black abyss that was the end of Memories of Alhambra. Encounter actually makes a lot of narrative, too much so that it’s in dullsville territory because we know Soo Hyun and Jin Hyuk need to break up and figure out their own life issues at this juncture. I don’t think they NEED to stay broken up and this drama is one with a natural sad ending, I think he’s too idealistic (doesn’t help that when he cries he seriously looks 16 years old) and she’s still too scared so the break is good for their own development at this point in life, but they are really so suitable in the long term they should get back together. Maybe that is why I’m not that worried and invested in their breakup, this feels like the right thing that will work out in the end for all the good people in this drama.


Tears Flow as Everyone Tries to Clean House in Penultimate Episode 15 of Encounter — 20 Comments

    • That’s how I feel….but actually there is nothing to be be sorted out. The moms have given up after Dad decided to do right by his daughter. Even JH’s mom is feeling bad and he knows it. The ex will be mollified because she decided not to throw him under the bus by buying his shares.
      This is why this drama feels like it had no ‘drama’ It feels like a music video like someone said.

      • There was a lot of product placement in this drama not gonna lie. Probably the most from the drama i’ve ever watched.

    • yes….agree. His face needs to mature a bit. He looked like a child crying .
      I liked him in the first 2 episodes with long hair and free spirit arty personality. Just imagine that character with a female lead his age….it would have been cute and fun. …
      With his baby face he needs to stick to costars his age at least for few years. Lee Min Ho who looked boyish in BOF had really matured by the time he acted in PT .

      Want to see SHK in a rom com playing a carefree sexy lady. She was so vivacious in ‘it was so bad that it was good’ FH.

      • Lee Min Ho looked too old to play a student even in BOF because he has a naturally mature face. He never went through the babyfaced phase like other actors in his age group and skipped right to ajusshi.

      • Oh no the first 2 episode i thought he was playing girl. Even the way he move, smile was very girly to me

      • PBG looks sissy, he has too much pink lipstick on. Is this really necessary for a guy? Yucks ?

      • Yes he looks mature with long hair. but it made him look too pretty. Idk, I think paired him with someone younger will be good. Someone like Kim yoojoung or Kim Sohyun.
        and yess SHK in romcom please, I want another fullhouse!

      • I really wanted shkyo in that character..spoil brat character..but for pbg i like the character here..suit the storyline..omg i cant let go this drama n pbg also kyo..

  1. PBG is ❤️ and cries beautifully. I’m just too biased sorry and yes please another drama with Kim Yoo Jung. Also SHK would be great in a crime thriller rom drama with Lee Jun Ki. That pairing would be good!

    • I’m dreaming but I guess a drama or movie with a great story would suffice having those 2 cast in. Maybe a sageuk would work.

      • Two high profile hallyu actors of the same age to be in one drama? I doubt it. These two would either be paired up with rising/popular younger actors or low profile actors or popular but not of hallyu caliber actors. But who knows, a big budget drama with good scripts that is suitable for these two actors may come along. But Saguek? SHKs voice sounds monotonous even for a modern drama, her voice would sound too boring in a saguek.

      • I’d like to add.. Saguek production cost more than usual. They would probably casts headliner actor with maybe a good idol actor in it. Two high profile actors in that type of production is too good to be true.

      • Sageuks cannot accomodate PPLs, will a popular CF celebrity be interested in a historical drama without any CF sponsorships? Just my random thought… Some high profile actresses are just too commercialized nowadays… I cannot recall seeing any S-list actress (or even A-list) in sageuks in the past two years….

    • Can’t really imagine SHK in crime thriller.
      She has the same weepy, teary expression in her three previous dramas and a monotonous tone.

  2. Sadly Ms. Koala no longer likes this drama as much as compared to the early episodes where she couldn’t stop praising it for nuance and depth. I feel that after episode 8, she already lost interest since it took her longer to post articles about Encounter. And now reading this article clearly shows she doesn’t really care how thus will end anymore. It’s your blog but it would be nice if you write about dramas you’re enjoying since I really love to read your articles. You can even write about chinese or jdoramas you find interesting to recommend to your readers.

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