Yang Mi is the Fashion Flower with Green Leaves Gown on Lunar New Year Stage

Red is the dominate and near universal color chosen for lunar new year celebrations, with gold as the secondary option or accessorizing feature, so it’s a refreshing fashion breeze to see C-actress Yang Mi bring in a contrasting green and white as her formal gown on stage. She was attending one of the myriad televised lunar new year (spring) galas and chose a white strapless mermaid silhouette down with green leaves embroidered on her bodice trailing downward, and dramatically completed with a side bow that makes her look like she just won a beauty pageant. I do could without the matching green elbow length gloves otherwise she looks beautiful and starting her new year off fresh having finalized her divorce with actor and now ex-husband Hawick Lau last month.


Yang Mi is the Fashion Flower with Green Leaves Gown on Lunar New Year Stage — 14 Comments

  1. I love Yangmi but yikes. That gown just has a lot going on. She also looks like she needs to take a vacation and de stress. Either that or she’s had some work done.

    The whole look is just so Beverly Hills 90210. Something Kelly or Donna would have worn to their Debutant ball. It’s just trying too hard and failing.

    Okay now that I’ve been so harsh about her I would like to say she is soo badass and woman empowerment how she has been producing hit after hit lately. She is a Queen who needs to hire a new stylist.

    • Her fans have been fighting for new stylist but JW made it even more difficult for them
      And she is too busy to have some work done. Girl is filming her new movie right now and back to work on the 3rd day of the New Year.
      Did you see her smoking in the new trailer? It’s going to be a badass role- just like a queen herself

  2. I think she looks very beautiful in her gown kinda like Ariel from The little mermaid. I hope she finds her one true love and settles down to live happily ever after. ❤️

  3. Her face saved the dress but it didn’t look as bad in the video or on stage though.
    And congrats Mimi for her divorce, once again~

  4. YM is gorgeous, I love her in historical Chinese drama’s because of her ethereal beauty and her kick-ass characters. However, someone please contact the coordi who decided that those gloves belonged with that dress. Already the dress looks cheap but if those elbow length gloves were removed it would be so much better.

  5. I don’t really like the dress too.. mostly because of the colour.. Maybe it will look better in other colours. But then yang mi looks goegeous as always especially in the video.

  6. Yang Mi is wearing enough fabric to make two gowns. The dress would look trés élégant without the two bows and massive train, and less poufy flounce. The green color of the gloves and beadwork do not match.

  7. the color is nice like the green. But it’s a no no for me too much going on glove, bow, half poufy in th bottom it’s like the designer can’t decide. What’s up with the green hand glove get rid of it, worst it doesn’t even match the green of her dress look so out of place and tacky.

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