After 6 episodes tvN Sat-Sun Drama Romance is a Bonus Book Stays Steady in 4%-5% Ratings with Positive Reviews

K-actor Lee Jong Seok‘s last few dramas were all with leading ladies I really liked with Pinocchio, W: Two Worlds, and While You Were Sleeping, hence my doubled desire to watch those dramas. With his most recent tvN Sat-Sun drama Romance is a Bonus Book, I’m so meh with Lee Na Young that I tried to hype myself up to watch but ended up still banking Romance for a later date. That might be this week that I’ll catch up because 6-episodes in the drama has been getting rave reviews from viewers and solid for cable rom-com ratings starting at 4.280% and rising every week to now episode 6 getting 5.064%. Turns out the story is really wonderful, no surprise as this comes from the screenwriter of the I Need Romance series and Discovery of Love, with the PD of the first I Need Romance and also directed Life on Mars, Criminal Minds, The Good Wife, and Heartless City. Turns out a well-produced and written drama was here judging by the feedback, imma listen to the chatter and dive on in.


After 6 episodes tvN Sat-Sun Drama Romance is a Bonus Book Stays Steady in 4%-5% Ratings with Positive Reviews — 31 Comments

  1. I love this drama. At least until 6 episode. So sweet and refreshing after a lot of stressful end of the year dramas. No bad guys, no complicated plot. Surprisingly I love lee na young as kang dan-i. She’s so lovely and i can understand lee jong suk puppy look throughout the episode.

  2. Romance is a Bonus Book is truly wonderful! I was actually not very interested in the drama from the start despite my love for Lee Jong Suk. The story didn’t sound very interesting and I also didn’t like the actress much… I basically only checked it out because I was bored and for Lee Jong Suk but I was hooked from the very first episode. It’s very hard to describe but the whole show is thoughtful and has a slice of life feeling to it and everything comes together effortlessly and seamlessly. I really like the female lead, she’s really relatable in her struggles and the actress plays her role well. I also really like Lee Jong Suk in this role, it’s similar to other roles he’s played but also different… he’s bringing his own flair to it. I highly recommend this drama, it’s nice with a change of intense and dark thriller dramas!

  3. I love this drama. Not typical romcom. It’s better than some current airing or finished rom om dramas. The chemistry and acting are all natural. Not a fan of ljs but for the first time, i could watch something with him on it. Lmao. The plot is fast and so far no villain… Really good.

  4. Okay there is a villain but she’s kinda subtle but still quite conniving and very underhanded towards Dan I. It’s Director GoYoo Sun the First Witch lol. She plays the part to perfection and being the ice cold queen of their publishing company she’s very effective in driving up my blood pressure. She reminds me of the adult version of Wednesday from the Addams Family. This drama is very easy going and soothing on the soul that’s why I’m enjoying the time spent watching. Its not a moment wasted. I love how Dan I is like happy go lucky just grateful to have a job regardless if it’s the lowest of the ranks and menial.She puts her heart into everything she does and still stays smiling. Almost like life can throw her as many curved balls as possible knocking her but she always manages to get back up. Oh she’s so dense as to not knowing that Eun Ho likes her more then an older sister. That’s gonna be a massive shock when she does wake up to the bro harbouring a crush and is in love.

    • I dont think, she’s a villain… I used to think this way, but after ep 6,she was what some professional people in real life are… Especially those with higher status in the office.

      I think, she has her own reason.

      But every single character is pretty real and good.

      • Agree , she’s not a villain. Also her notes show that she had come up with the same idea and not stolen the credit from Dani . Loving this drama so far and all the yummy sweaters and coats everyone is wearing.

    • She’s the main antagonist; work place bully in her actions. Saying that she had the tag line for the book before Dani doesn’t prove anything; it was her demeanour when she claimed she had the same idea. However making Dan I feel her worth by making her run her dry cleaning errands, taking a present to a client’s wife when she could of couriered it and the best one removing DanI name from the novel’s acknowledgment list is not being a Director it’s being a power tripper so if that isn’t villaneous then what is? The Director sees Dan I as a threat and is treating her accordingly. The name First Witch is not an endearment at all so yes I do see the Director as a villain.

  5. After 6 episodes, I’m still not sure about this drama but I liked it. The first lead has the charateristics of the typical second lead, the friend who has always been there for her. I like this fact but in the same time I kike her relationship with the second lead, I want her to live something more adventurous before to get back with her daughter and live a peaceful life :p

  6. Honestly I love the drama and I hope they don’t inundate it with too much intrigue and melodrama in the later episodes or add to much drama with the retired writer. I would love it even if it just becomes a slice of life drama. I am neutral to both actors, although I have seen more of Lee Jong Seok’s previous works than I have seen of Lee Na Young. But what I like about the drama is the writing, the sound mixing, ost, and directing are just so on point and doesn’t miss a beat. I love the leads relationship. There is no secret childhood meetings, it is clear from the beginning how they know each other and how important this relationship is for both of them even before any romance gets thrown in. The only secret is Eun Ho’s massive crush on Dani. I am just enjoying the ride watching Dani gain her self identity at the publishing house and learning the hard lessons of going back to work after years away and being married to a douchebag. I love the care they are putting into the relationship between Eun Ho and Dani, he is letting her learn her way even as he pouts while he’s along for the ride. I also love the little relationships between the side characters. Its just a warm drama with a wonderful ensemble cast. I am personally not too concerned with the second male lead right now, he has a cute friendship with Dani but I am already sold on Eun Ho and Dani.

  7. Koala you have to get on this bandwagon! It is so damn good and what’s even better, the “love story” between EH and DY is secondary. I think this drama focuses more on a recently divorced women who is trying to get back into the workforce by starting from the very beginning! It’s very endearing to see her endeavour regardless of how others treat her. And I really like the fact that she is willing to do menial jobs in order to grow and understand the present publishing industry. Our home girl is mature, realistic and sensible. Though she’s a bit clueless about how our male lead feels about her, but that’s only because they have a complex relationship where friendship love/family love/romantic love is blurred. But again the best type of relationship is with someone who can be your friend, family and lover…. LMAO like I said it’s complex!

    • I love that the lines are realistically blurred. The drama is doing a great job on showing and explaining their complex dynamic. I love what Eun Ho said to his ex about Dani. He understands that he loves her to an extent but their closeness blurs whether that love is rooted in their friendship or in herself which is understandable since they have been each other’s family and closes confident their entire lives. He understand the risk if he acts hastily on his feelings. Their relationship is so deep and complex and one of my favorite types of dynamics that we just don’t get nearly as often as we should in kdrama-land.

      • I LOVE your explaining of their relationship! And I just cannot wait to see how they unravel their relationship from friendship to lovers.

  8. I started watching this drama because of the positive reviews from Knetz and am so glad I did. Lee Na Young is doing a great job as the endearing Dan I and the leads have wonderful natural chemistry together. Some slice of life dramas/romcoms are a complete snooze fest but this one definitely isn’t! This drama and the Crowned Clown are my favorites at the moment.

  9. Lee Na Young blew me away with her performance. I’d never watched her in anything before. But after watching the drama I understand the hype about her. She’s so real, relatable, charming and so endearing. LJS has way better onscreen chemistry with noonas than dongsaengs or same age group actresses. So the chemistry between them is stellar. The writing is solid, though I can understand why it’s staying steady and not climbing higher. For as much as the drama has stellar reviews, it’s like comfort food and is not addictive. So it doesn’t pull you in to watch it if you have other things to do, but when you do sit down to watch it, you enjoy yourself thoroughly.

    • Yes, I loved him with Lee Bo Young. Didn’t like him as much with PSH. Suzy just makes all leading men look bad…she’s such a downer with her blank face.
      I don’t care about ratings. High ratings usually seems to be about hype and star power and not substance .

  10. You all make me want to start watching this drama ? I only like the Crowned Clown so far, maybe I will start this one to balance my sadness from the CC ?

    • It is such a warm drama with relatable characters. I like that while we have our central couple, the drama spends some time on all of the characters that surround them and all of their individual relationships with one another. This is really a great cast with such great chemistry with one another. The best way to describe this drama is that it is incredibly warm drama. Like a hot cider on a snowy day. It isn’t suspenseful or exciting, its just really incredibly warm and sentimental. At least in the first 6 episodes it has been doing the slice of life feel right.

  11. I love this drama. Great chemistry from the cast even Woo Ha Jin is doing great as a second lead and has good chemistry with LNY and LJS.

  12. Very nice and breezy drama. It had us all rooting for Dani, whether professionally or romantically.

    I honestly wouldn’t mind if the relationship stays platonic, which is a totally realistic outcome, but then, we are in Dramaland so bring on the romance!

  13. I was reticent because i didn’t like much Lee Na Young’s acting until now and recently rom com weren’t all that . BUT surprisingly i like Lee Na Young in this drama, and she has an effortlessly chemistry with Lee Jong Suk.It seems natural. Until now it’s a good feel drama. Once again, never judje a book by the cover !

  14. i love this drama. excited for saturday and sunday to come. i guess i’m a big sucker of unrequited love. i hope the upcoming episodes was worth watching also like the first 6 episodes.

  15. I feel the need to correct the common mistake people make when citing PD Lee Jung Hyo’s filmography because I’m such a huge fan of his works.

    He didn’t direct the mess that is Criminal Minds. He was added in as a 2nd PD, but quitted after only 2-3 episodes due to creative differences with the producers. AsianWiki still keeps that drama in his filmography, which makes a lot of people have the misconception.

    Heartless City, The Good Wife, Life on Mars, all are stellar works that I love to bits. So far I’m fond of Romance is a Bonus Book, it’s an easy watch, and like PD Lee’s other works, it just feels so effortlessly elegant. I still prefer PD Lee doing serious dramas, but this is a nice breath of fresh air.

    • What is wrong with Criminal Minds? It was better than most Korean Police procedural dramas. I followed the US CM, I actually most the episodes in Korean version. The only one thing that I can on it, I wish the script were fresh. I wish they didn’t pluck stories from the US CM but made the drama with fresh story lines. I love those original or fresh characters which there are only two, other 4 were pattern from the US version which was a let down. Even with these two factors, it was still better than most Korean police procedural dramas.

  16. Koala, I’ve been waiting for this post.
    Love this show to pieces.

    After so many lack-lusting years, I finally find a Kdrama that makes my heart flutter again (the most recent one I have this feeling was back in 2012, Queen Inhyeon’s man). Recent famous ones: Goblin, DOTS, Pretty Noona, Encounter, etc…I quite enjoy them, but not love, not addicted, I even dropped some of them.

    I also like some heart-warming dramas, some family dramas: Because this is my first life, Terius, Suspicious partner, Father is strange, etc… But just that, purely enjoy, nothing else.

    And here I am, head over heels again with a simple drama. It may not be the cup of tea for everyone since there is no climax, no makjang nor thriller. It is not the sweetest one like Pretty Noona or What’s wrong with Secretary Kim. And I dont think it’s a heart-warming one, but it is so thoughtful, and has all spices of life, Dan Yi’s messed up life, her struggles, her strength, Eun Ho’s unrequited love, their connection, their daily life, work life, their sweet moments. All elements of life balance in one little drama and it makes you happy and value our daily life. And of course, Romance is a bonus gift, adding to our daily life.

  17. There is hardly anything spectacular about the story, however it is just so warm and wonderful!

    I can relate to Kang Dan Yi’s character. Like her I went “back to work” albeit, at the age of 35, with almost no work experience, but plenty of qualifications.

    The drama is doing a good job in portraying the struggles and triumphs of Kang Dan Yi as she builds up her life and career.

    I am not the biggest LJS fan out there, however I have found his character quite endearing. I hope this time round Cha Eun Ho does not let go of the love of his life.

    If I were to have a gripe, it would be the Kang Dan Yi’s daughter being so conveniently “out of the picture”. I hope we see a more realistic turn to this arc.

    Other than that I look forward to warm and fuzzy weekends 🙂

  18. I haven’t watched LNY in anything. But the story is well written and she makes Dan- Yi so real and effortless. She is sincere and real and natural. I don’t know how anyone can call her old and ugly. She has such fine features and looks wonderful. And she is 39!!!

    She makes the story better because I am not a LJS fan so it makes him as a 32 year old chief editor/ professor more believable. And I like the 2nd male lead more actually. I like the actor.

  19. I had never seen LNY in anything before, but I really love her character Dani here. She’s just so natural and relatable, and LNY does a great job covering both humor and sadness. As a result, Dani feels like a fully-fleshed-out person, someone I’d like for a friend in real life. I do love LJS’s acting, and this is no exception. The side characters are good, too; I particularly love Jung Eugene’s character Hae Rin. HR is warmer than the other character she played who also had a crush on LJS (in W). I want her and Dani to become friends. I agree that having Dani’s daughter out of the picture is a bit convenient, but hopefully they will bring her in at some point.

    I feel like all the women in the storyline are actual characters, instead of just plot devices so the oppa can have a love line. It’s nice. 🙂 (Although I do want Dani to finally notice Eun Ho’s puppy eyes. My gosh, put the boy out of his misery!)

  20. I watched Lee Na Young years ago in that drama with Rain,but that entire drama was so forgettable.

    I am really loving this drama,it’s nothing new and there are lots of old cliches but they are doing something right with it. Also the way the casually introduced the LGBT relationship in ep 2(?),really appreciate it. Steps in the right direction.

    Also one can’t help but root for a heroine who is hardworking,sincere,loyal and has the biggest heart. And Lee Jong Suk always picks up interesting dramas,I’ve enjoyed all his works except for one or two in the past.

    Glad to see the ratings doing well,I hope the story is only up from here.

  21. Very boring,very simple and not totally interesting drama.
    I really really sorry for Lee Jong suk. Next time please be careful to choose the script.

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