First Look at Namgong Min and the Cast of KBS Wed-Thurs Drama Doctor Prisoner

I haven’t been following along too closely to upcoming KBS Wed-Thurs drama Doctor Prisoner, partially because its a medical drama but also due to my lack of interest in its predecessor the currently airing What’s Up Poong Sang (Liver or Die). But Doctor Prisoner has Namgong Min and I’m always going to check out his drama at least for an episode or 2 especially since the last drama of his I watched all the way through was years ago with The Girl Who Sees Smells and My Secret Hotel days though some viewers really liked Good Manager and also FalsifyDoctor Prisoner is about a well-respected surgeon who ends up working in a prison hospital due to an accident he didn’t cause, so combining the medicine genre with last year’s popular prison themed drama Prison Playbook. The script is by the writer of the second half of Inspiring Generation who also wrote Foolish Mom, Cain and Abel, and Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy. Directing is with the PD of Laurel Tree Tailors, Assembly, and Sungkyunkwan Scandal.

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