Kim Jae Wook and Park Min Young Win the Casting Sweepstakes in Script Reading for tvN Rom-com Her Private Life

Ok, I’ve officially got my next 8-week obsession lined up, every other drama gotta thank you, next and move to the side. The tvN rom-com Her Private Life released script reading stills and all I did was squee really loudly and scare my neighbors when I laid eyes on leads Kim Jae Wook and Park Min Young in the same frame. They’re basically Hallyu bred to deliver optimal rom-com chemistry – he’s the handsome brooding silent type and she’s the capable but super girly on the inside type and they are so going to engage in hijinks that are basically foreplay to falling madly in love with each other. Yeah, I need that injected into my veins so bad. I’m sure there are other humans involved in this drama but my apologies for not seeing anything but my two pretties working together.


Kim Jae Wook and Park Min Young Win the Casting Sweepstakes in Script Reading for tvN Rom-com Her Private Life — 12 Comments

  1. KJW is sooooo handsome. PMY still carries the Secretary Kim’s vibe, maybe its her hair? better to change hairstyle to avoid being typecasted…

      • Oh yes, I saw that law as well! No one is allowed to touch PMY shiny, glorious long hair or they are taking the risk to be bald the next day…

  2. That small smile from KJW is enough to convince me. He really got that brooding silent type persona. The idol has a cute smile too. I hope this will really be good.

    • Ah good luck @Boy with your wish cos I guess the majority of us are over the hill under the bridge and the sun only shines when our K drama bias are cast and I guess K pop fans have all k pop and Soompi as their base for English news updates. PMY as another preppy character again? No thanks and KJW see you in your Next drama. I’ll be patiently waiting….@candycane She is typecast already no change in character from her last drama just a different scriptwriter and scenery. Wish she had been cast in a horror thriller genre to show range.

  3. These two are seriously visual goals. KJW has a Japanese vibe to him that makes him stand out among other Korean actors. There are very few rom com female leads that I like and PMY is one of them. She is so good at picking roles that are strong/capable and yet lovable. Loved her in WWSK, and hopefully this one turns out to be just as good. Can’t wait!

  4. I have hearts in my eyes seeing them together. CAN’T WAIT! I shall watch you through the good and the bad, but please be good (prays to the drama god).

  5. Both are fine actors. PMY is a steady, beautiful, talented actress. I need a good shot of a fun, upbeat, happy ending, chemistry laden drama. Oh yeah, bring it on will ya.

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