C-actress Liu Shi Shi Holds Her Own Against Top Hollywood Beauties in New Vogue Pictorial

One of the first events where C-media and netizens first thought that C-actress Liu Shi Shi may be pregnant was last October at the Omega watch event in Shanghai. Omega gathered Shi Shi and three other top stars endorsing the brand Cindy Crawford, Nicole Kidman, and Alessandra Ambrosia together and the dress code was red va-va-va-vroom gown. Shi Shi was the only one who donned a red blazer over her short dress and that was so out of place it immediately spawned speculation she was covering her tummy. Turned out to be true and she also looked rather tiny compared to the other three ladies nearly 6 feet tall. Vogue China gathered them together for a photo shoot that makes everyone look better, mostly Shi Shi being seated to properly balance everyone out. Since she was pregnant at this shoot I can totally spot the pregnancy face roundness and glow, it’s pretty nice to be a celeb with endorsements that capture moments of pregnancy.


C-actress Liu Shi Shi Holds Her Own Against Top Hollywood Beauties in New Vogue Pictorial — 14 Comments

  1. Spectacular! Wow at LSS very glam and holding her own against the other 3 as I just looked straight at her cos she’s a scene stealer. Bar Doo Na is the first Korean woman to grace the cover of US Vogue so that’s a coup and massive congratulations to her on scoring that!

  2. Liu Shi Shi really holds her own. She’s really beautiful and would have been a better fit on that Vogue cover than Angelababy.

      • Right? I chuckled when I saw Scarlett Johansson, Lea Seydoux, Deepika Padukone, Bae Doona and Adesua Etomi are considered talented in their countries and also have beauty but then they put ABB with the talents to represent China. Why not put Liu Yifei who lived in America and is going to be in Disney live action Mulan? China has more talented actresses to offer and AB is not one of them

      • Liu Yifei is not exactly a talent, either. It should have been Li Bingbing, who just had her first certified blockbuster Hollywood movie as a lead actress.

  3. China is still a communist country. Many times I won’t watch Chinese dramas because the Chinese depict their lifestyle as being easy going, kind and full of fun, when in reality it just isn’t the case.

    I look at how a person looks first, then go deeper to see if I like the whole package. Kidman is older than this Chinese actress, but still can kick ass. As do the other actresses.

  4. Just out of curiosity, why hide the fact your pregnant? Are females discriminated against if they are pregnant? I also thought maybe this C-actress, was still concerned, after what the Chinese government did to female fetuses, while the,” 1 child only policy,” was still in place? That whole unsuccessful policy, would make any family paranoid.

    • She didn’t hide her pregnancy when she attended the event for this pictures she was about 2/3 months pregnant, many people/cultures believe you are not supposed to reveal your pregnancy until at least 3 months has passed that’s why so many C-actresses are very private about their pregnancies and sometimes for even longer. Shi shi and her husband are very private couple too, it would had not surprising at all to me if they would had like to keep it a secret until she was 8/9 months, but the news leaked and they confirmed it when she was around 5 months. In my opinion it’s nobody business why a female celebrity or any woman would like to keep her pregnancy private and want to revealed it themselves instead of the press or somebody else.

    • The Chinese govenerment didn’t force these things on female fetuses, in fact they used plenty of propaganda to try and convince families to keep their first born girls. But in a patriarchal society where males were preferred the families themselves did a lot of aborting themselves since they were only allow one child. Any abortions encouraged by the government were usually in any instance where the family already had a child.

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