Park Yoochun Holds Press Conference Emphatically Denying Former Fiancee Hwang Hana Claim He Gave Her Drugs

Man, things just keep staying bad for idol-actor Park Yoochun, and one would think with the recent spate of K-star misbehavior that Yoochun’s prior scandal would pale in comparison. Unfortunately for him, the current news is either tangentially or directly connected to him and he’s taking the offense to claim the former. Park Yoochun held a press conference today reading from a letter that denies he is the “friend A” in former fiancee Hwang Hana‘s claim during her recent drug arrest interrogation as pressuring her to use drugs.

Yoochun claimed he has never used drugs, ever, and is totally not the “friend A” in Hwang Hana’s statement. He cried, mentioned hardships related to his past investigation for sexual assault and still claimed he was innocent back then. If Yoochun is innocent I feel for him but the investigation back then petered to a settlement out of court so it’s impossible to know the truth. For this current situation, I don’t think anyone immediately thought he was the one Hwang Hana was alleging so not sure why the rush to clear his name, but then mere hours after his press conference Hwang Hana stated that she was talking about Yoochun and the police are now investigating him for drug use.


Park Yoochun Holds Press Conference Emphatically Denying Former Fiancee Hwang Hana Claim He Gave Her Drugs — 15 Comments

    • Current fad is guilt by association, looking at how other celebs are seen as suspects in the JJY scandal even before the papers or police release any evidence against them.
      Since the public will speculate and link PYC to his ex-fiancee’s drug arrest, might as well now come out to clarify.

  1. I think lot of people thought it was Yoochun who gave her the drugs. If you look at the scandal of JYJ, all his friends had been related to the scandal and most of them are involved.
    I can understand why Yoochun said he wasn’t the celebrity who took too the drugs because this time it would be the end of his career which is already damaged enough.

    • What JYJ scandal? I thought only PYC has. Jaejoong is doing perfectly fine in Japan. Not sure about what Junsu is doing after MS, but he’s always been scandal free.

      • Junsu has had a few financial scandals regarding his businesses but nothing related to drugs/sex/or violence. Jaejoong has been relatively scandal free but I think he got into a couple violence related scandals dealing with fans a couple years ago before he went to the military.

  2. I think he is trash but I also think chaebol Hana is cuckoo for cocoa puffs and thinks she’s above the law. For some reason I think he is telling the truth about not being the one doing drugs with her. He’s a known smoker and drinks a lot of alcohol (like 99% of koreans) but for some reason I feel like she is dragging him through the mud because of her issues with him and the fact that his reputation is already trash and she would likely be able to convince people and turn the attention off of her. I mean I could be wrong (wouldn’t be the first time ever) but for some reason I believe this trash is telling the truth about Hana at least.

    • I get the same feeling for this. I blame him for violence but for some reason I don’t think he is using drugs. To prove it goes beyond he said she said though, there are tests to determine whether you are a habitual user or not no?

      For clearance he should not return to his past career and should bear the consequences of his former actions.

  3. When kids get caught they sometimes point at another kid and say”he made me do it!” Looks like she got busted and is trying to deflect the blame onto someone else. Hope he isn’t part of this cause this will be a blow I don’t think he’ll be able to survive. He looks pretty bad in these photos.

  4. This guy used to be in a lot of projects, every actor who worked with him used to rave about him , he was at the top and now… how can someone be so clever to build such a carreer and be so idiot and pathetic about his private life ? Where are now all “his friends” ? For this reason and many others i never trust the interviews or supposed friendship between celebrities ! I’m a cynic one maybe but a realistic one certainly.That’ my opinion and i can give a lot of exemples.

  5. I think he decided to do the press conference after people showed interest in a deleted post from Hwang Hana’s instagram account where she condemned an unnamed actor who assaulted women and was cruel to animals, alongside his manager.

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