Sammi Cheng Goes Dark on SNS and Kenneth Ma Releases Gracious Statement on the Cheating Scandal of Andy Hui and Jacqueline Wong

HK-entertainment news is basically 99% about the cheating scandal of singer Andy Hui and actress Jacqueline Wong, and 1% about everything else. This really is big news as Andy and his singer-actress wife Sammi Cheng are TOP STARS for the last three decades, anyone growing up in the mid-90s knew them and watched their fame and popularity rise and stay on top. Jacqueline came in second in the Miss Hong Kong pageant a few years ago and by all accounts is a social climbing actress (nothing wrong with that) with a penchant for seducing much older more famous male stars (something wrong with that).

Since the news broke, Andy offered a teary apology press conference and called a halt to his activities, and a day later Jacqueline issued a mea culpa apology on her SNS account and reportedly TVB has removed her from her drama and even pulled theme songs sung by her. Today Jacqueline’s boyfriend actor Kenneth Ma finally released a statement and it’s super long but also super mature, kind, understanding, and all in all what a class act. He accepted what happened, is moving on, asks the public not to castigate Jacqueline because she’s still very young, and also asked the media to stop hounding his non-celeb parents for their reactions. Sammi, on the other hand, turned her FB cover photo black, has moved out of her home with Andy, and is reportedly not eating or talking to anyone. Sigh.


Sammi Cheng Goes Dark on SNS and Kenneth Ma Releases Gracious Statement on the Cheating Scandal of Andy Hui and Jacqueline Wong — 28 Comments

  1. Kenneth Ma is too kind. She’s 30 for goodness sake, she knows very well what she was doing. The fact that she is friends with Sammi, being all nice and smiley in front of her, and then sleeping with her husband behind her back is really disgusting and fake. Seems like she is a repeat offender, too, he deserves better.

    As for Sammi, she has chosen to forgive Andy Hui, which honestly isn’t surprising considering their history together. But man, still can’t believe he did that! I mean, they got back together after a breakup, that’s supposed to mean happily ever after.

    Andy will probably make a comeback after a hiatus as he is the bigger star and can actually sing. Jacqueline can’t really act or sing, so her career is up in the air.

    • No, I beg to differ lol. Usually a breakup means there was something wrong to begin with and unless there was a clear plan and determination to solve their differences, old patterns and habits will remerge eventually. People do not change easily and once a cheater, always a cheater though drastic events may allow for occasional exceptions. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

      • Their prior breakup seems amicable (then anyways, now of course people are suspecting differently). So getting back together meant that they’ve grown, at a better place for the relationship, and still wanted to be together. Kelly Chen’s marriage (and even Nicholas Tse’s relationship with Faye Wong) is a better example of this.

  2. Jacqueline should disappear. Some has suggested she goes into AV biz, I am fine with it as long as she is not in public channels like TVB because she is such a disgrace. Agree that Andy will comeback, people will still listen to his songs. I worry for Sammi and her condition for her upcoming concerts.

    • I heard she comes from a rich family so if she decides to give up the entertainment circle (seems like she’s gonna be the kind to try and stay in, no matter how many people want her to leave). She can can just move back to Canada and she’ll still be fine financially.

      • She isn’t rich. Middle Class, maybe. Driving a Merc here in Vancouver (Jacqueline’s hometown) does NOT mean you’re rich. Many Asians do – Bimmers, Audi and Mercs are like the Hondas and Toyotas.

        These days, the new wealthy kids on the block – the China crowd are driving the market for Ferraris, Porsche Cayennes, Teslas etc. Those zoom around all the time. JW can easily find one here.

        WHY was she going after Alvin Chau? Dude’s got better looking standards to roll around with.

    • I don’t think she is in show biz industry for any financial gains. She is probably in for the fame and someone’s husband. LOL.

  3. Jacqueline is so irrelevant and untalented that she’s pretty much known as “Kenneth Ma’s girlfriend” and now a home-wrecker. I wish Sammi just dumped her disgraced husband; he’s no good for her mental state. He only apologized because he got caught and the video evidence is too damning there’s no way to deny it. Too bad she already forgave him; I’m disappointed but it’s her choice I guess.

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  5. My heart goes out to the ‘wronged’ woman and I hope that she has the time,space and support to see this through. Nothing worse then a couple and their indiscretions being outed only to be made very public in the media; this is the most humiliating and painful experience ever. I have a huge respect for Sammi for being honourable in forgiving her partner and not putting on a show of animosity. That’s what real women are made up; stand strong and defiant but grieve privately. Wendy Williams-US talk show host filed for divorce after her husband had a love child with his mistress; Jeff Bezos finalised his divorce after tabloids exposed his cheating. Yes tis the season for married men to be caught out but the way these women handle the news is admirable and kudos to them. As for the mistress; karma is a total b*tch because what comes around goes around. You’ll keep.

    • I don’t see how a real, strong and defiant woman equals having to grieve privately, hide her true emotions and forgive her partner in less than a week. In my opinion, a truly strong and independent woman would accept this rude awakening, realize that she trusted the wrong man, firmly turn her back on him, move on and rediscover her own worth and identity that’s not linked to him in any way. I know she’s the victim here and I’m not blaming her but if I was in her shoes I would definitely react differently. It’s ultimately her decision, but she chose to give him the easy way out, which makes things worse in the long run especially for married women in HK. Now they have this horrendous example in which the husband does not have to face any consequences in his marriage after blatantly cheating with solid evidence for the world to see and then basically telling the guys that hey, it’s no big deal as long as you act all contrite and pitiful then you everything gets swept under the rug. It’s fine to forgive and forget and not stay angry but what’s the point of marriage if you’re just gonna give second chances after betraying trust? LGBT groups and feminism are not causing the decline of marriage; it’s the blurred lines and disregard for the sanctity of a marriage or even a relationship that’s driving it.

      • Wow @stargirl obviously you most likely have never been through the wringer of being cheated on or have you? What would you rather see an icon publicly have a mental meltdown and show her true self or someone who declares forgiveness and keeps her emotions hidden and rallies her close friends and family to help her through this tragedy? Each to their own and Sammi is dealing with infidelity as she sees fit. I applaud her approach- dignified; classy and definitely an example of how to maintain an image she has spent decades cultivating. A true example of how to handle your shite. Nothing worse then seeing a public figure acting as the scorned woman throwing a wobbly. Yang Mi another fine example of deal with it, chin up and move on. Bravo ❤️

      • Your first sentence was uncalled for; there’s no need to make things personal on an entertainment blog. I’m not saying that all wives with cheating husbands should break down and be upset publicly; however, women are allowed to cry and grieve in whatever way they wish, that does not make them weaker or be less of a “real” woman. Heck, anyone be it man or woman can show their emotions and not be judged for it. It’s when people are expected to be upbeat and positive 100%of the time that depression/anxiety/sexism and other issues arise. As for Sammi’s response, it may be dignified but definitely not classy or even help maintain her image in any way. Your man broke a marriage vow, disrespected you and forced you to face public embarrassment and humiliation. He obviously has no regard or respect for the sanctity or meaning of marriage, why stay with him then? There may still be love but there’s no trust anymore, and how do you build that trust again is going to be a hell of a problem. He has no right to continue to be called her husband. He’s no class act and in her shoes, I would decide to be friends, no hard feelings but it’s the end of the road for the marriage. He had the chance to have lifelong happiness with her and blew it. Rise above it all, focus on work and family and self and find love elsewhere. Or just be happy staying single. That would be in line with her self cultivated image of a fiercely strong and mature woman this past 10 years. Also, hypothetically if the tables turned and she cheated? Different story for sure.

      • @stargirl -I’m not getting personal. It’s a valid question only women who have been in such an unfortunate situation of being cheated on can relate to. It’s an humiliating and downright shameful experience I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy. However you sure are getting pretty judgmental calling Sammi out and in your opinion stating that she should have ended her marriage. Correct me if I’m wrong please. That’s the context of what you wanted to say? It’s Sammi’s call how she handles her personal business and whatever means and path she undertakes to heal; so be it. There is no right or wrong way about it and neither you or me have the claim to state otherwise.

    • Humiliation, hopelessness, betrayal, disappointment and anger would be words to describe the experience for me but not shame. I won’t ever be ashamed for someone two timing me; I was not the one to cross the line and break the promise to stay faithful. If I was the one guilty then yes, I would be ashamed of my misdeed. I’m not judging or criticizing her personal decision to stay married but I’m just doing what you are; commenting on what she said and did and also offering my perspective on the social impact of this incident. You have the right to applaud and commend her, while I also have the right to disapprove and lose respect for her. She is an idol and celebrity and the price of fame comes with public scrutiny. If a commoner or ordinary citizen, then obviously no one would be talking or discussing about this and I wouldn’t care less. She is a role model for many Chinese women like it or not and there were better ways to handle this without sending an implicit message to the greater society that cheating warrants immediate forgiveness. Im not telling her what to do, only pointing out hypothetically how I would have reacted and honestly, I hoped she didn’t have to make things public so quickly. Now it looks like Andy didn’t even get a slap to the wrist, and the girl is facing all the serious consequences. So much for gender equality. Another thing is that although both parties are at fault, Andy was in a legally binding contract to remain loyal as a married person thus legally speaking he should be taking the blame.

      • @stargirl- Yes you are totally within your rights to disapprove and lose respect for her. That’s your judgement call right there. Thank you for the clarification. I hope Sammi has a strong, supportive caring and loving circle of friends to get her through this. A shoulder to cry on offering non judgmental impartial advice. That’s what she needs the most.

      • Shania Twain’s case was unique and perhaps the most satisfying conclusion for bystanders. The most fitting punishment for the cheater is to see you happy with someone who truly cherishes you and not take you for granted. When they realize what they have lost and thrown away for good,they gotta live with that regret forever. It’s nothing less than what they deserve.

    • I actually wish the same thing; her friends publicly offering their opinions would only add pressure to the situation and it’s the last thing she needs. But I heard people are already talking to reporters and giving advice… Also, just curious, what would your reaction be if kenneth suddenly announces he forgives jac and they will continue dating?

      • I will tell Kenneth to work harder to make more money because he will need to raise children who may not be his. LOL. ?? But I don’t think this will happen because his mom probably won’t approve, she is a hugh disgrace to the family.

      • @stargirl I couldn’t care less what Kenneth Ma did as I don’t give a flying razoo about that harlot hussey. They’re not married so it would be easier to separate. However if he did stay I would be thinking what a lovely, considerate man but it would be highly unlikely since his Mother would obviously have a say about the relationship and there is no way she would have her son remain with a cheating two timing hyena. Haha JW karma is that her pre produced dramas have been put on the back burner with no screening date due to this scandal. I was thinking imagine if Sammi turned and decided to divorce AH and KM ended his relationship with JW but then Sammi and KM find comfort with each other and end up together as a couple? Kinda like the Shania Twain scenario. That would definitely be a happy ending.

      • @Ginger
        The Shania Twain case was unique and had the most satisfying conclusion for bystanders. The most fitting punishment for cheaters is to see you living happily ever after with someone who genuinely cherishes you and not take you for granted. It’s when they realize what they lost and threw away for good that they will start to feel regret and they gotta live with that regret forever. That’s nothing less than what they deserve.

  6. Not a fan of anyone of them but i think this needs clarification: it is Sammie Cheng who is the TOP star..Andy Hui is never a top star, his achievements are far behind Sammie and he is always better known as Sammie’s man. This scandal is a big news within the Chinese community as both are household names for being long enough in the industry, everyone witness ups and downs of their 30 years love relationship, Sammie being a top star and kenneth being a popular TV actor especially for his clean good guy image. Jacqueline is also a rising TV star especially after she started dating Kenneth. The biggest loser in this whole scandal is definitely Jacqueline.she finally has the chance to play a leading role last year and now she has to bid farewell to her career, and her relationship with kenneth is likely over. The man at fault will always be forgiven easily but the same rarely happens to a woman at fault.

    • There are no winners in this saga, maybe Kenneth will fare the best but he might have separated from Jacqueline even before this bombshell came out. Jacqueline deserves to have her reputation and career taken from her. It isn’t the first time she has tried to be a third party to married couples, it’s well known within HK entertainment circles. As for Andy, his September concert is cancelled and he is forever known as a cheater. People who criticise Sammi for setting a bad example as a married woman for forgiving Andy are just naysayers. We aren’t Sammi herself, we don’t know what their relationship is like, they’ve been through years of splitting up and getting back together before finally marrying. I’m just glad Sammi has taken this decision very quickly. The HK paparazzi are no joke, they hound their elderly parents.

      • I’m not criticizing her personal decision in any way, i respect that she has the right and freedom to choose whatever path she wants; however, as a public figure she also has to face public scrutiny and feedback. You can take the wealth and fame but it comes at a price. I’m judging and commenting on the outcome and social impact of this incident. Girls and women who look up to her as a role model had been told for years that she is a “reborn” woman who’s more mature and independent due to her religion and now she forgives and takes back her detestable husband at the drop of a hat. It sends conflicting messages, unfortunately including portraying women as individuals who despite all the success and talent and hard work still needs a man to validate her identity at the end of the day. I can’t think of any other reason why you would stay, forgiveness can be given without sacrificing your self worth. Why not find happiness elsewhere instead of living with this person who’s caused immense pain and humiliation? You might still love him, but he obviously doesn’t and marriage is no one way street. If she was my friend or relative or neighbour, I wouldn’t even say this much because they have no widespread influence on society, but this affects several generations of Chinese women and their values.

      • @Stargirl. Seriously girls in this era still look up to an entertainer as a role model? I don’t think so. All X-generations are so self centred and prefer to do what they want and when they want. I don’t think Sammi needs to worry about whatever messages she is sending, she only needs to be responsible for her own feelings.

  7. “social climbing actress (nothing wrong with that) […] seducing much older more famous male stars (something wrong with that)”

    lol koala you’re funny sometimes, the way you put it actually made me laugh.

    I guess the cheaters got their just desserts, at least in terms of public humiliation (assuming HK industry is as heavily reliant on image as k-ent industry).

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