Kim Jae Wook and Park Min Young’s Full Blown Romance in Her Private Life Episode 10 is Mindblown Levels of Squee

If anyone has a favorite K-drama rom-com up until today, currently airing tvN Wed-Thurs romance Her Private Life just said “hold my beer” and stepped up to the plate to slay. HOLY SCHMOLY I am at a loss for words for how amazing and adorable this drama was from the get go and now continues to up itself each week. The romance is in full swing now starting in episode 10 which was itself an episode with so much skinship and kissing it needed an near R-rating. Kim Jae Wook‘s every gesture makes my jaw drop, the wrist kiss and the way he just pulls Park Min Young towards him whether sitting on a bus or propping her on a desk to kiss her some more. Nnnnnnnnggggggg, I just sit in front of the screen making incomprehensible noises. But she’s also so in sync with him, and I love how Deok Mi puts her coworkers in place for daring to insult her lion or how she herself squees over all the kissing and wants to make her memory into screenshots and gifs. Ahahahaha, I can’t believe we’ve gotten this level of making out already and there is 6 more episodes to go. The boat is gonna sail soon, I know it!


Kim Jae Wook and Park Min Young’s Full Blown Romance in Her Private Life Episode 10 is Mindblown Levels of Squee — 24 Comments

  1. This is truly a fantastic romance drama though definitely in PG13 territory 🙂 Though there have been a few second lead tropes I wish the drama had avoided, I have been overall pleased with the story and pacing. I also give credit to the writer and actors for a story with heart and with characters who seem more like what your average guy and gal would be like getting to know each other. Hope it maintains til the end. Crossing fingers!

  2. Yep she’s a true fangirl when she said she wanted to screenshot, photoshop and gifs her own date memories…lol! I’m so enjoying this romcom. There’s a lot of funny scenes as well as major squeal worthy moments. Sparks flies with them just staring at each other. Nice move RG on that wrist kiss. Now that DM’s secret is out in the open, I’m looking forward to seeing her bf fanboy her this time but I’ll definitely miss seeing Latte.

  3. When you have no substance to highlight on, you can always count on the making out and kisses to sell the drama. No wonder the rating is so low, the lowest ever coming from PD Hong.

    • Oh god enough. No substance, “low” ratings and yet many people are still genuinely enjoying it because you know people watch television to ultimately be entertained in different ways. B-but it should not be?!

      For some reason though, the most important factor to some people like you on here is ratings. If you’re not into it, that’s fine but why do ratings matter so much to some of you on here like you’re a tv exec in Korea paid millions to worry about it?

      • great that you are enjoying it, for those who are not paying a penny to watch it. It is a business! and ratings count!!

    • The skinship was the natural outcome of 9 episodes of buildup of sexual tension between the leads. There was nothing gratuitous about it. It felt real and fitting. There have been many many dramas with no substance whatsoever which were rating monsters, I don’t see the point you’re making really.

  4. Wow I enjoy every second of the drama. I waiting for the nxt episode. If according to you’ll the rating is low I think why because everybody is enjoying it very much. Anyway for me way matters is the happiness I get from seeing dramas. Wen u sit in front of a TV or computer to watch a drama u want to be entertained. Tc

  5. The kiss = > kisses are passionately sizzling. Thankfully PMY responds accordingly too, nothing worse than a very credible sexy actor and a gulping golddish or worse, a close-mouthed response.

    But in an adult world, of been there, done that scenarios … it’s a little UNnatural what unfolded thereafter imo. He’s way more natural than her. for eg: The bus scene and how she’s leaning on his arm hyug like some prop rather than cuddling into him. This is very natural when your comfort level + intimacy with someone you’ve kissed so passionately. So passionately that it should lead fluidly to a torrid bed scene (esp given his proximity and certain position ahem … angle with her on the table)

  6. Nice that the misinformation intentionally given to break up our Lion + Fangirl was cleared up immediately. A breath of fresh air when kisses abound in one episode instead of the routine 2-3 kisses per entire drama. Reminds me of the free flow vibe of Coffee Prince where lovers make out for the sake of making out!

  7. I am so blessed with this drama. Love it. Ryan Gold is such an ideal boyfriend. Sung Deok Mi is so lucky. My favorite drama in 2019 so far.

  8. I don’t understand for people who is saying that we/the consumer are not paying anything to watch this drama. TvN is on our TV cable and the broadcast of the HPL is only a day away than the one in Korea. If we want to see the drama on our own time, we watch through internet and we pay for the internet connection.

    • Hahaha, everyone pays for internet connection even when posting a comment here. LOL. I don’t think you can actually calculate how much of your internet payment is used for watching drama online. ?

  9. One of my favourite dramas in a long time. It’s just so bloody cute. So glad I gave this one a chance. Seriously, if you are reading this and haven’t watched yet, go do it!

  10. I am not familiar with KJW and initially I wasn’t immediately convinced he is good looking. But after a couple of episodes, I must admit he has his charms and I cannot get enough of him. His character in this drama is just perfect and I am now hooked wanting to know more about this real KJW. He is not the fair pretty boy look, but a good looking charismatic man in his 30s who is very much in love. Am I the only that wish to imagine these two leads being in love in real life?

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