So Ji Sub Confirms Relationship with Much Younger News Reporter Jo Eun Jung

There is absolutely nothing surprising about this dating news, other than curiosity about the details. K-actor So Ji Sub was outed by Dispatch yesterday when it published dating pictures of him grabbing coffee with news reporter Jo Eun Jung. So Ji Sub’s agency confirmed the news and the actor released a letter to fans explaining the relationship and asking for blessings. So Ji Sub is 41 years old so so I would actually be worried if he DIDN’T have a significant other, and in this case he found love last year when 25 year old Jo Eun Jung interviewed him while he was promoting a movie. The two have been dating for a year now and judging by his quick confirmation and sincere letter it’s likely serious so imma guessing marriage is on the table. Congrats to So Ji Sub!


So Ji Sub Confirms Relationship with Much Younger News Reporter Jo Eun Jung — 37 Comments

    • I was in a relationship with a guy 15yrs older than me. There was nothing creepy about it. Some young girls happened to be more matured and seeing stability in much older men and the older men not necessarily attracted to young girls because of their youth, but more in their fresh takes on life and lot more of other factors. At the end, when you can find common ground with someone, age is really nothing but just a number.

      • This means both suffer of different insequereties.. She is looking for someone to make her feel safe and he is looking for someone who doesn’t answer back and is a trophy. These kind of relationships never last. It’s just a learning curve..

      • @A – She is looking for someone with lots of money and he is looking for someone young and pretty. You don’t have to worry about any lasting relationship… that sicko old cheater LBH is still married. No one can be worst than LBH. LOL.

  1. Good for him. Wish them all the best. Maturity does not depend on age. Aaron Kwok is 22 years older than Moka Fang, he’s old enough to be her dad or older than her dad. Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones have a bigger age gap, still happily married despite many challenges. I guess some sections of Asian society are still very conservative and rigid in their mentality. Actually, I would like to see younger actors date or marry older actresses over 40 like Ha Ji Won, Kim Sun Ah or Kim Hyun Joo but I guess it’s hard for Korean mothers to allow their sons to marry someone who is less likely to bear them grandchildren. Maybe that is why many K-actresses around 38-45 age bracket remain single. No pressure from in-laws and free to pursue their careers unhindered.

    • I’ve been in a relationship with a guy 11 years younger than me and in the beginning everything was great… Unfortunately when things are getting serious they are not mature enough as they don’t have any life experience.Plus..SJS has a lot of issues that he needs to sort out and this relationship is not the way.

      • I share your misgivings. After the way he dumped Han Ji-min, he had gone downhill ever since. It’s been the teenybopper & Lord knows how many others before this young one.

  2. She is very attractive. And guess a lot of males like much younger girlfriends. It seems more the norm than the exception.

    Congratulations to SJS if he finds happiness with her.

  3. I’ve never understood why So Ji Sub is considered attractive… And he’s definitely aging. Not that that’s a crime. But he looks old.

    • To each her own. I never find any Korean actors attractive at all. But that is just me and my preference.

  4. Yuck???a lot of man dating or married younger women with big gap between 10 or 20 years old to boost their ego. But they still cheating with same age,older and ugly women like lee byung hun etc.

  5. Age diff not at all creepy since she’s 25. If she were only 18 and he’s 33 (still 15 years gap), I might be creeped out since she still has some maturing to do.

  6. So she is basically the same age as Suzy and Hyeri? Ok I do find that creepy but its is o surprise that men prefer young girls in their early to mid 20s rather than those closer to their age. Guess SJS is no exception to the rule of male desire.

  7. Am surely glad SJS may get hitched soon as he loves and bonds with the adorable kid actors evidently in his last drama, Terius Behind Me, so it means he’s very ready to build a family, which he should instead of waiting till he’s 50+ like those HK stars, Aaron Kwok and Leon Lai.

    There are still many 40+ handsome and eligible single actors such as Lee Seo Jin, Jung Woo Sung, Lee Jung Jae, Gong Yoo, Song Seung Heon, Jo In Sung, etc so hope they will end their bachelorhood soon.

  8. Am surely glad SJS may get hitched soon as he loves and bonds with the adorable kid actors evidently in his last drama, Terius Behind Me, so it means he’s very ready to build a family, which he should instead of waiting till he’s 50s like those HK stars, Aaron Kwok and Leon Lai.

    There are still many 40s single, handsome and eligible actors such as Lee Seo Jin, Jung Woo Sung, Lee Jung Jae, Gong Yoo, Song Seung Heon, Jo In Sung, etc so hope they will end their bachelorhood soon.

  9. My respect for Hyun Bin just went up x100 for dating a same age partner. This child on the other hand has already given up her job and career to be what? A wife? mother? In 2019 these things are no longer acceptable.

    • Maybe SJS just couldn’t find love with similar or near his age partner? Who knows how many times he had tried and failed, only that its out of media scope? She is at mature age in many terms, esp in Asian standard. You can’t really choose or predict who you’re going to fall in love right? He or she, or anyone, may set some standards for their partner, but in the end, its the flying sparks that matters.

      Being a wife and a mother IMO works in every generation, its not like she is doomed to be forever jobless if she had to. She can work at home at the very least, or open her own business, or investing in friend’s business, stocks, etc. There are vast choices esp if they have money and connection to begin with. In the end, its her and their choice.

      I’m not saying that your perspective is untrue, its just there are many angles to view a decision.

      • I completely agree about HB. I wasn’t a huge fan before but he just rose in my eyes by eons.

        Do you know how hard it is for a woman to go back into the workforce? Did LNY in RIABB teach you nothing. In Asia women are not welcome back into the workforce and I think this is true for other countries as well. With what money will she invest in the stock market? His money or her parents money or her siblings money since she won’t be earning any herself. Being a wife and a mother is being oversold as something practical. A man is never just a husband and a father so why should a women be a wife and a mother? She should have a career like any other man does. Giving up your career is never ever going to be a good move no matter how caring a husband you have.

    • actually, a man got a point. In general The best education and parenting to your kids is parent should be able to give their all to their kids when they are still a baby until at the age of when they already can take care of theirself. and one of them is a mother can fully support their kids 100%. Kids tend to be lonely and relationship between a mother and their kids would be not as close IMO.

    • Well, Hyun Bin previously dated Kang Sora, who is 8yrs or so his junior. And I’m sure she wasn’t the only younger woman he dated in his life. Just like So Jisub likely dated a few same-aged women over his life. I don’t respect of disrespect them for dating either younger or same-aged women. I’m not a fan of huge age-gap relationships, but implying that a man or woman dating a much younger partner is worth despising is unnecessarily judgmental. Setting aside the fact that there are no rules for attraction, the simple fact is that not just anyone can date in a lower age bracket–conditions such as looks, fame and/or money have to be met (by the older partner), and if they have that skill and can attract a willing younger partner on that basis, then good for them.
      Also, while I don’t think a woman giving up her career for marriage is necessarily a smart move, your implied disdain for a woman dedicating herself to wifehood and motherhood is offensive. Are these things no longer acceptable in 2019? I thought that our times are supposed to be ones of inclusiveness and acceptance–where men and women are free to choose to live their lives however they want (as long as they don’t break laws) without being despised for it. Surely if we can fight to get rid of racial, sexual, workplace etc. discrimination, we can also try not to discriminate against stay-at-home moms. Some life choices are not right for all people, but they might be right for some people, and that shouldn’t make those choices less valid, less worth, right? In 2019.

      • Pretending that regressive decisions are actually progressive doesn’t make them so. Giving up ones career in this day and age for any reason is a bad decision and will always be a bad decision. Acceptance of individual choice doesn’t include stupidity. Just so you know when so ji sub was suspected of dating same age women he vehemently denied it every time which means even if he did date those women he never intended to marry them at any point. He stated very clearly early on he would only announce a relationship if he intends to marry that means all those other close aged women were never marriage material for him. Turning the gender around if a very rich much older woman marries a much younger man he would never give up his career to be a stay at home dad. The whole concept of a stay at home dad is very rare and till date men are ridiculed for it. It is about time women are treated the same for being stay at home moms. In this day and age no one at all should ever give up their careers for marriage. It will never be worth it.

      • Yes please stop discriminating against stay at home mothers too. As a mother who was in both ends of working mom and stay at home mom, both choices are respectable. Not having children is okay too as long as husbands of women are in agreement. But seems older actors’ actions say otherwise and they mostly choose someone young and i bet they have children in their mind to make this choice. Wishing SJS everlasting happiness though.

      • @Soya
        I don’t really want to argue too much in favor of stay-at-home moms because I believe a woman ought to have her independent source of income, and It’s not like I admire gold-diggers and think that may/december relationships are a great thing (17-year-age gap? Puh-lease! That can’t end well.). But there are some principles I believe important, and that’s what I’m arguing for. Like for example that acceptance of individual choice should in fact include “stupidity,” if it’s not harming anyone else, because acceptance is supposed to be all-inclusive in our modern, progressive society, right?(*) But mainly, things are never just black or white, and what does really constitute stupidity? Do you have a universal definition that everyone will accept? Please. Like, I can tell you from personal experience that saying that polygamy is “stupid” (I didn’t even use that strong a word, just implied that it’s not a situation that is best for women) will offend many Muslim women. The stay-at-home mom issue, because it is present not just in Oriental but also in our Western culture, is even thornier.
        (*Really, as progressive as our society is often praising itself to be, us individuals aren’t really capable of a complete lack of discrimination, are we?; we’re just cherry-picking our causes, willfully establishing our ‘acceptance’ boundaries while couching it in nice-sounding terms like progressive and enlightened. So I’m just pointing out the hypocrisy of thinking, for example, discrimination against poor black women is a worse offense than discrimination against white, gainfully employed men; or of endorsing a scenario wherein a child is raised by a gay couple but thinking that stay-at-home moms are worth ridiculing without exception. Imho, it all depends on individual viewpoint, and if we don’t want others to find our viewpoint stupid, maybe be shouldn’t be so quick to qualify others’ viewpoint as such?)
        p.s.: My personal definition of ‘stupid’ covers women giving up their job for men, but doesn’t necessarily cover a woman temporarily stopping work (or working from home) to raise her baby personally and well.
        Back to the age-gap issue: are you seriously implying there’s some sort of causal relationship between So Jisub dating same-aged women and NOT considering them for marriage; or alternatively, So Jisub dating much younger women and exclusively considering marriage? Um, I’m sure young age was not the one and only attribute he was looking for in his future wife; and it’s highly unlikely that, with the beautiful, successful same-aged women he could have dated and did date over time, similar age was a disqualifying criterion when picking his future wife. Seriously? It’s his wife and future mother of his children, not just a temporary lover, we’re talking about, and he ought to be past the age of only looking at a woman’s outer surface.

  10. Many years ago, he said he would never confirm a relationship unless he was about to get married…..looks like we’ll hear wedding news soon!

    I wish him all the happiness, he’s worked hard for over half his life, if he wants to settle down and be a husband/dad, so be it.

    (And yeah 17 years is a big gap but she’s 25, not some college kid/teenager, our impressions of Korean women shouldn’t be dictated by cutesy idols who are grown women being given young images)

  11. He is mature and knowledgeable, she is clever but not so much experienced; he will be a good father, she is a t good age for the childboitrth. Both are attractive. 17 years is a bit too much, but all people are different.All the best to Mr.So

  12. He needs a girl who is a decade younger because she is equally immature, unrefined and matches his subpar mental acumen. He is finally a “real” man… to a toddler.

  13. Congrats. A girl getting married at 25 is ideal if she has found the right partner and is mature. Having children early is good. I only have a kid in my late thirties but if I could choose I would choose to give birth much earlier! If a girl has talents, wants the work and has the will, no one can stop her from working again in the future. Career is important but so is family.

    • Hasn’t she gone back to grad school? Well, that’s not giving up on one’s career, she’s making adjustments to her choice of a future career that’s all.

      Anyways, for him to decide so soon on marriage is just his nesting urge & age. He’s known some really beautiful & classy actresses before & if he feels only this one fits his current needs, who’s to deny it?

      Still, I feel bad for Jumpal – he even mentions her name in the master’s sun. That was when he was at the height of that relationship, wasn’t it?

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