Son Ye Jin is a South Korean Heiress in Love with Hyun Bin’s North Korean Officer in Romance Drama Crash Landed Love

The premise is out for Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin‘s upcoming K-drama and it’s pretty head scratchy. It’s either going to be epically good or so comically bad the only reason the two are doing it is so that they can get married afterwards in real life and claim it was this drama that brought them together after earlier denying all those dating rumors. I dunno but Crash Landed Love (or Love’s Crash Landing) sounds like a bad rom-com movie script – Son Ye Jin plays a top 1% wealthy South Korean heiress who crash lands in North Korea after a paragliding/parachuting mishap and Hyun Bin is the handsome capable North Korean military officer who hides her presence and then they fall in love. Like wuh? I don’t doubt the acting ability of these two gorgeous movie stars, nor their ability to generate romantic chemistry with each other, but goodness does the script synopsis sound stupid as all out. Oh wells, it might all coalesce into something amazing since the drama is coming from the writer of You From Another Star and Legend of the Blue Sea with the PD of Life on Mars and Romance is a Bonus Book.


Son Ye Jin is a South Korean Heiress in Love with Hyun Bin’s North Korean Officer in Romance Drama Crash Landed Love — 39 Comments

  1. I really hate this writers work,till now am unable to finish lobs because of her nonsense writing..even mlfs I was unable to pass episode5 because it was boring and now this,please writernim for drama sake let this be good for my dear Hyun bin

  2. No matter how simple Kim eun sook plot is she still writes script that grabs your attention but this writers is so obsessed in creating another another hit which is affecting her writing styles..LOBTS is one of the most nonsensical plot ever

  3. The initial description for this drama is so simple. Too simple. I wonder what attracted these two big movie stars to join.

    I watched HB in Confidential Assignment, he can be suave North Korea army officer no doubt :).

    I didn’t watch LotBS, so I can’t comment on the drama. But for You From Another Star, imo other than having big hallyu stars Jun Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun as the main couple, the drama was also successful because it had an effective and menacing villain. The plot actually moves along with him. There would be no story to tell if the villain was pulled out from the narrative. Haha

    • Isn’t it obvious? They just want to act together so that they can confirm their relationship. The plot could be anything they just needed a star writer to justify acting together in a silly romcom.

      • No a bad life to date and work together then followed by wedding news just like Song Song couple hahaha.

      • why do they need to act together to confirm their relationship? If this drama flops, will they break up? Why those crazy Sega shippers no longer speak up here? Ummm… LOL.

      • They don’t need a hit drama to confirm their relationship because even a bad drama with their names attached will pull of decent ratings. At this point they just want to go the romantic fell in love on set vibe before announcing their wedding because the amount of long lasting profits they will make off the relationship if it goes the SSC way is enormous and I think all celebs would like to have that. If they confirmed it before then that means they can never act together again ever but they obviously want the best of both worlds and have found the perfect solution.

    • @candycane my thoughts exactly. It’s their life, they can make their own decisions. Do they really need to act together again to confirm their relationship. They already acted together in Negotiation, though I personally find that movie meh.

      • That wasn’t a romance movie which is why they are doing this now. They have building up to it for almost 6 months and drama hasn’t even started shooting yet. Imagine how much more hype they will build once it starts. I can already hear the money in the bank along with those wedding bells.

  4. That title is so literal its basically the entire plot. They really are only doing it for the hype and marriage. Good for them that people pay big bucks for that I guess they’ve earned it.

  5. Lets all pretend it was this drama which bought reel romance to real life and not the other way round. I’m happy if they are happy.

    • Wow!?!!? I guess we have many couples doing that so they can confirm they relationship and get married?!? All the pairing on the new dramas coming up , with the males done with their MS, are using this method to announce?!?? Wow! Betting dispatcher! Lol! Who else?!?
      Everything is possible, a trend in KEntertainnent. Hold your sit, and keep your mouth open ahhh! ?!We are going to have many announcements of relationships and marriages by the end of next year! Lol!??
      They match well, both good actors. Why not work together ?
      They are mature adults. if that is the coward/convenient way, they want to announce their love(?) relationship, undermining their fans/people intelligence, because that is the norm and ethically acceptable within their profession/ society , it is their business and NOOB. Lol! Just enjoy the drama! ?

      • Your entire comment is gibberish and makes no sense. They are hallyu stars and both want to erase the image of their last dramas otherwise they would never pick another drama this fast. They are the perfect match for each other.

  6. I have never liked any of Hyun Bin’s drama after Kim Sam Soon but I think this is an interesting one. I am looking forward to this one.

  7. I adore Son Ye Jin but her dramas are usually bad.

    I really wish she’d do a consistently good drama soon but I won’t hold my hopes up for this one.

  8. Something to look forward to. I may watch it only for their gorgeous faces. SYJ is really pretty and ages so well. I’m happy if they’re truly in a relationship.

  9. Haven’t watched Kdramas for a long time. This one gets interested again. They are both veterans actors worth watching it.

  10. What happened? Did they run out of ideas for the script? Script sounds like a recipe for disaster… smh. As always sounds great on paper but the execution may leave a lot to be desired. Unfortunately, good actors alone can’t carry a dead script… I anticipate a lot of running and hiding.

    • If Crash Landing of Love is shot in the same vein as King To Hearts it maybe salvageable. A bit of romance, a bit of comedy, a gut wrenching scene here and there, lots of action from HB like James Bond. I think SYJ is also capable of being a comedic actor as well as slay the serious drama scene. Just hoping the script won’t go awry and the ending is not like MOA.

  11. Sigh….at least KES has improved in Mr Sunshine but somehow i feel that this writer keep on creating such a weird story. No doubt it will create a buzz because there are a rumour that they’re dating and both the actors have a pretty lukewarm/average rating drama before so i hope this will work out.

  12. Its a cross between secret garden and king two hearts. We just need lee sungi and ha ji won to cameo. **laughing at my own joke that only I can understand**

    • Exactly my thoughts too Tambok. This time HB as his North Korean character admire HJW, PSH and HJM on advert billboards while in a bus with his comrades in Seoul city for the first time. Then LSG played a South Korean special forces soldier trying to retrieve SJY from NK with HB’s character. Daebak plot. Hahaha.

  13. I can’t decide whether HB and SYJ are both incredibly shrewd with astute business strategy to capitalise on their dating rumours OR just very much in love, decided to act together in a drama and later announce their love story started in this drama and wed afterwards ala Song couple. I love both dearly of them as actors but part of my intuition as an ajumma can’t shake off the feeling of media play by HB and SYJ’s agencies in January to create hype and interest in this drama. Imagine the reporters having a field day questioning them during drama promotions/interviews/premiere. I have a sneaky suspicion that this drama is already being planned/discussed in January when dating rumours plus photos came out conveniently. In the past, HB although extremely private always admitted dating relationships quickly with SHK and KSR through his agency. I can’t find a single photo of HB on supermarket dates or other dates with SHK and KSR. However, this time both sides quickly denied twice after being “caught” with photos. HB’s dating admission pattern has changed. Whether it’s real romance or drama romance, time will reveal everything. I feel sorry for PSH’s fans who have been hoping for MOA season 2 and real life romance between HB and PSH are dashed. I will still watch the drama coz of visuals from both are incredible.

    • Firstly PSH fans have been delusional to think she ever had a chance with HB especially since she herself is dating CTJ and immediately after they finished filming MOA they were spotted on a date so the relationship is obviously still going string. Second SJY and HB are known to have very poor choices in dramas and almost all the dramas SYJ has done have been flops so have 60% of all her movies but SK loves her and she doesn’t need hits to prove her popularity. They are getting paid a lot to do this drama and cashing in on media play sounds fair since Song couple did the same. They are massive stars and indestructible so they can do whatever they want because they still go home with a massive paycheck and a ton of endorsements at the end of the day.

    • Point on ! Excellent PR strategy , ones do during and after, they chose to do before! It all about business , and nothing wrong with that. That is how they make their live in! It might pay for the wedding as well! Lol!

      When comes to PSH , you totally wrong! Do your research well, before you generalize !

      • I have read comments from PSH fans (not one, but many, or one with multiple usernames) who are asking for MOA 2 and crazy shipping for HB and PSH. So you are now saying those PSH fans are wrong and you are the only correct one? Geez… it doesn’t need a scholar to read this site…

  14. After SG, I didnt find what a good thing about HB. His visual just so so, his projects always flop, and he always in his safety zone, he didnt want to improve his acting at all.

  15. I didn’t know how badly I needed them together till their casting was announced! Their visuals are the best!

  16. @Ira I am glad you noticed my “gibberish and no sense “ comment, that was the reason when I add on my comment to this page. Welcome to my community! Lol.

  17. Looking forward to this drama a syj fan excellent actress one of those people convinced that they are in real life romance..they look good togerther ..i say perfect match! a fan im thankful ill get a glimpse of their romance thru this drama.. plot hmmm i think its too soon to critize based on the 2 sentence description of the character and their meet up …my hope that it will be more relatable story one that is actually happening to anyone of us in real life …just like something in the rain is kind but more fun …anyway cant wait for Nov schd airing

  18. Ladies and gentlemen, just enjoy the show.. People complaining that he or she was acting fake on both series. By the way it’s a drama and they were all acting. I thought “SOMETHING and ONE SPRING” were superbly made. I am Filipino /American and yet I would rather watch Korean movies than Filipino or American film. The Camera shots and cinematography could rival that of Hollywood. Frankly even better than Hollywood . My American friend love it. Clean, cultural and simply beautiful…

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