Park Shin Hye Lounges in Modern Salon for Fall MOJO.S.PHINE Pictorial

Summer is underway but K-actress Park Shin Hye is ready to tease the fall season already in a new pictorial. She’s modeling four new dresses from the MOJO.S.PHINE brand against a backdrop that’s described as a modern take on the 17th century salon. It feels more mid-century (20th) to me and the outfits are all really cute. The dazzling pink chiffon and lace gown above is my favorite, so bold and feminine and perfectly paired with the gold buckle bet and gold stiletto pumps.


Park Shin Hye Lounges in Modern Salon for Fall MOJO.S.PHINE Pictorial — 14 Comments

    • awts…. that’s kind of fashion i like.. and seeing a comment like “gross” and “yikes” makes me feel like i was born in a wrong era.

  1. She looks lovely. I would never thought of describing someone’s style ‘yuck’ or ‘gross’ for no valid reason. How is it that women can be so harsh to their fellow being?

    • My “Yuck” is referring to the FASHION. Not the model nor her style. I don’t care who the model is. My valid reason is I don’t like these dresses. Everyone is entitled to their likings. How can you be so harsh to other commenters?

      • true, irregardless of any context. people of all ages say yuck or gross in all walks of life to everything and anything. it does not mean personal. why being so sensitive? or insecure? someone needs to take a chill pill.

      • women are harsher to women; i am agreeing with this statement.
        why are you intercepting it with your opinions on yuck or gross? i dont care.

      • how can you tell from the username if that person is a man or a woman? How can you be sure it’s all women talking here??

  2. Park Shin Hye is a beauty with class, and she makes those dresses look so elegant , sophisticated. Luck the company that has her as a model.

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