Song Joong Ki Files for Divorce From Song Hye Kyo and Her Side Releases Statement Saying It’s Due to Personality Differences

Oh. My God. I’m legit rendered speechless. I hate when tabloids are right but tabloids are so often right in dating gossip and also breakup gossip. For the past 6 months the Chinese rags have been saying that something is amiss in the high profile marriage of the Song-Song couple, namely Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo who met on the set of Descendants of the Sun and made their reel-to-real romance a reality. Song Hye Kyo was spotted multiple times not wearing her wedding ring, hence the rumors which are now a reality. Less than two years after wedding in a star-studded ceremony in Seoul, the couple is calling it quits and I still cannot process it.

They dated for two years before getting married so one assumed they got to know each other quite well and didn’t rush into marriage during the romance high period. But sadly this couple is no more as today Song Joong Ki officially filed for divorce with the Seoul Family Court, asking for remediation which is akin to a negotiated settlement. He released a statement announcing the end of the marriage and asking for space from fans to handle this privately, and will focus on his acting career for his fans. I’m so sad, even though I didn’t think these two were dating for realz after DotS despite what many drama shippers said, when they did get married I was so happy for them. Wishing them happiness still in the future and a very calm and non-contentious divorce proceeding.


Song Joong Ki Files for Divorce From Song Hye Kyo and Her Side Releases Statement Saying It’s Due to Personality Differences — 152 Comments

  1. I am devastated. I didn’t want the rumors to be true either, but it is strange that you never see the two together. Going home to mope now.

  2. They only dated for a year before getting married. It was a whirlwind romance and wedding so I’m not surprised it ended. Fairytale love obviously don’t exist.

    • Yes. Only one year of dating and supposely, even shorter happy marriage.

      Can only say, I am not surpise at all with this news. All the hype about the couple, high profile dating rumors and wedding and not to mention those those nasty fanatic CP fans.. all just gives off bad premonition and it turns out right

    • I believe they know each other even before he entered the army in 2013. Not saying they were dating that time but they knew each other. Both were laneige endorses at the time and there was even a laneige event where the two were the celebrities fans will meet (though on two different days). Both also told in a 2016 fanmeeting that they were meeting in cafes and shops and that they met 1 week before SJK entered army.

  3. So the chinese news who reported this months ago wasn’t wrong… i wonder if their marriage was just for business purpose

  4. So basically whatever Chinese media says is true. Noted for future reference. What other gossip has Chinese media reported?

    • His statement makes it sound like she cheated. It’s unfortunate that people always assume that the man is at fault when relationships break up. However, it would have been best for both parties to avoid such insinuations and make the break a clean one.

      • Nothing to do with gender.
        The C-media were the one who reported the affair and divorce rumors. Since they were right about the first one….

      • With all due respect, we know that men are commonly assumed to be guilty until proven otherwise and even when it’s the woman who behaved badly, people still wonder what drove her to it as if women are incapable of immorality without just cause. I also see rumors that she is the one who cheated with Park Bo Gum. As I don’t know either of the people involved, I would refrain from repeating salacious gossip as if it were fact like the OP making it sound as if it were proven that SJK cheated.

      • but in this situation no one is pointing fingers at Song Joongki, they all saying that SJH is a h*e, and obvious have problems. I dont know why you saying that everyone blaming the man here when obviously the opposite is happening

    • That’s not true. Shk friend with whom he had rumors are very much friend withe her. She went on holidays with her.

  5. I’ve been enjoying SJK’s new show and then this: Bam! Shocked and not at the same time (because it’s true that you barely seem them together after the wedding). I wish them both future happiness.

  6. Better to get divorced than stay in a toxic marriage for ‘fans’. They barely knew each other so they shouldn’t have rushed into getting married.

  7. Surprised? Not really. Something did not seem right from the very beginning. He seemed to be “giddy” in love. Her ??? To me did not radiate happiness. However, divorce is always sad.

    • She’s always seemed kind of aloof – SJK looked like a little boy next to her and almost like she was playing against type. She matches better (visually) with the Jung Woo Sungs and Lee Jung Jaes of the world, imo.

      • If you compares SJK with her ex(s) HB and LBH, you hardly find similarity with the past two. Maybe it’s true, she went against her type with SJK. Not unusual since preference differs as we get older but when she stated personality differences, that sure means something. Probably she went by logic with him since SJK exudes more stability than her past romances.

  8. Woke up this time around when i heard that song song couple was real and today after i woke i heard their divorce in blank space right now..goodbye song song couples???

  9. The fact that he is the one who filed for divorce makes it suspicious about who cheated (if at all). He fell out of love extra fast despite being the one to pursue her. Very strange something big must have happened.

  10. The fact that he is the one who filed for divorce makes it suspicious about who cheated (if at all). He fell out of love extra fast despite being the one to pursue her. Very strange something big must have happened.

  11. So it was all a media sham? Tabloids stay winning. They never did look happy with each other and that wedding was extravagant.

    • That’s unfair – if I had to guess, I think she has a certain type who won’t commit to her and took a chance with SJK. It didn’t work out but at least they can untangle their lives with minimal fuss.

      • That can only be true the first few times and not every single time and SJK isn’t the type to just walk out of a marriage. She had to have given him a very big reason to end it.

      • Not saying that she couldn’t be emotionally damaged or calculating – but SJK is really different from her prior known exes. She could have entered into the relationship in good faith but couldn’t make it work. There doesn’t have to be a bad guy in the relationship.

  12. Whatever the reason behind it, going through a divorce sucks. I have to admit their relationship has been a surprise all along the way including this news. The breakdown in the marriage must have happened quickly because this(not making it 2 years married) is almost at the level of starter marriage which one expects of 20 year olds.

    Hope they can be left alone by media and someday try again with a better outcome.

  13. SJK said he wanted to escape from the pain. What does that mean and what did SHK do to him? He made a very poor choice for partner.

    • . look at netizen blog they spilling teas on sjk affair with shk stylist.. and how she changed her stylist and things

      • Her stylist hasn’t changed. That person is mostly spreading false rumors.

      • Guilty party never file for divorce first so unless SJK hired the dumbest lawyer on earth, it can not be true. Judging by the statements, SHK seems to be the one who is at a disadvantate here.

  14. I always though shk is more of a cold type of person and shk is more outgoing. I am really shocked to see this rumors. Hope the best for them. And please don’t blame anyone. I see lot of people jumping on conclusions that sjk cheated onhk. I don’t think that is true,Because hk is still friend with that person. They all were in Thailand two days back.

  15. The way SJK worded his statement was so passive aggressive it legit makes it sound like she was the one at fault. He rushed that divorce proceeding at LTE speed! Can’t say there was any real love in this marriage if it fell apart that fast!

      • His didn’t say personality difference it was her side who said that. His side said they wanted it sorted as quickly and amicably as possible. He wants out asap.

    • He totally screwed her over with that statement! As if her image wasn’t bad enough its taking a real beating now! Lets see if this will get messy or end neatly!

    • That’s not passive aggressive, that’s being honest and straight forward. Passive aggression is being shady low key.

    • Aww..I am a fan of Song Hye Kyo first. That is so sad to hear that they are divorcing. I do feel for Song hye Kyo, tot make that leap of faith that he is the one and have it blow up in less than 2 years. Wishing them both will find happiness eventually. I wonder if she actually tried but he probably did not want to slow down vs she might wanted a child since she was older?..All speculation of course, hope they both take care.

  16. Poor boy!! Got his heart broken. It was a shock to get such news.. When they seemed to be in love. But I felt more happiness in joong ki oppa’s eyes than song hye Kyo. Divorces are always painful.

  17. Now for the settlement and the lawyers of S Korea lining up for the business of yet another failed celebrity marriage. The sad reality of what happens way too often.

  18. I suspected they weren’t together anymore, I was just thinking about it awhile ago. That’s why I’m not super surprised. I’m a little sad, I shipped them soo hard.

  19. I was sad. I actually didn’t want to believe it. But it’s all over on twitter song song shipper has already feeling they act like an old couple, not supporting each other, etc… And feels like it’s not out of the blue divorce announcement. I will keep supporting Your career Song joong Ki.

  20. So how am I supposed to go sleep now… I need all the tea. High profile marriage ending this quickly usually means someone dipped out and got caught. I’m ready and perched.

    At the same time, I hope the divorce doesn’t get publicly messy and ugly if cheating played a part, at least they’ve tried to be somewhat amicable right out the gate with their public statements. Thank goodness no children were involved.

  21. I don’t know where to go to vent all my anger, heartache and disappointment I feel about this. I was rooting so hard for them. Why????? Even in my personal heartache I still believed that there could be a happy ending await, no matter how long it takes since she waited and “the one” came along. Don’t know what to believe anymore.

  22. Never had thought well of them since DOTS as they are incompatible in looks and age. Since marriage is proven wrong for them both, better to end now than to prolong pain so both can find their own happiness elsewhere.

    • What’s not compatible about their age? They’re practically same age. Is her being a couple years older a big deal to you? What about men in their 40s marrying someone a decade younger,do you have any problems with those?

      • What same age!? Get your facts right!! 4 years apart! He looks like a boy while she looks like aunt next to him!

  23. they both filed it so it’s not just SJK,
    anyway, I feel that it better to make a joint statement since the wording left a lot place for rumour.

  24. It’s SHK displaying the signs – no wedding ring, frequent holidays without spouse and signing contract with Chinese production while SJK still maintained that marriage kept him sane during Arthal presscon in May lol – what a joke!

    • lmao he gave up to maintain that image now that arthdal flop.
      this must be his last attempt to salvage his popularity while simultaneously throwing dirty water at his rival park bogum

    • SJK should not have married too young (32 is young for guys) and during his popularity peak. He could have done so for SHK in view of her age and pressure from her peers’ blissful unions (JJH KTH). Perhaps, reality of their differences sets in now.

    • Had noticed SHK looking melancholic and dazed when she appeared for overseas product promotional events for the past months so that’s the reason.

  25. wooo so fast and sudden. There must be a serious reason :/ Im glad there wasnt any pregnancy or baby in between thank heavens..

  26. I am shocked. Hope they deal with this amicably. And please stop jumping into conclusions that one of them was cheating. I don’t understands why sjk didn’t wait post air to announce divorce. I hope this doesn’t affect the drama. This could affect his credibility with writers.

  27. I wonder if the personality difference is true and no one cheated. Like they got married but no kids in sight. He probably wanted to settle down right away, but she had big projects coming up. It’s unfortunate but women do have a time limit for bearing kids. Even worse, acting industry is not kind to women as they get older. She probably felt like she had to keep going before settling down but he didn’t wanna wait anymore.

    Either way. I’m heartbroken. I loved them both, and Dots was my favorite drama. I hope they both find happiness, especially SHK. I really want her to have a happy family life.

    • They’ve been living apart 11 months into their marriage ans before that they barely dates for 1 year. They got into a relationship because he pursued her but maybe they got married only for fans and social pressure. SHK may never have children anymore or get married again. She is 37 already and the divorce will still take another 6 months maybe more she might be 38 by the time it actually comes through. She won’t enter a relationship soon after or knet will heavily attack her. SJK is still very young and his career won’t be affected by any of this.

      • Sadly both of their career will be affected. This is sjk first scandal. He has cleaned scandal free image before, his brand image will take a hit. Whereas shk is always judgd for her personal life. I wonder what went wrong that made them file the divorce.

      • @blazingflame She is the one who had to turn down a drama and is on the verge of losing some of her endorsements while not a single issue has happened to him. How can you say it will affect them both when he clearly gains more than he losses from this divorce. Now AC will get better ratings as knet sympathize with him and he can land more endorsement deals.

      • @K – I thought he lost many CF’s since his marriage. While she has kept most and always appears on various overseas CF promotions. AC will get more ratings because the story is more well established now. I don’t think ratings will be related to sympathy. Endorsement often goes to the IT boys in SK which I doubt if he will win over PBG or some younger eye candies.

      • @k regardless of whom Knetz sympathize, ac already has below the expectations rating. Now shk fans won’t even support him so there agood chance rating might dip down further. Sjk lost quite good numbers od endorsement post marriage, I am sure he mihjt also lose some endorsement because of news,while shk was always choosy. And it’s not like shk is getting all the hate sjk too is criticize by many inetz.

      • Don’t think the fans for a confirmation that they were dating until the marriage was announced. So there really was no pressure for them to get married due to fans.

    • Those people who were soooo defensive back then are no where to be found now. No more shippers… They were separated back then, and now divorce paper has been filed. I don’t think the divorce will affect their careers, in fact, more buzz will be created, believe it or not.

      • I kinda feel that SJK cheated. Maybe, him, filing for divorce and being vocal about it, is a compromise that they decided to take so as not to affect SJK’s reputation/show. My parents have marital issues for the longest time and most often than not my Dad usually say to other people that they are in good terms but they don’t even talk to each other lol.

      • lol of course shippers are in pain now… so mean of you to put salt on wounds…

      • @popcorn – You said I am mean?? I am only telling the truth. What are you? It was fine for them to jump on people but cannot go in reverse?? LOL. @L – Why would a woman compromise by not affecting a man’s reputation if what you claim is the man cheating? But anyhow, whatever the reason is, idc, I only read what’s factual.

      • Their unlucky ship sank in 2 years.. N believe me shippers,, m also not happy with their broken marriage.

      • @candycane

        Exactly. Lol. Nothing new from these shippers. They are the only ones who have the right to attacks and throw all those nasty shits to others but no, it can’t work the other way around. Or else, they will make a huge deal and crying out loud playing victims. Must be terrible for them now lol.

  28. From a confirm source by their neighbors, these couple already separated months before they filed divorce. What a joke!! But at least it is better for them to get out of it rather than stay in toxic relationship.
    Wish them both the best and hope them find peace and happiness.

    • Just reported that she may be doing movie instead. With all the negativity now, she should head over to C instead of languishing in SK.

      • I dont think Korean artists are able to flourish in China anymore after the ban.

      • She might have to head over to either China or US till things cool down. SK is out right blaming her for the divorce so her image has taken a hit.

  29. According to new reports they fell apart due to child and future works. That sad my speculation was right they weren’t compatible. They could have worked it out but divorcing in less than 2 years is shocking. They must have reach their end.

    • Not unexpectedly as SJK is known to yearn to be dad whereas she could be having issues or unwilling to undergo treatments due to her CF commitments or desire to remain top in the popularity stakes. Gianna Jun & Kim Tae Hee are already blissfully blessed with loving husband and kiddos.

      • Anyone planning to marry would discuss children matters first. It is completely unrealistic to think that they didn’t. It must have been a different problem they had.

      • agree with @Elena. There are many ways to have a child nowadays. Woman can continue working and hire a surrogate even though not common in SK. Adoption is very common too but probably not in SK. @Icy – it is stupid to mention JJH and KTH because marriage is not to be compared!!

      • @candycane – Everyone is entitled to their own opinions so please refrain to be rude and calling others ‘stupid’!

      • @ candycane – Please respect one another’s opinions and refrain to be rude.

      • @Rudy @Sapphire – I said “it is stupid”. I cannot help you if you take it personally. And it is very stupid to change your usernames multiple times to say the same thing!

  30. why do I feel like SJK side statement sounded bitter. They should try to protect both images. Maybe just because of translation.

    • It wasn’t translation his statement was a jab at her being the reason for the breakup. He made sure she got all the hate while he stayed protected.

      • Tbh, I don’t think so. I do think a joint statement would have worked better. But I guess they are not even on talking terms anymore. He statement was precise enough he can’t help it if people are doing all sort of speculation based on his statement. It seems like he is done with this marriage.

  31. The news of their divorce is unexpected but at the same time not hard to believe. As a SHK fan primarily, I think SJK’s side could have worded that statement differently because it leaves a lot of room for rumors and speculations. I don’t think it’s because either party cheated, but most probably due to the question of “children vs. career”. Like many others here have pointed out, it seems like he was a lot more into her than she into him. She probably decided to go against her type this time and go for the safe choice, someone like SJK, since he seemed to adore her a lot and her being at that age. I guess she’s finding out now that marriage might not be for her or that they weren’t what the other had expected. Either way, better to end it earlier if there’s no way to mend it. It’s just sad that this is definitely going to hit her image a lot more than his given K-nets’ preconceived notions of her past.

  32. Whirlwind romance lasts a life time for some, because i know some couples (my friends specifically) that have dated only for a short period of time but been together for many years now,. i think marriage is about accepting each other sincerely and loving each other faithfully regardless the time that you have dated each other.. or isn’t not true with celebrities???

    • Lol. My parents got married 2 months after they met and they still stay married after 41 years though they bicker a lot due to personality differences. I guess personality difference could only be bridged by normal people and not celebs.

      • 200% true. But I also think that there is something more than personality differences here. For instance, SJK’s drama is still airing. They could just quietly finalize their paperwork and announce sometimes later, but the announcement is so sudden and so public that it was probably prompted by something.

  33. HOLY SHIT!!!!! WTF!!!!! was my initial reaction to this unbelievable news. In retrospect, I really wish Chinese media was wrong and the high profile wedding didn’t lead to a high profile divorce. If they had to do it again, I’m sure next time it would be quieter. I can understand celebrities lying and hiding their romance and wedding plans from the public. Media can be relentless and their interest in a couple doesn’t help.

  34. I saw it coming, not because of tabloïds ( wich tell a lot of truths dixit K in Men in black ) but just because i found it weird that Song Hye Kyo was working more than before. After Encounter, she was in talks for a new drama, then now a movie. I’m not saying that a woman works less when she gets married it’s the opposite it’s just that she used to take a long break between each project and it change after the wedding. Anyway , divorce is a common thing .

  35. Baggage from broken relationships always puts you on the backfoot when its public. Just that little harder finding the right one people become hesitant in getting involved with someone with damage wondering if they will be a problem for them in the new relationship. You carry a stigma that is now public and always on your mind and a potetial partners mind…Happiness can be destroyed by being a celebrity and having your love life being made public in my opinion for any future happiness.So sad and you may pay the ultimate sacrifice.

  36. When they announced their marriage plan, everyone was shocked. And just today when they announce that they will divorce, everyone is more shock!
    I’ve been skeptic about the rumors by chinese media and tabloids but I’m not surprised. As I said before when there is smoke, there is fire ?. It seems that chinese media has the juiciest gossips.

    • I was surprised when they announced their wedding but truthfully, I wasn’t shocked about the divorce. I have long seen it coming, just not expecting it to arrive so fast within less than 2 years of marriage since I thought they have the image and brand to protect. That’s why I believe there must be something big happening that drove him to this action, with less consideration on her and his own public image, esp with his drama still airing.

      • I agree with you it was obvious as daylight that he was in love with her. Divorce in mid of drama airing will affect the show. Didn’t he think of this before . It muct have been big enough of a reason to disclose before the drama ends.

      • Those 2 love to stun their fans by announcing marriage and divorce suddenly! Regardless of the reason, unless it’s terribly urgent, he could have waited 2 weeks more till end of drama screening to drop this bombshell. Undoubtedly, they will top the buzz but the drama will be left in limbo. He’s rather insensitive to his costars and crew in this manner.

      • agree. I am just surprised it was him who filed the divorce instead of her. He seemed to be totally swoon by her (first as a fan, then as a friend). No time is the right time to break off. But he sounds very desperate to end all right away. Very unusual for his private character who doesn’t share anything with the public except work information. ?

  37. Only divorcee understand the level of heartache they are suffering now
    Both parties are at fault as you need 2 hands to clap. Time will be the best medicine. Hope happiness will be awaiting them after they get through this.

    • They both are victim of speculation. Lets not jump to conclusions. Both of them are portraying themselves victim one through lawyer, other through acquittance.

    • he should handle this carefully…why made statement that obviously tried to throw her to the wolves…shk facing most of harsh comments..knetz literally roasting her and blaming her only…even interlinking her with PBG (which is so ridiculous). some of brands she endorsed look like want to cut ties with her…I am so mad…they are so shallow..right now I just hope that SHK will be strong in this hard time..she has a huge fan base…I am sure she’ll recover soon…if you are her fans too, please support her?

  38. I never saw them as a real couple to begin with. I was more surprised when they got married. I’m sure whatever it is, they can handle it as adults. No need for us to speculate who cheated on who or who is the real victim. Divorce happens all the time even if there wasn’t anything scandalous involved. It happens when love runs out. Best wishes to both of them. ❤️

  39. Signs: Song Hye Kyo cut her hair short, Song Joong Ki weight loss.

    Both spotted not wearing their wedding rings..

    SJK cheating rumor reported by China media.

    SHK shared a photo with Yoo Ah In with a caption that she wants to work with him and now the photo was deleted.

    SJK reported to left their house Sept 2018 and the IG post was around October 2018, I think SHK trying to make SJK jelly.

    SHK relationship doesn’t usually last longer..

    But at the end of the day, I still think their marriage is to increase their value since DOTS was too hype during those times.

  40. I don’t want to know why they divorce, but its not fair how shk getting all the hate and its really annoying how media dragging PBG in their problem too. SjK need to talk, not hiding himself after stabbing his wife and his friend like that. I watched encounter’s bts and know how awkward pbg and shk.

    • SJK is a big time douchbag for insinuating all the fault on the other party and keeping quiet while his so called buddy getting dragged. Also no consideration for his coworkers by announcing his personal affairs during his drama’s airing. He did the same thing when he announced his marriage during Battleship promotion.

      • I am curious how this will affect his drama. A lot of shk fans have stopped supporting him and I heard her Korean fans never liked him to begin with. Yikes.

  41. This is so sad and shocking, I was so happy that they got married because they seemed really genuine. I remember sjk said having a family/kids was his biggest wish, maybe shk didn’t want kids, or was taking it too slow or was more career focused than family oriented. I think sjk thought she would be the traditional korean wife, but shk has lived her life as a single lady for 37 years, maybe she wanted to keep that lifestyle and freedom.

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