Lee Jun Ki to Make Cameo in Episode 3 of Hotel Del Luna to Support Good Friend IU

I’m not a fan of Hotel Del Luna male lead Yeo Jun Gu but find him really appropriately cast in his role. The righteous indignation mixed with clueless self-absorption is nicely brought to life, and the fact that he’s younger than female lead IU works in the drama context because her character has got hundreds if not thousands of years on him. Sadly one of my highly anticipated drama pairings of Lee Jun Ki and IU in Moon Lovers was the opposite, conceptually great but the drama just didn’t make the most of them together, and at times they felt mismatched. That’s a bummer but the two developed a friendship working together and since then Lee Jun Ki has supported IU at concerts and and even doing Knowing Brothers with her last year. Now he’s got a cameo coming up in this Saturday’s episode 3 of Hotel Del Luna to support IU, and will also feature a reunion with the Hong Sisters after they cast him in his first drama role in My Girl. Wow, that was 14 years ago in 2005.


Lee Jun Ki to Make Cameo in Episode 3 of Hotel Del Luna to Support Good Friend IU — 42 Comments

  1. If the drama didn’t revolve around the character of IU it would have been better to have LJG to be the male lead. They had chemistry in spades in their last drama and with this cameo they’ll completely overshadow YJG who has no chemistry with her. Luckily the male lead in this drama is less important and the whole spotlight stays on IU who is phenomenal in her role and owns the whole drama.

  2. To be honest the real standout so far is the creative writing and the director. IU and YJG, they don’t own the role but their performance are passable at best.

    IU is cute and YJG has great charm in the show. IU did better in my mister. YJG did better in the historical drama earlier this year the clown.

    It’s upsetting to see people thinking that YJG should be replaced. Might as well
    Replace both of them.

    • You sound so bitter that IU turned about to be the star of the show and YJG turned out to be not the great actor his fans thought he was. Child actors have limitations that can’t be overcome by just having many years of acting experiences. He should just do sageuks and nothing else because he doesn’t know how to act in romcom dramas. IU has the much deserved bad ass role and she is doing a brilliant job with it. Actresses overpowering actors is the real trend these days.

      • Sorry I’m not bitter. I like both but I’m not bias enough to dump on one and not the other.

        Btw netizen like both the leads on this show. The majority are not criticizing his acting skills.

        Before my mister, everyone said the same thing about IU having limitations.

        I agree that YJG has limitations but they both do. Every actor has weaknesses. I’m sure they’ll continue to both improve since they’re both still young.

      • As if rom com has to got some special acting skill. Don’t get what limition you are implying here. Seriously don’t getvyhe expectation they set for a rom com.

      • As IU fan, she is one of female idol that is good. However, she does not suit this role. I did not feel IU character is someone that has lived a thousand year. I imagine someone like Lee Da hee, Jeon Hye Bin or Lee Elijah would to it better. Not saying she did bad in this drama.

      • I completely agree with you about the kind of roles yeo jin gu can do and this is not one of them. With romance either you have the ability to create chemistry or you don’t. It isn’t something you learn over time or something that can be improved on. Take the newbie who plays seol ji hwan in search www he has oodles of chemistry with lee dae he despite being a complete newbie. It isn’t age or experience either because many young actors like nam joo hyuk and kim min jae are excellent in creating chemistry. Romance is the hardest genre to do because there isn’t any plot so the chemistry has be in spades or everything falls flat. Luckily iu is able to work magic with her character but jin gu is lacking in many ways. His slapstick acting is poor as well. He isn’t versatile to play different genres.

  3. The unsinkable ship! I’ve been annoyed that they cast a child for iu but this cameo makes it worth watching the drama!

  4. Yeo Jin gu acting is okay, let not judge till we watch the future episodes.and IU acting his good , hope this drama brings Hong sisters magic back

    • I don’t think people are judging him based off this one week of episodes. The complaints about his acting have been ongoing since MAB and he hasn’t shown any improvement since then. He doesn’t ever have any chemistry with his female leads and this has become a fact at this point. There are only so many chances you can give him. RW, MAB and now HDL prove he isn’t made for these roles.

      • Could he be better with another male actor instead since he has no chemistry with his female co-stars? ??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️

  5. So far, I think the writing is not doing much for Yeo Jingoo’s Gu Chansung. He is not as developed as IU’s Manwol who has shown many facets of her personality. I think that was the problem in “Moon Lovers” with Hae Soo being rather two-dimensional while Wang So had a deeper characterization and undergoing noticeable growth.

      • I never said that Yeo Jingoo is a weak actor. I said that his character in Hotel del Luna is NOT WRITTEN WELL, in comparison to IU’s character, so he does not have much material to work on. I have so many words to describe Manwol: feisty, alluring, cunning, proud, sympathetic, frightful. However to Chansung, kindness is his main character trait.
        I illustrated the problem with Chansung’s characterization with that of Hae Soo in “Moon Lovers” who was written as your average Candy and was pretty much the same throughout the whole show. In whole, I find both Yeo Jingoo and IU good actors and their underdevelopped characters (again in terms of writing) don’t allow to showcase their skills.

  6. I don’t understand what people are saying. YJG is doing amazing. It’s only two episode and of course they’re wouldn’t be romance chemistry yet as the story is not there yet.

    And wow! It’s good they know that LJG and IU’s friendship is going strong. I really love their Moon Lovers. No matter what people say but that drama is the best kdrama of all time in my book in many aspects esp Wang So. For some reasons I see Wang So as Wang So. LJG must done a real fantastic job with that character.

  7. I don’t know if I am the only one who noticed, it feels like IUs character here was originally written intended as a male character.

    • Well it is about damn time! Female centeric gender reversed dramas should be the rule not the exception! IU picked a good follow up to My Ajhusshi! This drama was written for her!

      • Of course now it’s written for her as she is the lead. I was saying, it feels like it was ORIGINALLY written for a male lead. You should not forget the Jun Ji hyun was considering this drama too.

        Anyhow, I love this drama so far. Both leads are doing great so far. I am entertain by how the story is going and I am looking forward for tonight’s episode.

      • Wow I didn’t know JJH was male! What a nonsensical comment! What the hell do you mean it was written for a male lead? Then WWW must have been written for men only too! This drama was written only for IU and everyone knows that! It was just a rumour that JJH was offered the role and her agency refuted it immediately! This role was always written for a female!

      • What a brilliant response, not. In reference to JJH, it means it was not written for IU first. It could have been for a male lead but JJH was considering it. When the deal fell through, they probably having a female lead is not a bad idea at all. Gets it einstein?

      • Didn’t the director clearly state in the press conference that the role was written with iu in mind and no other actor was considered for the role since she accepted. Why are people spreading lies when it came from the horse’s mouth. This is not a role for any specific gender and yjg would never have been able to pull it off even if it was. He looks and acts like a child even in the role he does have. The boy has absolutely no charisma he should go to the army and learn what maturity is.

    • It feels like it is written for a male lead because the Hong Sisters essentially has stolen the concept from Goblin. Luckily, instead of having a morose fantastical creature stalking the land of the living, the have put a self-centered IU in some fantastic dresses. A clear improvement!

  8. Wow the comment section is more interisting than the article. I like HTL, but IU’s acting is not perfect. She did really well in MA because the character is her safety zone (like how good d.o in hello monster but become so so in 100dmyp). YJG cant save her either, he is good actor but not charismatic, plus he is not handsome and short. He was great in TCC but still he failed creating buzz. I always think if they cast Kim Soo Hyun or Park bogum for TCC maybe there’s will be another syndrome in korea like TMETS or MDBC. So yeah better replace both of them

    • Um YgJ is not short lol 5’9 or 5’10 is not short in any lol
      I think he’s super handsome and hot but that’s subjective. So that’s okay.

      If there is chemistry, it takes two to tangle. I haven’t watched many of his works but you can see chemistry with his costars in moon embracing sun and missing you.

      The person who said it’s about experience or not, who made you expert in acting? Personal experience can help. Those newbie actors, maybe they dated before in real life, ygj hasn’t ever being in a relationship. Real experience can be helpful in acting, its called method acting.

      Those attacking his acting, go watch him in missing you and the clown and monster boy.

      Boy I never thought I’ll see the day when I’ll see people would think i u is a better actor than ygj. most of her earlier work is pathetic although she improved. And what’s worst is one of the posters generalizing all child actors as having limitations that can’t be overcome with years of experience. Please most child actors/actress can swept I u under the rug in a heart beat.

      Many of the I u fans are acting childish, it used to be the case when they had to defend their actress limited acting and cry out to give her a chance and arguing that she is improving. Now After iu been on 2 hit shows, they think they are on top and secure, so it gives them authority to trash other actors. What a sad cycle of life in drama fam world.

      • The only thing your comment proves is that he is a good child actor who can do historical dramas well. None have disputed that but for iu he is a miscast and only he is the miscast since the director clearly pointed out the roles was written for iu. You can’t blame fans for wanting more for their idol who the drama has personally been written for. There were better and older male leads who would have been more compatible for her. He does not pass as 30 something hotelier with a Harvard degree because he looks his age and acts his age if not younger. You seem to misunderstand that iu only has 2 hits her entire career she has been at the top of her game and her position is not just secure it is watertight. Your jingu hasn’t proven himself in her league yet and just being famous as a 15 year old does not qualify him for future success. There is a reason why many child actors fail especially male child actors have never been successful as adult actors. Jang geun seuk fans used to talk like you do at one time but we all know how huge a flop he is today. This is the reality that you people don’t seem to be able to accept.

      • You barely refuted my post. The worst thing is fabricating lies about i u. Always on top of her game? That’s a downright lie. You can easily google people impressions and reviews of her mediocre acting in the past.

        Do you gain satisfaction by dragging down other talented actors?

        Done talking with simple minded lying people like you. I u don’t need nefarious fans Like you.

      • Its short for Korean actors. You just mentioned his role as child actor, he is adult now and he already have many drama as adult and I never see his die hard fan shipper from his adult role (even from TCC where his fans super proud of him because that drama). Its true, its weird to heard IU is better actor than YJG, but I think YJG fans is the same. You think too high of him. If this drama end up without chemistry from the leads you better blame it to YJG

  9. I had no idea you didn’t like Yeo Jin Gu?
    I thought you did back in MoonSun days. But then again, those were eons ago.

    Anyway I’m just here to express the surprise in that comment. Don’t care for either of the leads or LJK lol.

  10. IU isn’t really that great as her fans tell and hype her, she seems like a miscast too, not as charismatic for someone immortal and has lived for hundred years, she looks like she acting as spoil brat sometimes and does not interpret her character well. YJG, I hve no comment, he is also a miscast but his acting is just 35% better than IU, he doesn’t act mature as someone who is 28 years old, lack charm but he still has it. Drama will have lower rating as it reached its finale, as usual for Hong Sisters. SO iu fans don’t be happy yet, if the drama flopping her fans will blame the writing, but if the drama hits her fans will praise IU alone

    • They not miscast IU, there’s no exact age for IU characater. Many people said ‘good’ to her in this drama because her visual really match with the character. The problem just her acting, she cant nailed her role. Eventho the PD already did their best but we still can see her flaw in her acting. There’s limit in her acting.

  11. Lee Joon Gi’s and others cameo has definitely created buzz. From here on would now rely on the consistency of the writing, direction and performance of the casts.

    By the way, the young actress who played the one who lost her soul did a good job as well.

    Master Sun was one of my fave dramas & also written by the Hong Sisters. This drama has the same best elements so far & hope it would be consistent to the end.

  12. As IU fan i love her acting here too. Yeo Jin Goo and IU did a great job as an actor here. Eventhough Yeo Jin Goo is her sunbae as actor, but both of them look good and delivered the storiess well. The plot is interesting and make me look forward to the next ep!!!??

  13. Wow Hotel del Luna!! You did amazing cast even for a cameo too. It’s Lee Jun Ki! Even he appeared just for a moment but he always nailed it! For Yeo Jin Goo and IU, i can see now that they’re awesome too. Their chemistry on and off set are nicely done. Ep 3 made me smile and it’s fun!?

  14. Hotel del Luna is one of few kdrama that catching my eyes and heart right now. The acting, plot, costumes, directing and everything is really good. Eventhough it’s still ongoing drama, but i think i can’t wait for all the rest of episode to air

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