Jung Hae In and Kim Go Eun Contrast Youthful Image with Fuddy Outfits at Press Conference for Tune in For Love

I really like Kim Go Eun and Jung Hae In but feel like both are always at the knife’s edge of K-netizen commentary. If they do well it’s taken as a given but one wrong step in acting, role, or behavior and each are excoriated. I wish K-netizens stopped eating their talented young and nurture them to walk the long arduous path to long term success. These two hot potatoes have worked together before when Jung Hae In cameo’d in Kim Go Eun’s Goblin and now they get to write their own onscreen love story in the indie movie Tune in for Love. It’s set during the late 90’s of the Asian financial crisis and the two gather love stories to share on air, hence the tuning in for love of the title. They certainly are dressed as if they grew up in the 90’s with their old fashioned stylings but these two have their own unique fashion charm so I hope the movie is good enough for a rainy afternoon cozy watch.


Jung Hae In and Kim Go Eun Contrast Youthful Image with Fuddy Outfits at Press Conference for Tune in For Love — 9 Comments

  1. I don’t really understand the hate the knetz have with KGE just because she doesn’t meet their South Korean beauty standard. She’s multi-talented and naturally beautiful with a beautiful smile that can light up the room. She’s doing good however with the movie coming out in August, an upcoming Kim Eun Sook drama and will be starring in South Korea’s first musical, Hero, which will showcase her musical talent.

    The movie looks great with lots of chemistry between the leads and an awesome soundtrack: https://youtu.be/pUJ20PppuH0

    • It’s jealousy. I am not a particular fan though I really liked her in Cheese in the Trap, but when people in Korea diss successful people for their appearance, I tend to think it is jealousy.

      I recently saw where a k-pop guy who is good looking with “big” eyes was asked about how he felt about his “outdated” visuals. Apparently, the small eye look is in among the fellas in Korea so now a guy who didn’t have surgery to get his double eyelids is supposed to do what exactly?? I’ve always considered Rain and Lee Joon Gi two of the hottest guys in Korea and never got when people would make comments on their eyes so, yeah, now their look is in style. Whatever.

  2. I think she looks adorable. It isn’t red carpet and who says a women needs to dress skimpy on official ocations? The dress color looks a bit bland on camera but I’m sure it looks great in RL. The cut of the dress is well choosen since she looks like her legs are endless, even making the man beside her looking short XD.

  3. Love Kim Go Eun and her pretty smile. I don’t know why people both to care about all them haters comments. All the Korean goddess that K-Net and everyone are praising over have the same beautiful faces that looks alike. While KGE is natural and have a unique beauty. To me she really stands out among all those gorgeous face. From her acting to dressing style, very chic and carefree. Love this girl alot.

    • Someone who share my thoughts, KGE is very beautiful in her own way. She has a beautiful and bright personality that’s very attractive. I love her so much and her acting. I agree all the beautiful Korean goddess does look alike that’s why I find KGE very unique. Beside KGE is Han Ji Min, I find her look different and is very beautiful.

      • I can’t agreed more with Han Ji Min. I grew up watching all the beautiful Korean goddess from SHK, to KTH, SYJ, HGI, JJH, KHS, and those other Korean actresses beauty icon all have very similar appearance. Nothing wrong because I admire how gorgeous they are but not until 2014 when I saw Han Ji Min for the first time in The Fatal Encounter movie with Hyun Bin, she really stole my heart. She’s very beautiful and look very different from all the rest of the Korean goddess. I started following her old works to her recent ones. Han Ji Min now became my favorite actress; then Goblin came alone and I felt in love with Kim Go Eun. She’s very beautiful in a unique way especially her smile. Such a bright and cute actress. I see many complaints about KGE being ugly to mediocre actresses all over the place but could careless. All I know is most of the goddess don’t attract me. To each their own opinion beauty is in the hands of the beholder.

    • I hope these two continue to do great and have more productions in the future. Han Ji Min is indeed a very beautiful person. I hope she’ll comeback with a great drama soon too.

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