Episode 8 of Hotel Del Luna Breaks 9% Ratings as IU Moves the Hotel to Run Away from Yeo Jin Gu and Her Past

Things have coalesced in Hotel Del Luna as it hits the midway of its run, with episode 8 revealing a lot of what happened in the past with IU‘s Jang Man Wol. She was betrayed by not so cutie anymore Chun Myung and poor Yeon Woo died, and she ended up slicing bitch princess Song Hua and putting on her wedding dress to get even with Chun Myung. I see so much pain she’s been still living with for the past thousand years which makes Yeo Jin Gu‘s Chan Sung and present connection with her more meaningful because he’s not just a redux but a chance to move forward as their relationship progresses. I find Man Wol’s past no longer as important as the present interactions have their own meaning and I care more about the two leads now. The audiences are also still enjoying Hotel with ratings for episode 8 hitting a new high and broke 9% to reach 9.131%.


Episode 8 of Hotel Del Luna Breaks 9% Ratings as IU Moves the Hotel to Run Away from Yeo Jin Gu and Her Past — 34 Comments

  1. IU and the amazing writing by Hong Sisters is what makes this drama captivating. This role was written just for her and she is doing wonders with it. The chemistry with the two males lead in the past is the real hook for the drama. IU and YJG still feel like siblings bickering. It has its own fun but I don’t want anything romantic between them because it doesn’t feel organic at all. Her stylist deserves a massive raise for all the brilliant costumes.

  2. IU and the amazing writing by Hong Sisters is what makes this drama captivating. This role was written just for her and she is doing wonders with it. The chemistry with the two males lead in the past is the real hook for the drama. IU and YJG still feel like siblings bickering. It has its own fun but I don’t want anything romantic between them because it doesn’t feel organic at all. Her stylist deserves a massive raise for all the brilliant costumes.

    • @Rian and @L So how many other aliases do you post under especially with the same comment? It’s okay IU is winning in HL no one is arguing otherwise.

      • I bet one particular delulu IU fan has been posting under multiple usernames, like @Benny @Banana. I like IU, but some crazy fans are stirring up hate by repeating the same old comment too many times.

  3. I find myself genuinely pissed off at Chun Myung’s betrayal. Did he even care for Man Wol at all? To be honest, he is hard to read while Man Wol’s emotions were always plain to see. I always thought that he was just going through the motions with said princess and Man Wol was the one he really cared about. But then why did cutie Yeon Woo have to die? Kudos to the Hong Sisters as this was a plot twist I didn’t see coming. Suffice to say that this drama is only one of two that successfully brought me back to watching kdramas after I abandoned them. Cast and crew are doing a bang up job. Hope the ratings continue to climb.

    • I was so pissed too!! My heart wants Chun Myung to have a reason that he was forced to do it but i would prefer it if it was real betrayal for the story line. Its too much of a cop out if he had been forced to betray Man Wol.

  4. Now watching it until ep 8, suddenly I hope IU’s character is a man. It will be better If they let big actor taking IU’s character.
    Anyway ep 8 is unpredictable and I love it so much. The story become more interisting, and the development of the characters is amazing.
    Its such a pity I still cant see the chemistry from both leads. And how I want they reverse the character, YJG character is woman and IU character is a man.
    It will be another super big hit drama, If they change it to male center.

    • I love that IU is playing the strong, cold powerful character- I respect your opinion but am glad she’s not a man.

      On the other hand, I agree that I don’t see romantic chemistry between the modern time leads. It’s episode 8- by now we should have some longing or heat or something. By episode 8 of Masters Son I was 100% on board with the main pairing.

    • Well this character suited for female character&IU nailed it so far. While YJG’s one well I have no connection with him, idk why after 2 of his latest drama, his acting is like way too forced, no natural flow. Idk why.

      • His acting has always been forced and unnatural since he graduated to adult roles. I don’t understand why they picked him of all people for this role. SKJ would have been a better pick and he is the same age as IU. Thankfully we have LDH to carry the chemistry.

    • Why should IU’s character be a man? Women can very well be alpha characters. I’ve seen plenty of female alpha characters in my day. Glad IU’s character isn’t a man. Stereotypes like these is what makes kdramas pretty boring and predictable. Plus the role is tailored for her and she’s killing it. Agree with everyone that the chemistry between both characters is fine just the way it is. It works because it really isn’t romantic; just the right amount of care and concern. I hope they keep it this way.

    • If the leads genders were swapped that would be too typical and the drama will be like all others. Cold hearted man that has a careful female to break that…. Like 80% of all other dramas.

    • Oh thats just my opinion, mayority of people love that kind of story. Of course feminist wont like that same with IU fans.
      IU not nailed her role, we already in ep 8 and still no chemistry, and she looks awkward in her horse. its because she’s not perfect I end up thinking about other thing. Like what will happened if an actor taking IU’s role

      • have to agree with you on this “IU not nailed her role”! She is saved by the nice costumes and bright red lips which is actually just distracting. Her acting is not the best (not as good as in MA). She is just okay but her fans are exaggerating her performance. It is the plot (credit to Hong sisters) and the many interesting ghosts which make the drama interesting. IMHO.

      • I blame the lack of chemistry on yeo jin gu in the present because she has tons of chemistry with the boys in the past story. Completely disagree about having and actor. This is female centric drama and should stay that way. All dramas should be female centric because enough men have had lead roles and plots revolving around them. You’re misguided about IU she is fabulous in this role and nails every single scene and expression. Her acting surpassed jin gu whose role could be played by any actor and wouldn’t have made a difference but not her role. You can tell the role was written just for her.

  5. Some part of me still thinks that Chun Myung did care about Man Wol. The scene where he told her that she needs to live to get her revenge stuck out to me in particular. I felt that he told her this to give her motivation to go on living. What if he was also put in a tight place wherein he had no choice but to betray her?

    • @anon – Agree with you. Maybe that’s what makes the story so tragic that Mal Wol realizes she wrongly killed him. Otherwise she won’t have spent a millennia waiting for him to show up. There’s still 8 episodes of flashbacks to go. I honesty feel that IU’s character wouldn’t have lost it, if Yeon Woo hadn’t died.

    • I agree that the CHung Myung’s motives were not explained. The fact he told her to live and the fact he went into the room with his sword. Did he already know for the princess? Or did he want to kill her himself?

  6. I smell a heaping pile of noble idiocy. I’m guessing that Chung Myung did care for Man Wol and the terrible things he did and said were part of his noble idiot’s plan to keep her safe and alive.

    I do think that Man Wol and Chan Sung have chemistry – it might not be overtly romantic in nature, but they have this cool rapport and enough moving moments that I’m fully on board.

  7. How many of you think that Chan Sung is the reincarnation of Chung Myung? Otherwise, why would he share his memories in dreams? Even the memory of being killed by Man Wol? But then again, sometimes I feel that Chan Sung is the reincarnation of Man Wol’s character as well. As he shares some of her memories. Or he may just be a totally new character, someone God sent to right the wrongs of the past. Whoever he is, I’m fully onboard and am enjoying the suspense, lol.

  8. I love MW and CS’s relationship. I think they have a lot of chemistry, it’s just it’s more subtil. All the scenes between MW and CM were written to be romantic, it was not subtil at all.

    I love the BST scenes by the way like YJG saying to IU as Man Wol to be careful for her knees when she was running, because she’s 1000 years old. 😀

  9. I completely agree at the absolute lack of romantic chemistry between the leads and frankly their plotline doesn’t even grab me any more. Their interactions are all based on the ghost of the week mystery and they lack foundation for a romantic relationship. Even the ending scene for episode 8 lacked any desperation from the male lead. He was surprised but nothing more. If he was in love with her they’d be a lot more desperation in his emotions. Plus I find YJG lacking at expressing romantic interest in his female leads. He always has this brotherly feeling. He doesn’t know any other mode except platonic. I enjoy IU the most in this drama and I’m glad she carries the core of the plot.

    • Watch the Crowned Clown, YJG has great chemistry with the female lead there. HDL story is written in the way that all romantic feelings are very subtle. As much as CS has not shown much wowing woos to MW, MW has not shown much of her own feelings either except touching his face while he was sleeping. It takes two to tango. IU has more screentime because she plays the same character in the present and the past, while her love interest(s) are portrayed by 3 different actors. So it is very unfair to keep attacking YJG while his backstory is not even clear to us.

    • Don’t bother with CC the chemistry was boring as hell. The comments on dramabeans mentioned the same exact thing so I’m quite sure the general consensus is that he is unable to do romantic acting. He lacks charisma is what one of the commenters said and I especially feel that lack of charisma in this role.

  10. I’ve decided to binge watch all the episodes of HL this weekend because I’m a diehard fan of YJG first and foremost. And I’ve forgiven the Hong Sisters for that turkey of a drama Hwayugi last year because I willed myself to follow it to the bitter end and yeah had to stop and start and gave up trying. (Actors/characters were great no complaints at all…. it was more the storyline). However I’m excited by the HL commentary here and the recaps on Dramabeans so best be starting now to catch up. Exciting times!

  11. Now I pray for the 2nd half to be as strong or stronger! *crossing fingers* Hong Sisters are the best in making unique and strong female lead, which I think was the failed point of Hwayugi last year (still crying since Seung Gi was good and the drama failed me middleway)

  12. I am intrigue by the backstory of Man Wol and Chun Myung just in that right now, all we are getting glimpse of the past is of Man Wol perspective. I feel that Chan Sung current role right now is to resolve that lingering resentment and hate of the past, with the possibility of clearing the tragedy that happen. That just as he is able to dream of Man Wol past, I sort of want to see if he would be dreaming or eventually seeing things from Chun Myung side.

    I mean, if it is truly a deep betrayal that Chun Myung had done to Man Wol that resulted in many lives killed because of it, why is Man Wol sin of taking revenge of those that killed her people so much greater that she is punish for, for many years whereas Chun Myung did not get his punishment for the causes of the many death in her clain (because of his betrayal).

    All in all, I am truly curious to Ma Go reason for putting her at the hotel. To punish her as well as protect her from the other Ma Go? What is truly her sin?

  13. I think the chemistry is great for the roles they are playing. I enjoy this slow burn and I do not see them as siblings. He does not let her do what she wants and she does not care about his Harvard credentials. They complement each other and I love how he knows and depends on her saving him. Right now is the developing feelings part. He worries for her and she protects him.

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