Park Bo Gum Trends on Search Engines as Seeking Awkward Medical Treatment After Anonymous Post

Okay, this is all over the news so take it with a grain of salt. Park Bo Gum shot up the search engines on Sunday in South Korea after an anonymous post claiming of a person claiming to be the friend of a nurse at a hospital wrote that a star went in recently seeking treatment for an anal tear. Apparently the star claimed that he slipped in the bathtub and and his rear landed on the top of a shower gel bottle. Netizens think this star is Park Bo Gum because the post said the star was on “PBG”. So now “anal tear” is also trending on search engines. This is so awful for Bo Gum to have his name connected to such an awkward alleged injury and with zero substantiation. Park Bo Gum fans swiftly responded that he’s been filming sci-fi movie Seo Bok with Gong Yoo and was seen in recent days filming outside a supermarket so the post is not about him.


Park Bo Gum Trends on Search Engines as Seeking Awkward Medical Treatment After Anonymous Post — 81 Comments

      • That was a joke and a conspiracy theory that C-netz came up with to explain why Song Hyekyo stayed silent. Apparently abortion is banned in Korea so SJK used this to threaten SHK into staying silent, but SHK is adamant on a divorce.

        The actual rumor was that PBG is chasing an unknown male idol.

      • This could be a ground for defamation. We really have to be careful about passing judgments particularly if we have no solid basis. It’s a basic rule of respect and decency.

      • Crazy comment about SHK having abortion she wanted many kids in fact because she’s the only child. And she always give generous gifts to babies of her close friends. It was SJK who mentioned during Battleship Island presscon that babies are not on his immediate plans yet.

        Now is promo period for SJK drama and strange that this article was published together with another nonsense article about age gap of SHK and PBG. In the comments, many PBG Knetz fans think these are mediaplay by SJK camp.

      • @sue1689 Why bring sjk into this? PBG is the most popular actor in his generation, many young actors working so hard these days, but no one can take PBG’s place. So everyone have their reason to attack him.
        @kiara PBG chasing an unknown male idol? Must be come from army.

    • @moshiiii
      So you think being gay is mockworthy.?
      Why do you care whatever he is?
      And how do you know what he is?
      Through gossip sites?
      It means either somebody was spreading fake rumors about them or somebody was sneaking in their personal space. Both of these acts are crime. ?

      • Stop lying to yourself pathetic fangirls, everything about him and his attitude screams gay!

      • No @moshiiiii You’re the pathetic one scaremongering and shite stirring and what are you a gay oracle? Why are you so angry and bitter? And this is for those nasty incessant fans that want to cause unnecessary hurt and duress to PBG and SJK fans on this blog you need to stop you’re not funny this is not a joke it’s seriously doing more damage and harm then you can imagine. No one wants to know what your conspiracy theories are just leave it. I want their agency to sue anyone that continues with this malicious behaviour. C Netz too you guys really need to get a life seriously that is beyond your lil realm it’s not healthy and it really shows how dumb and low you will all go.

      • I have an officemate who is more effeminate than him in his actions but he has wife and kids. If ever, PBG is not gay but bisexual.

    • Sue1689 sjk and pbg are from same agency. An actor cannot hire pr team out of his agency. Why would his own agency do that to their biggest asset? Obviously the easy target is sjk for some pbg fans.

      • Agree, Obviously the troublemaker is the nurse who leaked this confidential info. Why even sjk name is dragged here?

      • SJK released the divorce issue bypassing Blossom Entertainment. He called his lawyers to draft statement and give to media at midnight for release early morning. That’s how he operates. Have you ever wondered why Blossom Entertainment instagram section has been disabled? PBG Fans and SJK Fans from Korea are quarreling. PBG could not have been dragged into the divorce issue if Blossom handled the publicity. SJK likes to do it on his own. Probably brainwashed by Jang Dong Gun who doesn’t like being in big agencies and put up a single man agency. There are rumors after his contract with Blossom expires, SJK and his brother will put up own agency.

      • Lol if sjk was doing all this and his team had no idea do you think his agency would be silent. And also what wrong with forming his own company?Leeminho, Lee jong suk have their own one man agency operated along with their siblings, kim soo hyun and song joong ki are going for same route. Obviously you are shk fans who are still stuck and haven’t move on. And stop with bypassed comments,You are commenting this everywhere.

      • Have you ever wondered why despite their threats to sue and PBG fans petition for them to sue, how come Blossom Entertainment has not filed any charges? Hyekyo’s UAA has filed defamation cases a month ago. Blossom has done nothing only empty threats. PBG Korean fans disgusted at Blossom want him to change agency. It’s because if Blossom will sue, it may ultimately be revealed the source of mediaplay against PBG are in fact connected to SJK. Blossom is caught in the middle that’s why no cases has been filed up to this day. Only empty threats.

      • Blossom is pretty hopeless when it comes to managing their stars that is why many jung so min fans didn’t wanted her to join that agency. This is the not the first time they have given empty threats. And I will say this again an actor cannot hire a pr team outside of his own agency because that will be violation of contract. Sm yg have many times made empty threats to protect their artist from fake rumors. that trash ahn jae hyun agency has also take action to stop fake rumors. And blossom can openly sue without revealing any thing. They could have terminated sjk contract if he was the one behind it or he himself would have left the agency. To you sjk is easy target because you all fans hate him and want to drag him low to any level without any proof.

      • @Wanderers Well, the same could be said about his fans. Spreading rumours about SHK without any proofs. Some even believed a fortune teller. Lmao

      • Here’s the tea: SJK was jealous so these things which made you wonder WHY have happened. They separated for personality differences but SJK was still hoping to reconcile with her but then he learned something.He got angry after knowing SHK and PBG had or are still having a fling. SHK and PBG overlapped schedules during Lunar New Year in Japan, SHK was in Hongkong at that time PBG extended his stay there and watched BTS the next weekend after his FM, SHK always gets in and out of Korea unnoticed. The latest was during PBG New Zealand photoshoot, his stylist was someone from UAA. Where was SHK? No one knew except that she was online following people in ig during wee hours Korea time. She must be on another timezone too. I am not a shipper of PBG and SHK in fact I am siding with SJK with all these. If he got angry, it’s because he felt betrayed by a friend.

      • @EllenC26 you know stylist are not exclusive. SHK stylist also work for other korean actor/actress so not buying your tea. But i have a feeling pbg is not into women idk but its in his vibes nothing wrong with that its his life.

      • @ellenc26 you’re just delulu sjk fan, you know nothing about PBG. So what if PBG and SHK have overlap schedule? Did you know how tight PBG schedule in japan? He did photoshoot for many Japan’s magazine and did interview and record some Vidio for his drama and album promotion (even me as his fan wondering how He did all that thing in short time). In Hongkong fans spot him in some place not just in bts’s concert. He still did some interview, and in his free time he went to Disneyland with blossom staff, have lunch with RJY, and went shopping in the next day. if he really dating shk in there, why not just stay in his hotel room doing some lovey-dovey thing with her? why he kept walking around with his manager? And even tho he really meet with SHk, you cant counted it as cheating. They were working together before, Shk is close with YAI and PHS, why she cant be friend with PBG too?

      • @Park Bo Gum Fan

        Even if his schedule was tight in Japan and he was seen out and about in HongKong, so what? They could’ve met up somewhere privately afterwards. There are 24 hours in a day. No one knows where he was for every single minute he was in Japan and Hong Kong

        But you are right. It’s not counted as cheating because no one know what the nature of their relationship is

        So everybody should just shut their mouths!

      • @monostereo
        First : I’m not talking to you
        Second : You don’t get my point
        Three: don’t be rude to me!

    • i like how park bo gum acts on dramas,,, but i find His actions in real life a bit girly😇 im sorry but this is just how my reaction when i saw the video of him dancing and also when he moves 🥰 very feminine rather than manly😇just my 20cents thu

  1. That nurse should be fired. Patient confidentiality is very important. Health care professionals cannot tell a friend who is being treated, worst off mentioning the problem needing care. The hospital should investigate with full force.

    • totally agree with you. If you expose a patient’s information here in the United States, not only will you be fired but maybe lose your license.

      • I agree. I work in the hospital and patients info are definitely protected. Patients right violation is big deal.

      • You can’t even be any relative and get information. The patient must fill out paperwork to allow anyone access to patient information and that includes the spouse. United States law.

    • Does Korea have laws that protect patient medical confidentiality?

      As others have said, if in the US, this is a huge violation and would lead to termination. Really bad. This needs to be investigated for sure.

  2. Yeah a rumour and those wanting to see PBG humiliated and shamed will resort to whatever tactics they deem necessary. That breach of hospital patient confidentiality is only a matter of time before the culprit/s are caught. You know people are admitted to hospital all the time for anal tears relating to hemorrhoids you know piles in your bum go google that. I guess I’m gonna be here on this post all day defending my PBG and dare you say @another abc SJK!! I hope PBG and SJK agency sues every single article about PBG and his so called bum scratch.

    • Doesn’t SJK have a drama out soon? He always drops a bombshell around promotion time. Poor PBG being dragged through the mud again.

    • I am a medical intern. NO ONE gets admitted for hemorrhoids. LOLOL… Who will tear their rectum with hemorrhoids? Only TRAUMA will. But anyways, let’s not speculate. Gay or not? Who cares, you are not his partner, are you??

      • Is your post aimed at me @candycane because you should know I’m being sarcastic and referencing hemorrhoids because of the ridiculous claim and baseless rumour that has arisen aye? I never mentioned anything about PBG sexuality because I just don’t care. However I do care enough about nasty rumours circulating because someone thought it would be entertaining enough to drop it for a laugh.

      • @candycane…do not expect u are the only medical doctor here. it’s obvious @ginger crunch is just a layman…oh yeah hemorrhoids do tear in 3rd degree and we do have anal fissures which is defined as small tear.

      • medical intern???
        then spend more time caring for patients rather than posting nonsense here.

      • @candycrush – do you have a crush on me? it is part of my learning posting while reading nonsense here. the world is not just patients, right? i have lots of free time. LOLOL. @hithere – we do not admit anal fissure into hospital. home treatment is sufficient. if surgery is needed, a short day surgery can be arranged and patient will be sent home to recover. of coz this depends on where you practice. some cities do not handle hidownthere as proficient as we do. hahaha.

  3. Poor guy- how awful. I don’t personally care whether he’s gay or went to the hospital. It’s 100% nobody else’s business.

    Same with Yoo Ah In- I’ll watch or not watch their show according to my interest level. Their personal life has no impact.

  4. @candycane, @Ginger Crunch, @ann, thank you for posting about the breach of confidentiality in releasing a patient’s information. It’s double whammy: First the rumor is groundless, second, spreading this news is medically unethical.

    Don’t people have better things to do? So many good causes to get involved in instead of spreading lies, malice and hate. Spread love instead and we would have made better use of our time.

  5. those spread the rumors are BTS fans and those gay Fanart twitter. how reliable it is?? and they all deleted their tweets already without any source or proof. these people trying hard to to ruin someone’s career with shameful rumor and i hope they were sued by his agency.

      • ofc they’re good friends but some of idol fans are so obsessive and pairing V with their own member? bogum became the character in BTS fanfic often when i read twitter. i dont care about idol group or fans but this time it’s obvious that these stupid fangirls are the culprit while pbg is working days and night with Gongyoo as many witness them almost every outdoot shooting.

  6. This is the right time to say : my baby is innocent, I’m going to protect him at all cost!

    Btw when will seobok release? I cant wait!

  7. Only an imbecile would believe an article and rumour like this

    Nothing but a prank pulled off by stupid BTS fans who I’m sure are a bunch of 12 y/o

    • Hahaha…. I am not blaming anyone and not blaming particularly that boy band fans or others but this one is just orchestrated by a person/people who has/have so much, a million times enviness with our Boy because He is so POPULARRR and he has all the traits a fan can ask for!!!

    • Now. You don’t know anything about bts fans. Now stop this ridiculous rumour. Show proof if you think it is coming from bts fans. You are no different from 10yo.

      • LMAO. Why are you so butthurt Frans? You’re probably one of those weirdo ARMY members. Look it up on twitter, you’ll find the answer.

        I owe no explanations to you

  8. Now now before people starts getting upset.

    You have to admit it is hilarious aside being PBG at our expense.
    Poor thing! That is one of the prices actors pay for just being famous…

  9. Karma is just around the corner. A good man will never be taken down by this because heaven is always there to watch and guide. This surely has a positive exchange for Bogum. Our boy is just so POPULAR! POPULAR! POPULARRRR!!!

  10. I dont think pbg is gay
    Look at the bts of moonlight.
    The way he was with yoo jung totally tells he is straight.
    So please stop spreading false

    • I dont think so too. He always talking about get married before 40 and become father. Even in his fanmeeting, when sjk become guest, and there’s this moment when sjk ‘playfully’ touching PBG’s hands, his reaction more like “ewww”
      But I admit men will go gay for him.

    • Here goes a delulu BoYoo shipper again.Have you not learned lessons? No drama couple popularly shipped has been successful in real life together either pure delulu or broke up. Yoo Jung was still underaged that time too lol. PBG was more interested in Irene than KYJ who is just a friend. PBG and Irene aside from the same Eider Commercial they share same stylists.

  11. @Diane88 Who’s a delulu now? Gosh I’m a BoYoo shipper just like I’m a shipper for nearly all the dramas I watch but you obviously are invested in shipping PBG with Irene so what’s the big deal. @friend was referencing PBG and KYJ in their drama and how they were very close in BTS and there’s no harm in that. And what lesson are you referring to? I don’t know so please let me in on this lesson?

  12. Feel bad for Bogum with all the wild rumours he has to face this year. There are antis who tries to ruin his reputation with slander. Hope he could sue the first op and bring him/her to justice.

  13. This is what Big Hit Entertainment are undertaking with regards to legal action against malicious commentators on behalf of BTS as copied and pasted from a Soompi article today:

    “Currently, we are in the process of taking legal action against the posts we gathered during the first half of the year.

    Of these, we have completed filing an official complaint to the Namdaemun Police Station against the netizens who continuously created malicious comments and posts on online communities, portal sites, and social media that have gone beyond the boundaries of what is socially acceptable. [The complaints were filed based on] the laws on defamation (Article 70 of the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc.) and insult (Article 311 of the Criminal Act).

    The data was collected through our own monitoring and the Big Hit tip-off account and was submitted [to the police], who are carrying out an investigation on the suspects based on the data. We apologize for the late notice, as we had to secure the identities of the suspects and keep them confidential.”


  14. Gee :/ I was always wondering why such rumours end up related to his name about divorcing couples and now this. What kind of fate or luck this guy has!?
    Leave alone a normal rumour it feels like this is more of a dirty/meaner kind of someone too. So awkward and all! That nurse though seriously how does anyone can live with themselves after spreading such a thing about anyone??

  15. You guys who are spreading rumors as facts are cyber-bullying. That’s not nice and are worse than female praying mantis that eat their mates.

    imagine if someone spread baseless rumors about you?

  16. The twitter owner of the post has already posted an APOLOGY. The news was a lie, a false and baseless information.

    I think she needs to be sued immediately. Pathetic and irresponsible Twitter account @sshotttt. She left her account already.

    • Thank you for that @IamsoMAD but I hope she seeks medical help because she sure needs it. This person @sshottt is a delusional psychological nutcase and downright mentally deranged attention seeker who should really stand back and uppercut herself. I’m beyond livid and very upset that it’s taken 69 posts to arrive at this blatant lie posted by some pubescent dweeb. Goodbye.

      • She needs to be sued. Blossom should throw this lunatic @sshotttt to prison or let her pay a big amount of fine.

  17. The twitter owner of the post has already posted an APOLOGY. The news was a lie, a false and baseless information.

    I think she needs to be sued immediately. Pathetic and irresponsible Twitter account @sshotttt. She left her account already.

  18. How pathetic of a so-called medical professional to violate their oath of patient confidentiality like that. Also pathetic of people to be spreading rumours about PBG basec on that.

    The owner of the twitter account that spread it absolutely needs to get sued and punished.

  19. Also, even if we have to speculate, let’s not spread outright falsehoods about people who aren’t connectec to this situation.

    As of 2019, abortion is no longer illegal in South Korea.

  20. why is it important whom he loves. isn’t it much more important that love is loved? What century is a country with such old-fashioned views? PBG alone decides what is good for him and nobody else, not even his fans!

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