Jang Dong Yoon and Kim So Hyun are Twin Beauties in First Posters for KBS Drama The Tale of Nokdu

Dang, the boy and the girl are both so pretty! The first character posters are out for the KBS sageuk drama The Tale of Nokdu based on a popular manhwa. Starring Jang Dong Yoon and Kim So Hyun, it’s the classic (in manga world) cross-dressing romance that has entertained viewers many times before with trendy dramas like Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, You’re Beautiful, Coffee Prince, To the Beautiful You, and well you get the drift. It’s been done a lot but if done right hits a sweet spot of hijinks and angst. This time Jang Dong Yoon of A Poem a Day plays a rich son escaping an arranged marriage and cross-dresses as a widow to hide out in a widow village. He falls for tomboyish gisaeng in training played by Kim So Hyun and OMG I can picture the cute bickering romance to come not to mention doubling down on the pretty because both look so lovely dressed as ladies in the character posters already.


Jang Dong Yoon and Kim So Hyun are Twin Beauties in First Posters for KBS Drama The Tale of Nokdu — 43 Comments

  1. Dong Yoon surprisingly does look pretty esp in this teaser poster!

    Kim So Hyun looks divinely beautiful with short hair. She was a delight in love alarm, looking forward to her role here. I may be wrong but I don’t think she ever played a tom boy character before.

    • I don’t think she has either and I loved her so much in love alarm its great to see the drama become a huge hit across the OTT platform both in Korea and international. Jang dongyoon has won me over by how beautiful he is here. I’m so invested in this drama now and the posters are nicely laid out. The background is neat and puts all the focus on the actors who are shining with their visuals and expressions.

    • Doesn’t he look like a mix of Seo Ye Ji and Shin Se Kyung? Really beautiful! I’m so impressed by how they transformed both him and Kim So Hyun! They both look amazing!

  2. This is possibly the best transformation I’ve seen in dramaland. Both the actors and their team of makeup artists and hair stylists deserve praise for this. Wow.

    • I’ve been looking at this poster over and over again and I still can’t believe that’s actually a male. How is he this pretty? Not just the make up even his expressions are feminine. Impressive.

  3. Congratulations to KSH for the hit that is Love Alarm! Its so well received and trending worldwide! Go get that popularity girl! I’m glad I don’t have to pick a team for Nokdu! These posters are jackpot!


    And of course So Hyun is always pretty even as a short hair tomboy πŸ˜‰

  5. Kim so hyun will be next era top actress and finally an actress who can act and isn’t an idol actress. Frankly now we r getting some late 90s real actresses along with another ones who started late like kim tae ri. kim go eun will be dominating CFs next year after her drama with Lee min ho. Kim so hyun will be cf queen after one mainstream hit drama.. For ex- after lee young ae, go hyun jung , we have iconic trio jjh shk kth.. There were others too who were hit in 2000s but taehyeji second decade dominance made them the representative ones, but after them it really lacked it. Tehyeji though still dominate CFs but we need iconic actresses.. we have some bad idol actresses . With idols ruining so many dramas. But late 90s has really some top actresses cmng up with others picking up who started late. Thnx goodness! Sick of bad idols ruining every drama. Blind idols fans dont come and argue with me bcoz its my opinion.Go n watch suzy;s great acting lol! Lol someone was calling yoona and suzy legends in my post before for their acting lol!

    • Ok if you’re going to just drag around names to create fan wars on this article for trolling reasons you may please leave. No one cares about these weird comparisons let everyone have their success and be happy. They’ll all be richer than us anyways. Thank you goodbye.

      • @annie yes i dont sell my body to producers to beome rich and nor i use plastic surgeyy like idols. N who r u to order me around u dont own this forum. Plus i m a medico. I studied hard to gey this unlike idols

    • Don’t create fan wars over here please we never think this a competition. We don’t want to compete with others sohyunnie is doing her own thing always and we wish her best.

  6. JDY was already pretty convincing in dancing the woman part in Dance Sport Girls. So I’m very impatient to see him in this role.

    For KSH, I wasn’t a fan of her last 3 dramas, so I hope this time, I will like the story and her character! Her haircut looks super modern for a sageuk. But it suits her.

    • Love alarm is a major hit on Netflix and her acting has never been flawed so it doesn’t matter if you’re not a fan she’ll continue to do well and be more popular than any of her peers. All her dramas have been well accepted by audience and most of them have been a hit so refrain from constantly using backhanded comments to try and put her down. She is well past the point of unnecessary criticism and has already proven her flawless acting several times. JDY is lucky to be paired with a talented and stable actress like her and they both have plenty of chemistry. Her hair cut is amazing and suits both her and the character perfectly.

    • WTH is a too modern haircut? Especially when it looks exactly like the haircut of the webtoon. Are you saying the webtoon is too modern? This is a fusion sageuk anyway so who cares it’ll be full of modern euphemism. Sheesh.

    • Everyone ignore @Sayaris she has never been a fan of KSH and has no intention of ever being one you can just read all the previous articles to see her comments are always negative and not critical. We know how well KSH is doing in her career and how much love, appreciation and success she gets from the audience so her comments are unnecessary for us. KSH will keep giving stellar performances and this person will keep finding faults. You can’t ever win with antis.

    • I said I wasn’t fan of her dramas. I didn’t like Radio Romance, Ruler and Love Alarm. If I tought she was too young for Radio Romance, for Ruler and Love Alarm it’s the script I didn’t like. I like KSH, she’s a good actress and she’s really cute in the video on The Swoon. But it doesn’t mean that I have to like all her works.

      KHS’s fan are tiring… Put her down? Are you a teenager? I don’t see how my comments can put her down. I just say my opinion, it’s never insulting.

      • @Sayaris. She is talented, but I agree with you she was too young for Radio Romance, and the script of Ruler sucked – she had little to work with. I haven’t yet seen Love Alarm, as I don’t have Netflix, but I’m excited for this drama. Not just because she’s starring in it, but because Jang Dong Yoon is, and he has been making some pretty good drama choices lately. I hope his streak of good run continues.

      • Even if I agree with you about Ruler because the script was bad I don’t think she did poorly in Radio Romance at all because she was very convincing in her role. Besides it’s been a trend these days to cast younger actresses for roles much older than their age everyone in her age group bas done it. I don’t believe the drama was bad it was just overly simplistic. However with Love Alarm I completely have to refute you the script was amazing especially since it’s basically the webtoon which is well established with a large fan following. The characters are well written and deep. Even big critics Stateside are praising it’s originality calling it the k-drama version of Black Mirror. Mainstream magazine in the US are obsessed with it so I don’t believe you’re right about it at all. I think people have already said this but Love Alarm is a worldwide hit so if everyone loves something that automatically makes you wrong since the majority can’t be wrong. It’s a great drama and maybe one of her best performances ever.

      • I don’t remember sayaris previous comments. but Let’s give him/her benefit of doubt. everyone can have positive/negative opinion as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone and is constructive.

        I agree Ruler was a disappointment. Radio romance, although she gave a great performance, they did try way too hard to age her up. they should had just written her as someone who just graduated from college and not made her like mid or late twenties.

      • Everyone let’s just agree to disagree and enjoy the visuals for this poster. Everyone has opinions and people can feel hurt from others opinions it’s completely normal. Let’s not talk about these things. We all agree Tale of Nokdu looks great and are looking forward to it.

      • well said @misty let’s respect and show love to everyone ^^

        one more month!!!!!!!!!! let’s gooooooo

  7. i thought jang dong yoon was girl. lmao i searched her in google was wondering why they only showing the guy…loooooooool

  8. That is the prettiest boy ever. His eyebrows. His beautiful hair. The beautiful eyes.

    I swear he just looks like a beautiful girl. His tiny face. Wow.

  9. @binaha

    I’m sorry but I’m going to have to defend sayaris.

    Just because the majority likes it doesn’t mean the majority is right. there’s no wrong and right for liking or disliking some thing unimportant like a movie or a show. everyone is made and wired differently and are allowed to have different perceptions.

    • I won’t say movies or dramas are unimportant. A lot of people take popular culture very seriously. You can’t say something is bad when it’s been approved by the majority audience. Anyone for example who says Star Wars had a bad script will basically get shut down or even ridiculed. Dramas and movies matter a lot in terms of majority opinion. I don’t have a problem with them disliking the script but I completely disagree that it is a bad script and the majority opinion is on my side in this matter is the point I’m trying to make.

      • I take my word back that movies/dramas are unimportant. I’m trying to express that in comparison to real world problems like wars and hunger, things like entertainment are less important (it’s still important but not as important.) hahaha

        But I still stand my ground where there’s no law saying that a majority agreeing on something means that those in the majority are correct. Opinions changes over time. A majority may agree on something and then a majority may switch over to the other side at any given time. Look at politics and look at history, opinions changes all the time. People all the time get ridiculed and bullied by the majority.

        For example If I say stealing is wrong. And the majority say stealing is right. Does that make stealing right because the majority is okay with it?

        Let’s just all be friends and look forward to our wonderful so hyun drama next month ^^

      • Absolutely in comparison to issues of health and war of course it isn’t but people hold popular culture more seriously for these very reasons. It’s gives them both an escape from their real world problems and it also informs people of the severity of these problems in a manner that is to put it simply not boring. It’s evocative which is why majority opinion matters so much in for movies and dramas. It means mass appeal has been achieved and a mindset has been created and it will lead to future emulation maybe. Overall I agree with you I don’t want to fight either so I’ll just drop this now even if I disagree and wait for this drama happily.

  10. Omg! Jang Dong Yoon, I swear you are way prettier in that photo than I have witnessed in Dance Sport Girl when disguise as a girl, lmaoooo… i hope it’s not photoshop editing result and will get present in the real drama. Ha2 if that’s the case, I salute you, make up artist! I actually didn’t aware it’s him if u didn’t mention it.

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