Former iKON Leader Rapper B.I. Officially Booked for Drug Use, Agency YG Entertainment Under Continued Investigation

I don’t even know who this boy rapper B.I. is but even I know that seeing his before (famous) and after (under arrest) pictures is a stark reminder that don’t do drugs was a great program in the 1980’s in the US because I literally grew up with that mantra pounded into me. B.I. is the now former leader of boy group iKON but resigned in June 2019 after news broke that three years year in 2016 he bought drugs (pot and LSD) from notorious groupie and drug dealer Han So Hee. The investigation seems to have taken forever and only this week was B.I. officially arrested and booked on the charges. He looks so wan and depressed, a stark contrast to his persona as the confident and popular leader of iKON. The group’s agency YG Entertainment remains under investigation for knowing drug use among its stars since B.I. follows after the earlier in the year allegations of Big Bang‘s Seungri doing drugs, facilitating prostitution, and laundering money.


Former iKON Leader Rapper B.I. Officially Booked for Drug Use, Agency YG Entertainment Under Continued Investigation — 9 Comments

  1. It’s terribly sad that countries such as Korea are so strict about drug usages when there are actual crimes and problems to focus on. It is liking uprooting a bush and then ignoring the entire forest of trees behind it and calling it a day.

    I wish him good luck and hope he overcome this hurdle in life. people tend to use drugs when they have problems in life, kind of like drinking and smoking. korea might as well get rid of drinking and smoking too if they’re going to focus on these recreational drugs. I hope he gets mental health care.

    • Your justification on drugs is so wrong. Drugs are one of the reasons why people commit and gets involved in crimes. Using drugs is NEVER an excuse, once you get a taste of it, you have to resign yourself that you’ll be taking drugs for the rest of your life and probably die under drug overdose and you’re not even aware of it. Only 2% are successful in getting their selves clean while 98% always end up in relapse and those in relapse are more likely to overdose. Drugs isn’t like smoking and drinking, its much worse. So, please, don’t belittle drug use just because your idol is caught doing it, drugs are illegal, if you want the Korean government to focus on more pressing matters, then your idol should have seek professional help in the first place than turning to drugs.

      • Or the Korean Government and other countries can focus on the persecution of the Drug dealers instead. Cut off the making and imports if drugs. If there is no supply then people can’t buy. It is unfortunate that BI resorted to drugs, but look at a lot of the artists around i.e. in America who has taken and admitted to drugs.

        Perhaps this is a wake up call for BI, I have not seen a confirmation statement on if he actually used or just wanted to buy. If he wanted to buy and did not go through with it then I don’t see what crimes were committed….Ethically and morally he should have outed the drug dealer sooner, but I can understand, as most who deal drugs are connected to powerful gangs or triads.

  2. Well said. I keep saying this, don’t treat them like criminals that have committed heinous crimes…. If it is a crime, yes he should be arrested but I hate the fact they place so much emphasis on it without even fishing out the drug dealers. This should not be a career ender, put him in a rehab or something if it is out of hand- *people deserve a second chance*. In my country here we have celebrities that smokes and do take drugs, it may be wrong but they are not treated like serial killers.
    NB: I am not disrespecting Korean laws or anything, I just feel there are other much more pressing matters and crimes than this

  3. Police has not officially given a statement so please refrain from writing such articles ???? There is a new law in Korea where police cannot reveal anything regarding the investigation until the case is fully investigated and conclusion are made . If you’ve come across this news from websites and other sources than it’s false . As an ikon fan m still waiting for the official statement so it hurts to see hanbin(bi) been targeted with false news. ????

  4. That escalated quickly. How did it go from he intended to buy to he is using. He is very talented..he wrote most of the songs for his group. Hope he can come out of this well. He has a lot of talent and it would be a shame to waste it. This is different than the other scandal, since he was just trying to buy drugs and in America, everyone would just shrug it off and not think twice.

  5. Omg it’s just pot and LSD. Drugs is an inherently cultural thing. Alcohol can is clinically shown to be just as adverse if not WORSE in certain aspects, but for some reason is a culturally accepted drug in both US and Korea but pot and LSD is not.

  6. Pot is legal now in many US states. I think the cultural mentality towards drugs between Western and Eastern societies is very different. In the US, the cultural shift is to decriminalize drugs and treat it as a public health issue, which I totally agree with. There are so many more urgent social issues, what is the point of criminalizing a person who seems to be totally high-functioning? Sure, send him to rehab and get him off drugs but why send him to jail? For drugs, the harm of criminalizing the drug user is far greater than any benefits it may bring: stigmatizing that person for life? automatically disqualifying him/her for certain jobs, etc.

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