Yang Se Jong, Seolhyun, and Woo Do Hwan Channel Youthful Bad Fashion at My Country Press Conference

I wonder if these three wonder babies of pretty are so exhausted from filming the jTBC sageuk My Country that they woke up late for the drama press conference hence pulled random items from their closet. How else to explain the collective awful sartorial looks at the media event, complete with ill-fitting suits for the men and an eyesore of a dress for the female lead paired with soft fitting boots. Yang Se Jong has grown his hair out for this sageuk role so some of his curly haired look in the previews is his real hair so that’s sexy but goodness is both him and Woo Do Hwan dressed like their own grandpas. Seolhyun is a noted beauty with her stylish figure and pretty face but she’s wearing a dress that isn’t even pretty if we assumed it was intended as a retro look, and the slim boots do her no favors. All this quibbling aside, I can’t wait for My Country and these three kiddos better bring it onscreen.


Yang Se Jong, Seolhyun, and Woo Do Hwan Channel Youthful Bad Fashion at My Country Press Conference — 8 Comments

  1. That dress is a mess a concoction of floral, blue n black splashes and yeah an attempt at sewing gone awfully wrong. Trying to be cool backfired what a missed opportunity to showcase herself and to stand with 2 handsome men I’m disappointed with Seolhyun epic fail to dress for the part. Loooks like something I wore when I was 5 back in the 70’s that’s because my family were poor and it was hand me downs from a local church group. Hope this is not a precursor to her acting which I have high hopes for.

  2. Would have liked to have Shin Sekyung as the lead instead because she excels at sageuk but lets see what Seolhyun does. I love her in Queendom and as a person but not as an actress. Queendom Seolhyun is very cool and hopefully the drama doesn’t ruin my impression of her.

  3. I love her dress. I like the fact it’s short, if it would have been longer, it would been like a grandma dress. The dress makes her silhouette looking super good, thin waist and long legs.

    For the actors, they’re lucky to be so handsome because the oversized jacket was really a bad idea.

    I’m very excited to see this drama!

  4. There has been a string of fashion misfires at these drama press conferences, I was especially stunned into speechlessness by Kim So Hyun’s outfit at Tale of Nokdu conference, just what and why, I have so many questions. I can only furiously scroll past that post now.These young adult actors could be fashion trendsetters and I can’t believe they got these fine boys wearing their dads’ suits.

    I’m so happy Yang Se Jong kept his long hair, he looks so good! I thought Jang Hyuk would be there also.

  5. In comparison, the dress is not that bad. It’s very difficult to dress poorly as a guy. The two male leads have managed that though. Hilarious.

  6. I am so super excited for this drama to start! I actually think it comes out today? I have just loved Woo Do Hwan since seeing his stand out performance in RESCUE ME which is one of my favourite dramas of al time! It was such a creepy and moody show, and filmed so beautifully! And he was so good in it!

    Can’t wait for this! I so hope it is good!!!! 🙂

  7. Still better then the dress they put on GHJ for the Camellia Blooms press conference and to think that was Miu Miu. Ugly clothes is a fashion trend in korea.

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