Yoona Continues to Rock the Busan International Film Festival Fashion Style

If the old-fashioned look is in then Korean idol-actress Yoona has achieved the remarkable win over a very difficult to conquer style. Yoona and her hit movie Exit costar Jo Jung Seok and the director all attended an Open Talk session at the 2019 Busan International Film Festival two days after walking the opening night red carpet. The movie is the second highest grossing domestic film of the year though it won’t have a chance to become highest this year since the mega hit Extreme Jobs was released earlier and is now the second highest grossing domestic film of all time. So yeah, 2019 was a good year for the K-movie box office. But back to Exit, I can’t wait to watch it and am really impressed that Yoona quietly and confidently transitioned into a bona fide movie actress who can carry a move alongside Jo Jung Seok. She can definitely carry a dress, after her red carpet yellow confection she went with a hunter green with black piping jacket dress complete with rounded lace collar that is super old fashioned but she looks really young and fresh wearing it. Impressive indeed.


Yoona Continues to Rock the Busan International Film Festival Fashion Style — 12 Comments

  1. Her four outfits in Busan outings were all different and good, they made it to the news lol. Besides this and the yellow chiffon dress, she also wore a sleek red dress and a black rockstar-ish outfit for other events in Busan.

    Kudos to her stylist and Yoona herself for pulling off all the looks.

  2. Maybe it’s her tall & slim physique giving off this young & fresh vibe. Also I like the pairing with long black boots, looks very fashionable?

    • @Peppa Yep same sentiment too the old foggey look is supposed to be a trend for young actresses then this ghastly green frock Yoona has on is absolutely terrible. Poor JJS must be thinking the same. Ewww sorry I cant get my head around why this particular dress is a stand out? Maybe because it reminds me of those creepy 1950’s horrors whereby the female lead was all prim and proper looking only to turn out as demented and evil. The dress made her like that.

  3. These type of classic vintage stype is my fav,I with these type of classic dress become a trend so that I can wear it without standing out too much.

  4. Gorgeous as usual..Yoona can wear anything and still looks beautiful and stands out…such is her appeal and persona in my opinion.?

  5. Yoona is gorgeous but the dress made her look like she is stuck in a Anne of Green Gables storybook or When Calls The Heart period drama. For comparison sake, I totally love Yoona in 2017 BFF. She was in a classy curve-hugging white lace gown with elaborate design and added sequins. Showing off her bare back. When she has youthfulness, she should just flaunt it instead of hiding her slim figure in an auntie-ish green sack. I’m an ahjumma myself, even I won’t consider buying or wearing it at my age. My other faves are Kim So-Yeon at 18th BFF and HJW at the 15th and 18th BFF.

  6. Her face just save her with that clothe, Yoona is really pretty. Exit is great. I watched IU and Suzy, so I dont have big expectations about her acting at all. But the girl carried her part very well, no awkward acting. She is natural. ? Im become yoona’s fan now

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