Kim Soo Hyun Considering K-drama Comeback with tvN Fantasy Romance I’m a Psycho But It’s Okay

Okay, the drama title sounds stupid upon first impression but goodness who cares if this really ends up being Kim Soo Hyun‘s drama return after military service and 5 years after Producers. K-ent is reporting that Kim Soo Hyun has been offered the male lead and is seriously considering the offer for tvN drama I’m a Psycho But It’s Okay. Despite the psycho in the title, it’s a fantasy-tinged romance and Kim Soo Hyun plays an employee of a mental hospital working there for the high salary. He plays almost a guy who has it all, looks, smarts, personality, it’s almost like god unfairly gave him everything but he lives with and has to take care of his autistic older brother. The female lead is a children’s book writer with antisocial personality disorder and the two meet and fall in love. The drama is from the PD of Incarnation of Jealousy and Encounter (Boyfriend) with the script from the screenwriter of Jugglers.


Kim Soo Hyun Considering K-drama Comeback with tvN Fantasy Romance I’m a Psycho But It’s Okay — 119 Comments

  1. Can I know if the Juggler is good? I heard all the director and screenwriter are not well known and Juggler got low rating. Please make this is a good move for kim soo hyun comeback after 5 years.

      • Oh really? Thanks for the info. Because I heard this writer also write hyde jekyll and me so i am a bit worried. I hope he can pass this project and chose other writer for his comeback

      • Hyde? Uh if that is the case Kim Soo-hyun better run. Hyde almost ruined HB and HJM’s career and KSH can’t afford another flop after Real.

      • The writer for this drama is Jo Yong. Writer for Hyde Jekyll Me is Kim Ji-woon so I think they are two different people. If its really the writer for Hyde, then Kim Soohyun should decline this drama at all cost.

    • Thinking the same too. She’s a chemistry magnet and with Kim Soo Hyun’s popularity this would be a hit for both. I really hope that he accepts and she gets offered this. It’s almost been a year already since her last drama and almost all of the top actresses already have their dramas in place. It’d be a waste if she didn’t get this. And it’s going to be a reunion for both of them.

  2. Seriously I hope he will turn this down. KSH should have better offers than just this one. Plot sounds stupid. Mental issue is a sensitive topic and can backfire if not done well. Who makes high salary in a mental hospital except the CEO? Definitely not any usual health care workers… An antisocial children’s book writer? Who will be casted as the female lead? I think the PD is ok but the writer is weak.

  3. There’s not enough good writers these days. I actually want his comeback drama with shinwonho pd. But I think this drama not that bad, the title sound stupid but the story sound interisting. I get a feeling he will end up become pshyco. Just take it, baby!

  4. Tvn has already announced some 10 dramas for 2020 first half but where do they plan to fit it all? And where is Kim Tae Hee’s comeback article?

    • Hotel Del Luna and The Crowned Clown did great this year in TvN. What are you talking about? Poor ratings are with those dramas with weak plots!!

      • HDL and CC are only 2 drama out of the 40 they aired this year that had decent ratings. I’m with Lisa the track record for TVN has been shitty in 2019. They just keep throwing big budgets and big named actors expecting people to gobble it up but that ain’t it.

      • @boo2 Ratings have been low across all channels, both public and cable this year aside from a few exceptions. I’d say for tvN, MoA, HDL, and TCC hitting >10% is more than just “decent” but a huge feat already in this current ratings’ climate sadly.

      • @boo2 – list out all 2019 kdramas with >10% ratings and their airing channels before you claim TvN is shitty.

    • MOA and Encounter are 2018 dramas not this year why do people keep calling them 2019 dramas? They both had lower than expected ratings just like AC. Public channel ratings have gotten better recently actually Some dramas even came close to 15% ratings which is much better than last year. Both JTBC and TVN are having a not great year but overall Kdrama has lost its touch. Things have just spiraled downwards but who knows maybe now that the real Hallyu stars are back things might change.

      • Probably because it ended in 2019, so technically it’s 2018-2019 drama. Just like how most articles and blogs list SKY Castle as this year’s’s highest-rated cable drama (and all-time of course), otherwise it would be HDL.

  5. I don’t know. This drama sounds dubious to me. PD is okay but the writer is a total newbie. Maybe KSH’s star power and acting will make this work.

    • On DC, there are rumors of Yoona, Nam Ji Hyun, Park Bo Young, Go Ara, and Kang Sora being considered as FL. I hope it’s Nam Ji Hyun!!!

      • Either woman would be great, but I’m a Nam Jihyun fan so I’m rooting for her. They’re friends in real life, so it be nice to see them work together again after “It Will Snow for Christmas.”

      • With a name as big as Kim Soo Hyun’s, and with this being his comeback drama, I hope he gets some say in who his co-star will be. He should at least be satisfied with the choice in co-stars before signing on. Anticipated dramas from favorite actors have been hurt by production companies and/or networks choosing weak co-stars for these actors. I’m hoping if he does this project, he can snatch Kim Tae Ri. She already has a nation’s hit on tvN with ‘Mr. Sunshine’ plus global recognition for her work in the film ‘The Handmaiden’. Casting her would give the drama two strong leads. Plus given the title of this drama, it looks like a vehicle for the female lead rather than the male lead.

        Kim Soo Hyun has never starred in a tvN drama, but with his recent cameo in ‘Hotel De Luna’ it’s like he’s teasing his possible comeback on that network. The plot isn’t really calling me so I hope it’s written, directed, and cast very well if drama marks Kim Soo Hyun’s return.

      • Neither of these woman are equal to his star power. They don’t deserve him..Don’t ruin this like Melt Me. Kim Tae Ri is the right person for this drama. Star power and acting talent. That is the only combination worthy of a Hallyu Star.

  6. I’m happy for whoever the female lead is not fussed as long as the storyline is an ace then all good. KSH welcome back I’ve been waiting for your return. ❤️

  7. Omg I’m laughing at the “no one is good enough for oppa” -esque comments on here. As long as the actress is fit for the role that should be enough, regardless of her popularity. This is the same energy as people on the Ji Chang Wook articles blaming Won in Ah for the low ratings lmao. Hallyu oppa fans are something else.

    • I think you have misread. MMS is a total mess from the script, directly, MALE lead, female lead and all overacting supporting cast. No one is blaming WJA there. Check your readings please.

    • Lol kim soohyun fans are weird, maybe they think of him as god or something. Eventho I like Kim soohyun, but his fans are so ewww. Kim soohyun always with big actresses before, now its time for Oppa to carry his own drama.

      • How are we weird as fans @Tiani? KSH can hold his own iso it’s only wise to have a FL that will gel in chemistry, visuals and acting prowess. I’m keen to see whoever is chosen as long as the story is king. And yes I do consider him a God like every other K actor I follow.

      • Them? @Tiani Yes I do regard them as Gods, Adonis and I do hold them in high regard what’s the problem how else would I invest my time and energy in watching their dramas. Don’t you hold any K celebs in the same regard? And Not scarey at all unless you’re stalking them physically. And nope ain’t possible and I wouldn’t dare try as I practice the ‘look but don’t touch!’

      • @abc the child actors make people love METS, even their scene is more memorable than any KSH scene. KSH not carried it alone.
        For dream high, how many main leads in dream high? All of them carried their parts.
        Im not saying KSH is bad, It will be better for him to carried his drama alone, like hyunbin in MOA or Gongyoo in goblin.

      • @ginger I think we have different perceptions about God. For me calling them as bias is enough.

      • @Tiani, but you said always big actress who carried the show, you didn’t say kids and other main leads. Do you think “big” actresses like Jun Ji Hyun, Ha Ji Won and Song Hye Kyo can carry a drama on their own? They all have flops too if they don’t have a compatible male lead.

      • @Tiani, then you should’ve said he always act with big actresses, dramas with kids portion, and dramas with other leads, now its time for oppa to act all by himself. LOL.

      • @Tiani Yes I like put them on a pedestal hence why I think of them as a “God”.

    • Its the fans of those nugu actresses who keep screaming that they want their faves to be cast as soon as they hear Kim Soo-hyun’s name. Can’t blame KSH fans for wanting an actress that is on their level, right?

      • Lol, its the same with other actors article not just kim soohyun. Just kim soohyun fans who acted like this.

      • You said it! Nugu actress fans are desperate to have them get cast opposite GOD Kim Soo Hyun. That just proves how popular he is and how much power he commands. Nugu Nam Hi Hyun and Park Bo Young fans are desperate to have the Hallyu God bless their actress with popularity since their careers are failed anyways. Why should Kim Soo Hyun bring himself down to their nugu level. A God like him only deserves a Goddess. Take your nugu actresses and dump them on someone else.

      • People have been overselling NJH and PBY when they have zero star power and tiny fandoms. Get to PSH and KJW level and then you can say you’re actresses are not nugu. Forget about reaching KTR level nugus can never get as far as her ever.

      • @Joke – you must be joking when you imply KJW level is seemingly higher than PBY, right? PBY is in both movies and dramas. KJW is still very new and has zero star power in my opinion. Her performance in AC is a joke very matching to your username. lol.

      • Weak attempt to put KJW on the same level or above PSH, PBY and NJH. Hallyu is dead and KJW was never a Hallyu actress. She just play second lead roles to Hallyu actresses like PSH and SHK so people mistake her for one as well. PBY has both hit dramas and movies; and NJH’s last three dramas were a success. Both are above KJW, coming from a flop like Arthdal and barely having any star power to carry her own drama.

      • KJW is a much higher level than PBY even if she isn’t in your eyes. Her salary is much higher and so is her demand. Her quality of co-stars is better as well. Not to mention she gets offered big budget dramas which PBY will never get. KJW is goddess level beauty which PBY can never be.

      • @Huwa – you are as big a joke as @Joke. Stop changing your username. KJW only has one fan here and that’s unfortunately you. Her high demand for low ratings drama is not to be compared to movie box-office winner PBY.

      • Nam Ji Hyun fans are delusional! All her dramas are flops. The only reason 100Days got the ratings it did is because of Kyungsoo who has movie star status. To put her in the same level as Park Shin Hye how delusional. She is a superstar while Nam Ji Hyun is a wannabe nugu actress. She is a nobody learn to accept reality. She can never be the next Park Shin Hye you losers.

      • @pips – 100Days got the ratings, NJH is the female lead, so how can her dramas be “flopped”? PSH maybe a ex-CF star (her contracts are dwindling) and her acting is much weaker as compared. No one speaks up for PSH here except you so I wonder who is whose delulu fan. lol.

    • But it’s true tho, usually production team choose combination of famous male lead and less famous female lead than the other way around. Maybe because demographic of drama’s viewers are female who oozing for the male lead. For example Park Seojoon’s new drama. The female lead is totally rookie. It’s just that she got recognition from her movie last year.

      • I agree @ Daria maybe a lesser known actress might be chosen but who knows. However it would be interesting if KSH confirmed his place in the drama that would set the stakes and casting call for the FL. Exciting times though.

      • The status of being a chungmroo critically acclaimed Rookie and tv nugu are completely different. Kim Dami might be a newbie but her status as an actress is higher than Park Seo Joon. He is lucky to get a critically acclaimed movie star as a partner. She has nothing to prove. Her movie projects are lined up a mile long even if the drama fails.

    • @candycane What do you mean? There are definitely comments pinpointing WJA’s supposed weak acting, although she is a rookie, but remaining mum about JCW mediocre acting as well. Even here, look at how some of KSH’s fans belittle other actresses for supposedly being nowhere near his “level.” Hallyu actor fans are elitist and delusional af, let’s be real.

      • Sorry, I clicked on the wrong reply. This is in response to @candycane’s comment on my original comment.

  8. When kim soo hyun just announce his return to dramaland, we will see a lot of trolls acting as kim soo hyun’s fan and start down playing some actresses just to bring hate to him. I as ksh fan never care who will be casted along side him.

    • It’s unfortunate but it does matter once they announce his FL because the criticism is going to be directed mainly at her. Why her? What other choices did they have to choose from? That’s why the storyline and characters have to be well developed for the actors to flow. I’m not fussed because I’m keen as to how the story is going to be written. The FL just has to have impeccable comedic timing if this is a rom com because KSH is going to own this drama regardless and if the FL acting is not up to scratch and falls flat then yep we’re in trouble. Hopefully the general consensus when the FL is announced that we accept it and wait for the premiere.

      • This is not a romcom. It’s going to be in the same vein as It’s Okay That’s Love. They need someone who can actually act and the only person who can is Kim Tae Ri.

      • @Renui That’s really pushing it to say KTR is the only actress that can act. That’s like saying Le Bron James is the only Basketballer who can play ball. The FL imo has to be someone who is fresh and who doesn’t mind playing second fiddle to KSH and I doubt KTR would want to do that now would she? Plus she looks too cute and baby faced to be a neurotic children’s story book writer with an anti social personality disorder and before you all start screaming that’s she acting a character yes I know that but she still looks 18 years old imo.

  9. I would be happy for Nam Ji Hyun too! People should be careful with nugu term. Some actress are newbie, few experience, and some have a lot of experience but are not hallyu stars.

    But NJH and KSH have already acted together in Will It Snow For Christmas. And the childhood part was the best of the drama.

    I just want a good actress who has good chemistry with her costars.

    • If they’re not Hallyu stars then it doesn’t matter what experience or how many dramas they’ve done as leads. They be NUGU. They can’t sell out anything.

      • Sky Castle hasn’t actually done anything for the actors. They’ve a gone on to do forgettable and mediocre dramas. Every now and then some unknowns get a hit drama but disappear afterwards. They are now exception.

      • Sky Castle hasn’t actually done anything for the actors. They’ve a gone on to do forgettable and mediocre dramas. Every now and then some unknowns get a hit drama but disappear afterwards. They are no exception.

  10. @Pal were you joking when you said that NJH is on a higher level than KJW? Her dramas with SIG and JCW were flops compared to Fight For My Way. I agree PBY is on a higher level, but even her last drama with a nugu costar flopped. Also I don’t get why the same people defending Won Jinah are saying that Arthdal failed because of KJW. Arthdal was never a star vehicle for her, her character was supporting at best with minimum screen time and development

    • FWY selling point is PSJ and never KJW. NJH does not have a flop drama, all her dramas have good ratings. I think KJW at the most is at the same level of popularity as NJH (but experience wise NJH wins). Definitely PBY is at a higher level is still my opinion. KJW maybe in supporting role in AC based on her screen time now, but it was not promoted as such at the beginning.

      • How was PSJ the selling point of FFNW when his last drama Hwarang was a massive flop? And I must admit your comments on KJW are very different from what they were earlier, didn’t you say that she did a good job in FFMW while PSJ was disappointing? And NJH’s drama with JCW was a hit despite not even hitting double digits? Of course NJH will have more experience when she started out as a child actress. As for Arthdal, well, it was always billed as a vehicle for the male stars, even in the trailer KJW had less screentime than even Kim Ok Vin. I don’t understand how you can defend Won Jinah when people blame for the failure for Melting me Softly while bashing KJW in the same breath. Really good job discrediting Kim Jiwon.

      • FFMW’s selling point was PSJ despite his previous drama Hwarang flopping? Also, I must say your comments on KJW are very different from what they were earlier where you praised her acting and expressed disappoint in PSJ. For your information, NJH’s only successful drama is 100DMP, her dramas with SIG and JCW were flops that didn’t even hit 10%. Obviously NJH will have more experience when she started out as a child actress. And you’re wrong about Arthdal too, it was always billed as a vehicle for the male stars, even in the trailer she had less screentime than even Kim Ok Vin. I can’t see how you can defend Won Jinah while dragging KJW in the same breath. I know you love Nam Ji Hyun but you don’t have to twist facts. And I must congratulate you, excellent job discrediting Kim Ji Won.

      • @Louisa – my comment stays. FWY selling point is PSJ although KJW acts well there. Same as WWSK selling point is PSJ. People watch PSJ dramas for mainly him regardless of who his female lead is. Hwarang is not a “massive” flop with 8% rating, it was a disappointment because the writing is poor, hairstyle is awful, female lead GA eyebrow is a joke, but overall still acceptable (also we have discovered the cutie PHS). I do not accept you twisting my words. The discussion here is all about popularity. My opinion is similar with others that KJW has NO star power regardless of her acting skill and I will stick with my words.

      • The same thing can be said about
        Arthdal where the directing, writing and costumes were bizarre so it was a disappointment but without taking the budget into consideration it’s ratings were decent. And If I apply your reasoning the credit of NJH’s supposed hit dramas goes to her male costars and not her. Park Seo Joon may be a lot less popular than what you think, wasn’t his movie decimated at the box office by Exit? Or here too you’ll pin its failure on the bad script etc rather than his dwindling star power? I know you strongly dislike KJW and adore NJH but please don’t be a hypocrite. And I hate to bring it down to this, but even if you consider superficial parameters for judging popularity like CFs and IG followers, KJW comes out as the winner. Let’s just agree to disagree since once you take a disliking to someone, your opinion does not change and regular reasoning cannot be applied, as also seen by your disdain for PBG and love for NJH and CEW.

      • sounds like you really read into my comments and take it to heart. Thank you. But let me correct you, I do not strongly dislike KJW. You have mistaken. In fact, I quite like her acting in FFMW and I have spoken up for her before. But her performance in AC is below subpar. I am agreeing with everyone else that KJW has no star power and is not at any higher level than NJH and PBY. And don’t even get me started on PBG… Yes of course we can agree to disagree. Ciao 🙂

      • Not offended. Just perplexed and mildly amused by how you defend other actors for the same things you criticize Kim Ji Won about. If you can defend Won Jinah’s poor performance in MMS by blaming the writers and PD you should excuse KJW’s ‘below subpar’ performance in Arthdal where she had 5-10 minutes of screen time per episode and I don’t think her acting was catastrophic enough to ruin the drama. In fact you should question the popularity of the 2 male stars who had 95% of the screentime. What do you have to say about the failure of PBY’s drama? Or PSJ’s movie? And obviously you have no rebuttal for the facts I stated in my previous comment that shed a light on KJW’s popularity.

      • @louisa Discredit KJW in FFMW is not right. FFMW is not a male-centric drama, and KJW is still a hot celebrities at that time because of Dots. She gets cast in high budget drama with A list actors twice (LJS and SJK) its means people recognized her popularity and talent. PSJ hwarang was a flop and Siwon get more buzz in she was pretty. Its impossible for him to carry FFMW without her female lead. Candy cane comments is so bias in here. but dont bother with her. She acted like a troll sometimes, like how she insulted PBG’s physics but supported untalented CEW.

      • @Po – speak for PBG somewhere else. It’s the biggest joke by calling KJW a celebrity because of DoTs. This thread is getting more ridiculous. Even KOB gets more screen in AC than her. Lol.

    • I am not a movie critic nor a drama blogger. I have my own opinions like everyone else here. Seems like you are isolating and attacking only at my comments. Your intention is seriously questionable even though you said we should agree to disagree. How many times do I have to repeat to you that I believe KJW has no star power. This is my honest opinion. AC is a flop. Ratings even worse than FFMW.

  11. I hope Kang sora is picked for the female lead, been missing her in dramas lately, and I feel like she can play the antisocial person perfectly.

  12. Pfft NJH, KTR, KJW, all of them are a nugu in front of KSH. At least you can find female vers of PBG. Lets be real here, if KSH accepts this, he will end up with a nugu actress or idol actress like suzy and IU. Its mean he will carry this drama alone.

    • IU is good. I would love to see him with IU. No one can carry a drama alone himself/herself. If you say so, should he be blamed only for the failure of Real?
      It’s funny People always have the mentality that if a drama is successful, it’s their bias that carry the drama alone. But when the drama is flop, then they blamed everyone except their bias.

    • yes it’s about time KSH has to carry a drama “alone”. I like him but he has always been acting with a strong cast in all of his dramas, never alone with nugus (except Dream High). His only time alone is in that flopped movie Real and that really proves he can carry anything alone huh, hahaha, LOLOL. Maybe KSH should actually be in a drama with PBG so his delulu fans like you can shut up instead of bashing all the talented actresses like KTR and IU who shine brightly in Mr S and HDL.

      • His movie secretly and greatly say hi to you. And this is a box office movie. And you discredit dream high where he carried on his own. He only has 4 dramas as a lead and you already justify he only working with strong casts. Actually I also would like for him to act with rookie actress for his next drama.

    • Real is a prove of KSH power. Even with the worst script and bad edited its still sold better than any of your nugu actor movies. KSH can carry his own movie but for drama he needs a great female lead. I never say he can carries his own drama.
      From hyunbin and gongyoo experience, drama after enlist is super important.
      All female leads above don’t have rating power. Iu is overrated in HDL, awkward acting, no chemistry,the script carries her drama. KTR is super lucky because she worked with the best writer and the best PD. How can you judge her star power if she works with the best one? We can see how great the actors when they worked with the worst writer like KSH in real. And how could she is still a nugu after working with KES?

      • @Birliup – you are the one who said KTR is a nugu, don’t you remember? ??? R u drunk?

      • Some Kim Soo Hyun fans are so damn elitist. Can believe Kim Jiwon, Kim Taeri, IU, Suzy, etc are all nugus now when they all have star power, especially the last 3 who have ranked highly in Forbes and Gallup. Tbh I now hope my faves don’t act with him because his fans are among the most unbearable among the hallyu actors.

  13. @Birliup: REal is a failure, and its proven no one can carry any movie/drama alone. A successful movie/drama requires good editing/ writing/acting/cinematography/directing. Its proven that his star power still cannot save the negative critique review and as a result its proven a flop. No matter how much you scream or yelled he can carry his own movie. NO he does not.
    IU acting is good, and it has good script, that’s why HDL is a success.
    IU, Kim Tae Ri and other etc are no where called 누구 actor.

    • I feel for the woman who will be paired with him because his fans will tear her apart if she is “nugu,” which apparently majority of actresses are lol. No one is good enough for oppa. 🙁

  14. I wonder if the fans “tearing down” possible female lead for KSH are Real fans. I got to know him just this year. One of the reasons I am fascinated by him, aside from his talent of course, are his Real fans. Reading on twitter and visiting his fan sites, his fans usually becomes a shipper for him with the female lead. Example, there is HyunZy in support with his partnership wit Bae Suzy; Hyun Hyun supporting his partnership with his leading lady in My Love from the stars; and of course, the umbrella couple and SooU who are very loyal not just to KSH but to IU. They support them with their projects either together or individually. So I think it’s not fair to generalise and say that his fans are eww or whatever. As much as it maybe tough on whoever the female lead would be, I bet it is more for him. Especially when there are those pretending to be his fans, secretly praying for another flop and his downfall. I wish Kim Soo Hyun all the luck, love and support. He is not perfect, he said so himself in one of his old interviews, but I think everyone would agree that he really puts not just his heart but his soul in whatever he believes he must and he can do.

  15. I wonder if those “tearing down” the possible female lead are Real fans of KSH. I just discovered him this year and it was through his fansites and their tweets on tweeter. They seemed supportive, creating for example HyunZy in support with his partnership with Bae Suzy; HyunHyun supporting his team up with his leading lady in My Love from Another star; and lastly, the ever loyal Umbrella Couple or SooU who supports KSH and IU working either individually or as a couple.

  16. It maybe tough on whoever gets the female lead but I bet it’s more on him. I wish him all the luck, love, and support he deserves, especially when there are those who pretends to be his fan, secretly waiting for another flop and looking forward for his downfall. He is not perfect, he said so himself in one of the interviews I have seen in you tube, but I think everyone will agree, if one tries to be objective, that he puts not just his heart, but his soul in a given project he believes he must do and capable of doing.

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