Episode 11-12 of Vagabond Turns into 24 as Suzy and Lee Seung Gi Spend the Entire Time Trying to Get a Baddie to Court

At this point even calling Vagabond a thriller is a stretch. It’s more of a fantasy or even sci-fi tale, where reality isn’t so much hinted at the improbable as it is totally just plain impossible. Episodes 11-12 felt like a long episode of trains, planes, and automobiles, but more ship and automobile only as leads Lee Seung Gi and Suzy escort the hijacking plane captain back to Seoul and try to get him to court in time before the corrupt judges close the case for good. Because everyone seems to be in on this shoot a plane down from the sky for political and monetary gain plot, or weak and corrupt enough to be pressured or bribed afterwards to cover it up. I’m exhausted from all the running in circles of trying to fully uncover the conspiracy to the public and even Lee Seung Gi and Shin Sung Rok can’t save this drama into something good in the next four episodes. I’m just in it for completion purposes and to see how the baddies die.


Episode 11-12 of Vagabond Turns into 24 as Suzy and Lee Seung Gi Spend the Entire Time Trying to Get a Baddie to Court — 12 Comments

  1. I’m happy that I stopped this drama. The preproduced dramas are pretty disapointed this year. I don’t understand they have all the time to work on the script and make something good…

  2. I see this drama trending in Twitter 3 days ago. Looks like int fans like vagabond more. Its just a pity how LSG not in top 10 buzzworthy list. I really hope the real actors can take their place back in there.

  3. This drama is just so bad. High budget, preproduced dramas just suck. Even shows leading with rookie actors like Tale of Nokdu, Extraordinary you and even My country are all doing so well. This year is definitely for rookie actors. Jang Dong Yoon and Lee Jae wook are rising and will hit daebak.

  4. I dropped this in ep 2. Very stupid plot. I like LSG but have to drop his dramas twice in a roll now. Despite the poor reviews here, this drama can still maintain a 10% rating, Why?

    • It’s not maintaining 10% though, that’s just the highest % in one of three parts. If you take the average, it’s only 8%, which is a huge flop for a big budget drama. Even worse than flop chronicles.

      • ahhhh i c. thanks. big budget does not mean good script, VB and AC alike, just not my taste of dramas…

  5. I stopped watching after episode 4. The writing really is such an issue. Maybe it would have been better if this was in OCN and with less episodes. It could have gotten even higher ratings than 10% but I think people are watching it on Netflix.

    • It suddenly just occurred to me, what if Suzy’s role was gender switched and acted by SSR. I think it would have been more interesting. And SSR’s role should have been played by a woman. It’s all now wishful thinking.

  6. I’m still tracking along with VB and it appears from the posts I’m on my lonesome till the end. I actually am enjoying the weekly episodes.

    • Many people I know are watching and enjoying Vagabond, they just can’t be bothered to visit this blog and make comments. So don’t worry, you are not alone. Vagabond fighting??

      • Agree with you. We only need seeing that vagabond was trending in everywhere, naver, in thailand, malaysia, indonesia, philipine, to prove that vagabond is a succesful drama. High budget yes, but high return too, from netflix, cf, etc. Sbs is happy, Celltrion is happy, 98% viewer are happy. Vagabond ?

  7. My problem with the show is that everyone with power is bad. If that’s the case, then how do they save the day? It’s like there’s no real ground for resolution.

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