Lee Joon Hyuk and Nam Ji Hyun in Talks for Time Travel Romance Drama 365: A Year of Defying Fate

Oooooh, I love this potential casting, please ink it right away MBC! K-ent is reporting that Lee Joon Hyun and Nam Ji Hyun have been offered the leads in 2020 time travel sci-fi romance drama 365: A Year of Defying Fate. I remember the crazy spate of time travel dramas around 2012-2013 days but it’s died down now for years so it feels fresh again. I also love that Lee Joon Hyuk gets a full romantic leading man role despite him getting the girl in A Poem a Day he didn’t get the full spotlight during the entire drama and had to share it with Jang Dong Yoon. 365 centers around 10 people given a chance to time travel back to 1 year earlier and how they change their fates. It’ll be directed by the PD of Lucky Romance.


Lee Joon Hyuk and Nam Ji Hyun in Talks for Time Travel Romance Drama 365: A Year of Defying Fate — 13 Comments

  1. Is this a remake of the Japanese drama Repeat/Unmei wo Kaeru 10 Kangetsu? The synopsis sounds just like it. It was an excellent show, but if it is don’t expect lighthearted romance

    • i love Nam ji hyun. i watched all her drama and loved them.all. i love her acting, shes natural actress and a good one.
      Hope this drama is good.
      Cant wait to see you Nam ji Hyun!

  2. I hope he will really appear in because in his two last dramas he was pretty absent…

    I really like NJH, I couldn’t finish her last drama, so I hope I will like this one 🙂

  3. Finally Lee Joonhyuk gets a (hopefully more substantial) main role in dramas. I like his character in “A Poem a Day” but throughout the drama’s run, I always had this impression he was so vague and enigmatic, in spite of being a lead.

  4. FINALLY! I have liked Lee Joon Hyuk ever since City Hunter and Equator, then he went to do his military duty and he really got shunted to the “best friend” or else baddy type roles. Finally, he may get his due! YES!

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