Suzy and Nam Joo Hyuk to Star in Park Hye Ryun Penned Drama Sandbox Based on the South Korean Silicon Valley Dream

This might not be the best time to announce a new drama for Suzy, because even as her fan she is really really miscast and bad and just got a badly written character on top of it all in her currently airing drama Vagabond. But then I hear what’s she’s doing next and I feel a glimmer of hope because she’s going to do another Park Hye Ryun drama after working with her on While You Were Sleeping. The drama is called Sandbox and is based on the South Korean Silicon Valley ambitions, with Suzy’s female lead aiming to become the next Steve Jobs. In talks for the male lead is Nam Joo Hyuk, and the two almost worked together in 2018 for the MBC drama Come and Hug Me but both ultimately passed. Nam Joo Hyuk plays a child math genius turned start up dude that can’t seem to launch a venture. The drama is slated for May 2020.


Suzy and Nam Joo Hyuk to Star in Park Hye Ryun Penned Drama Sandbox Based on the South Korean Silicon Valley Dream — 106 Comments

  1. Ohhhh nooooo…. He is on the rise working with great actresses in Dazzling. This is such a downgrade with Duzy ooops S not D although could be even an F. lol.

    • Park Hye Ryun is such a talented writer. Im not sure what she sees in Suzy. If she cast a better actress, her well written female roles with shine even further.

      Suzy is okay but by now after participating in so many dramas, you would think she would improve in major leaps but unfortunately her improvements are so low that you have to squint your eyes, but I guess little improvements are better than nothing.

    • PHR may be pressured to cast her bcoz of funding… her writing can tailor to the worst actress aka duzy, even in WYWS to make her sleep and prolong screentime without much acting. I guess this can only happen in PS-filled SK. I just feel bad for a rising actor who can act with great actresses as proven. LSG is so wasted running around hard carrying an empty plot, ratings aside, VB is a joke, worse plot than GFB. Oh well, if NJG takes this offer, I will wait for his next drama…

      • That’s true, writers generally don’t have much say in casting unless they’re the writers of major hits like the writer from mr. Sunshine and goblin.
        Still what a disappointment :/

        Don’t worry about NJG at least he will be in three dramas(including Netflix drama) next year if he also accepts this one 🙂

      • Lol. Park Hye Ryun was so pressured that both her and PD Oh Choong Hwan sent a coffee truck to Suzy on the set of Vagabond. ? The denial of people on this blog whenever Suzy gets a new project is hilarious. Suzy is directors’ and writers’ favorite. Everyone loves and wants to work with her. They’ll even delay filming to wait for her. There’s already reports that the airing date for this will be postponed to the second half of 2020–probably because Suzy will be busy filming her movie with Park Bo Gum. ?

        This will be the third time Suzy’s worked with Park Hye Ryun and second time with Oh Choong Hwan. Park Hye Ryun and many writers have a say in who they cast in their dramas. She chose Suzy first in While You Were Sleeping before deciding on a male lead who would complement her.

      • Popularity has nothing to do with acting skill. I dropped WYWS mid way because of boredom. There are still lots of dramas for me to watch. She cannot be in all kdramas at the same time. I don’t understand why you use the word “denial”. I am always very vocal about my opinion and I never deny my preference. People in SK can love working with her but this does not mean I have to watch. lol.

  2. There is a right time for everything and this is the perfect timing for them to work together. Offers are flooding in for both of them and so is the critical acclaim. This is perfect casting.

  3. Vagabond flopped with 8% average ratings bcoz many cable drama outdid a sbs channel drama lol. And her rolesr useless no self respecting actress will do such role. Her next movie with lee byung hun is a flowerpot role no top movie actress will sign such role.. Lol she has no box office power. Her last movie flopped she is ratings poison too. The time she hit 30s she will be finished. In movie land many actresses of her gen r ahead, kkm tae ri etc and now dramas flopping, iu has overtaken her in drama world, shin se kyung is also getting better scripts day by day and cfs. Her only strength was cfs and others have caught up her there too. Lol her fans call her new jun ji hyun lmao!!! Lol jun ji hyun on her hiatus shot more cfs than suzy this year. Suzy cant act. Flop movie actress, now a flop drama actress too

    • well know who says Suzy can’t act? huh? Start up is now trending worldwide and now lots of people admire Suzy even more. Suzy tries other genre to prove herself that she can act to what drama she was given and yes she did it! so stop bluffing and just watch start up yow.

  4. Suzy is one of those celebrities whose career will never see a dip. Her and Hyuna always surprise me with their never ending popularity no matter what happens in their non work lives. Some people are just mean to be superstars and receive love from the masses.

      • Oval, someone stole my user name to praise Suzy. I’m the original kimchi ajumma who is NOT a Suzy fan. T.Q.

      • @Kimchi Ajumma YES I wanted to say the same thing because someone did the same for Adal too. The nerve of these 2 to pose as you two, how rude. I guess because you and Adal are always pleasant and never personal in your responses. Gosh how scarey and annoying though.

      • Ginger Crunch, thanks for recognising me as the original ajumma without the h, my call sign is in deep pink colour and the patterns are always the same. I’m married to a Caucasian and have 2 degrees in English. Would never dream of using horrendous spelling and grammar. I’m calling out those flaky frauds as who they really are, cowards and keyboard bullies. Suzy would be ashamed to fans like that. Just giving Suzy a bad name. Cheers, Ginger Crunch.

    • Haters gonna hate but Suzy and IU are and will always be the most popular of their generation! Nobody can even come close to their popularity or demand!:D

      • The jealous losers are already here to tell us to tone it down. They’re just jealous because their ugly bias can never have what Suzy has and will always have. They think being pretty and in demand is easy especially in k-pop. Losers don’t know the reality of the music industry. She’s been in demand since her trainee days.

      • Lols. Delusion of Suzy fans have no bound. Presently Suzy is a poor actress and she needs to improve. Even experienced veterans are humble enough to accept their faults. But Suzy fans(or is it same person with multiple accounts) can’t digest the truth. ?

      • What does popularity have to do with acting skills? No Suzy fan has ever said she was a good actress but that has never affected her popularity. People who hate on Suzy are jealous of her popularity not her acting skills. Her fans are humble enough to know the difference.

      • Hi Adal, this is NOT my opinion. Someone stole my user name to praise Suzy. I am NOT a Suzy, Hyuna or IU fan. I will never use this kind of horrendous grammar “Her and Hyuna always surprise……..” and “people are just mean to be superstars……..” Silly trolls can’t even pick their own user names.

      • You imposter! The real Adal would never write like this. Actually Adal posted below. Geez that’s like sly as to front like that.

    • BTW, I am NOT a fan of Suzy and Hyuna. Why do you hijack other people’s user name and hide behind them? Just use your own name. Lol.

    • @The real Kimchi Ajumma – I knew it but kinda was hoping you would call the imposter out and you did. Happy because I would have had a field day if you hadn’t responded. The nerve of them. You’re too eloquent and mature in your replies for a start but I’m jealous because you obviously shine enough to have someone who wants to emulate you here so it’s an actual compliment. Unlike me I had someone reply as Ginger and I wanted to address them as Ginger Nuts but the joke would have fallen flat coz here in NZ ginger nuts are a biscuit and they wouldn’t have got it. Anyway cheers to you and we best be ready for Crash Landing and Chocolate. ❤️

      • @Youl Because I’ll get downvoted off the island; the one user with multiple aliases mass repeating their comment would get called out; Our language would be so ultra polite it would cause us to fall asleep in the middle of posting; And the playground would become an after school detention centre. No thanks well actually I wouldn’t mind I’m on Soompi and if the moderator doesn’t like your comment it’s immediately culled. Mz Koala lets us run rampant but there are boundaries that have been pushed and she has removed the ones that are in breach; mine included.

      • @Ginger Crunch, thank you for your sincere compliment! Ah, a fellow Kiwi kindred spirit, sweet as. I love ginger nuts “bikkies” by the way. It’s a real pleasure knowing you in this blog. Yes, I am gearing up for the third season of The Crown, Chocolate and Crash Landing. It’s going to be a busy Nov/Dec. Cheers!

  5. PHR has a new muse or maybe Suzy was always her original muse. She was great in WYWS and PHR writes the best female characters. They should both sign up for this.

  6. NJH and Suzy joining the list of most hardworking actors after JH, Jisung, HJM, LJS, YJG and KSH. People who work hard deserve to have success. No wonder they’re getting so much love and appreciation.

  7. WYWS was pretty disapointing : story and actors. So I’m not very impatient for the next Park Hye Run’s drama. Suzy is still meh as an actress.

  8. Can she just finish VB because the movie Mt Baekdu is due out soon and I believe that these tentative dramas and then the proposed Wonderland film with Park Bo Gum might be overkill and you know the saying Less is More. Great news for fans but hey I would want some kind of break because too many films and dramas might actually have an adverse effect on her ability as an actress. Just saying SOOP should take it easy and not be so eager to place her because seriously she is alright like a tonne of other K actresses imo but does have a long way to go to become brilliant.

    • VB finished in May-June, Baekdu finished in Oct and Wonderland hasn’t even started yet. Less is more is no concept. The more you do the more popular you become. People who take long breaks don’t have very successful careers or are busy rearing children. Actors need to act that’s their job. That’s how acting improves. Ha Sung Woo is in every 3rd movie that’s how he became the massive box office hit he is today. Same for Ma Dong Seok and Ryu Jun Yeol.

  9. And I might add the gloating going on here about Suzy is really annoying so tone it down because you’re making yourselves look desperate. She’s doing well in VB but you dont need to be a rocket scientist to figure out she’s holding her own as her character Go Hae Ri demands and that LSG is running the roost. Stop trying to make her out as a martyr because she’s in a league that has many talented and exceptional K actresses and she’s getting in through her CF and sponsorship backing which they lack. So it’s economics not sheer acting.

    • Who cares what it is! She’s still out selling all of them and getting the most offers! Screw off will you! Suzy is here to stay unlike the others who come and go with the season! All the top directors and actors want her!

      • Like “actress”, like fans, I see.

        Please continue to take pride in the fact that her entire career is only possible because SK idol/entertainment system values looks over substance.

        @Ginger Crunch – you’re not wrong. She’s neither talented nor some ratings magnet, pretty much the only value she brings to a project is PPL money.

    • Agree. Someone even stole my user name to heap praise on Suzy. I am not a fan of Suzy but got dragged into the mud. Such losers hiding behind other commenters’ names.

  10. I am not from SKorea, I don’t get Suzy’s appeal in the dramas since I can’t really connect with her acting. So maybe there’s something “lost in translation” with Suzy’s effectiveness as an actress with us non-koreans?

    • Nope. She is simply a bad actress. She maybe sweet in real life but just because she is working hard doesn’t mean you have to force yourself to like her as an actress.

      • @suzyforever
        And you know this statistic because you’re an industry insider?

        You keep a tab list for of every actress in the world? And count the tally marks of how many offers each actress receive?

        If that’s the case you have no life. So lame.

    • I think they say they get a lot of offers. I am pretty sure no Actress will ever make it public that they are getting no offers especially in S Korea. To me the bottom line if someone is working a lot than thier are offers if you dont see much of them than that speaks for itself..Considering offers is just PR self indulgence delusion. Lol

  11. @Jessi You must be of the uneducated can’t string a sentence together kind telling me to ‘screw off’ whatever that means? I’m being constructive in my feedback nothing more then offering an opinion however because you chose to take the route that Suzy is this and that and every Director wants to work with her then I surely know you are really talking out a lot of hot air. No one doubts her popularity but if you’re harping on about being the best then do me a favour step back and remove your fan girl blinkers and acknowledge that you are being a pillock.

    • It’s best to ignore people like @jessi
      You are being constructive but some people have low reading comprehension skills. Their low intelligence can be contagious. Just pity them and ignore their mumbo jumbo lol

    • @Ginger Crunch – thanks for remaining cool in the face of the expected hot air from defensive fangirls.

      Also, I like your choice in words – pillock? That’s quite creative ????

  12. I like Suzy in While You Were Sleeping but I’m not sure if it’s good for her and NJH to act together. He was adorable in Weightlifting Fairy and Cheese in the Trap, and was seriously good in Dazzling, but I didn’t like him in Bride of Water God. I’m not sure about this pairing. He and Suzy might be a good looking pair visually but their acting depth is a big question mark.

  13. I haven’t watched any of Suzy drama besides Dream high so I can’t say anything but if others say her acting is bad than I’m not sure if this pairing is good as NJH is still in the process of learning also. His acting is very limited, like a wooden stick in Moon lover and Bride of water God. Until dazzling when paired with two great actresses than his acting has taken to a next step. So if both accepts this project, they need to work harder and study their characters really in depth, hopefully…

  14. Sounds like two terrible actors would crate something that young fans would love to watch and shield to no end. But their acting would ruin true potential of the script. PHR could’ve been KES level if she ever tried to cast diverse and actually talented actors (KES has her own missteps here). She stuck with LJS for so long, that he dramas lost their freshness and now she decided to stuck with Suzy, which is even worse.
    Suzy and LMH are the type of actors, that get to some comfortable level and never improve out of it, but their face-appeal would blind everyone. Man, I feel sad. At least props to Suzy she tries to go with diverse characters (even if she can’t pull them of ultimately), LMH like worst offender in this case.
    Also no matter how much NJH hides his limited acting ability by working along side of great/good actors, that crate majority of “good-will” in the scene, he is not a leading man type of talent whatsoever.

    • Thumbs up ?? for this comment. Money speaks, I suppose. To each his own. I don’t care for Suzy’s acting, which, unlike Yoona and IU has NOT improved by leaps and bounds, no matter what her rabid fans say. So I’ll keep my eye out for low profile kdramas with actors and actresses who can actually work their craft and darling C-dramas and enjoy myself. I don’t think producers care about acting talent when Suzy can bankroll a drama with her name and popularity alone, so this is something that will be a repetitive process. Shame. On to the next drama!

    • The thing about KES is she does not play when it comes to casting leads (writing characters is another matter) and second leads.

      She may not always cast great actors, but she makes sure to cast actors who at least have a baseline level of acting ability, which I respect even if I’m not a fan of theirs or I don’t like them.

      I agree about NJH btw. He improved a lot by working with older and more skilled costars but based on his work so far, I don’t think he’s capable of keeping that up with a weak actor for a costar. That said, PHR is experienced in writing for weak actors but it’s a waste of a good screenwriter’s talents too.

      • Why we need to give him a time in leading roles though? Shouldn’t he first get to at least good level and only then start to feed his ego as an actor? And meantime actors that already good should take leading role. Why all that “students” try to get a job from professionals and why we allowing it? Why we degrading acting to just “pretty face and learning is enough” when there is plenty no less pretty and fresh faces that already capable to lead a drama, but they’re not given chance.

      • I’m sorry but did you see all young actors these days? Many of them its not that good either. NJH showing a great improvement from super bad actor to a good one. He is not start her career as a leading, he start as supporting role. And many actors these days is still in learning mode especially actors in NJH’s age. He just start become male leads 3 years ago, Of course I Will said he’s still learning. He’s not like Suzy who already become female leads for almost 10 years, and still didnt showing any improvement.

      • I’m sorry, if NJH is bad, please, don’t try to cover up how shortcomings with bad mouthing all young actors. Because it’s not about others (there is plenty actors on TV and movies that good), but solely about him. He started as a lead in School 2015, while still being incompetent. And if he is “still learing” he should not yet graduate to leading status and keep his learning under smaller roles. Where you saw “still learing” surgeon take a lead in serious operation?
        And 3 years is a long period.

  15. Suzy fans is so naive
    Take many drama in one year didnt mean she dominating kdramaland. YJG have 3 drama this year, did he dominating 90 lines actors? No. Big actors always in long hiatus because their stable popularity, they still can make money from their cfs.
    And why they’re so happy with this casting? Did they see NJH acting yet? The guy is average in dazzling, bad in school 2015 and great battle, and super bad in water god drama.

  16. I’m not a fan of her. But hv you guys watch Vagabond? She’s doing a great job there actually. Since, Vagabond also in netflix. The audience is not only from kdrama fans, instead it’s more than tht. I’ve heard many international audience actually enjoys vagabond so much tht it’s actually trending in twitter and receive more and more compliments.

    Previously, I’ve heard many times tht just because she (was) an idol, many of you guys downgraded her so much. It’s weird because she’s actually improves so much in Vagabond. Just because she’s not “your cup of tea”, it’s easily for your guys to give negative comments. Not only for her, but for any idols tht actually shows improvement along the ways.

    • ??‍♀️ Don’t you dare generalize Suzy’s so-called great job to other idols. Which other female idols are you referring to? Be specific. There are not too many idol actresses as stale as her nowadays. Her “improvement” from -10 to -7 is still below zero to me. lol.

    • @Mia I’m watching VB and I agree it’s been worth it and I’ve said she’s doing well holding her own and I’ve enjoyed the series however VB is not the issue it’s moreso the typecast roles she takes that keep her merely as a prop to a male lead that I’m having trouble with. If she truely wants to branch out then stop playing the wife, partner or girlfriend. So imo take on a OCN drama if the opportunity arises and ditch the rom coms for now.

      • yes
        i wont stop you or anyone from being joohyukfan
        I give my opinion and find ridiculos the excuses about “needs more time” “improved”

        People here bashing Suzy (sometimes they are right) a lot, JooHyuk inst a snowflake

  17. Why are some of you are so hateful to some actors and actresses you don’t like. So what if some actor or actress doesn’t live up to what YOU deem as good. There are some out there who like them, respect that. It is not that big of a deal.

    • Really? Was she forced to hire Suzy? This is her third drama already with her already.
      If its true, it would be great since it would prevent Suzy from harming other dramas LOL.

  18. Queen Suzy is booked and busy. Fans of “pure actresses,” especially on the site, can stay bitter. She’s the most sought after and buzzworthy 20s actress right now and there’s no doubt about that.

    • @Marie According to Soompi VB is #5 for buzz worthy drama I’m happy that it made the top 10. However for the actors both LSG and Suzy failed to make the cut. So unsure what is happening if Suzy can’t make the top 10 at least.

      • Not bitter just realistic and I wish her so called fans stop calling her Queen and that she is sought after without providing context. For gosh sakes let her be and to take her own path without the delusion of ‘she’s the best’ because it’s a long arduous road for her to prove herself and only time will tell with the roles she chooses. Anyhow I’m keen to see how she progresses from now on after VB.

      • I said “20s actress,” in which there is no one who brings in the buzz, ratings, and popularity that she has currently in kdrama other than Kim Tae Ri (but she only has 1 project, so let’s wait and see).
        Think whatever you like, but this site has always been salty about Queen Suzy’s popularity.

      • But @Marie I mentioned Suzy didn’t make it to theGood Data Corporation buzzworthy list as of 12th November where are you getting your figures from? You have to justify it please.

  19. Whats with suzy arrogant fans? Her drama flopped in ratings miserably. Her cf deals this year were less than even on hiatus jjh and iu. Kim tae ri was named top movie actress of her gen by national polls who is in her 20s and suzy wasnt even in movie list. On tv list jjh n shk were top actresses in top 10 of gallup poll which is considered the national polls and suzy wasnt even in list of top 10. Whereas iu has overtaken her in drama land.Even cable dramas like encounter mr sunshine etc did better than mainstream free channel drama vagaflop. And her movie roles has nothing to write about. Her last movie flopped miserably and it took her five years to get flowerpot role
    Her next role is in action movie which will be all sbout ha jung woo and lee byung hun where she has nthng to do. N park bo gum movie will be about him. Kim tae ri is already rumored to sign big alien movie where she will have somethihg to do not being a flowrpot like suzy and kim go eun has already a established movie career and her next drama is biggest project of next year with lee min ho, the king show.
    So how is suzy ahead of everyone that her fans keep saying it? She isnt
    No top actress will sign such useless roles. she is flop movie actress so far and now rating posion too. Cant see her lasting at shk or jjh age which her fans try to make her
    Suzy has no box office power. Her last movie flopped and new drama is flop. Her next drama doesnt even look big budget and vagabond role was useless. She couldnt bring ratings. So take your how she is ahead of everyone thing our of ur brains when she is not anymore. Vagaflop is a proof she cant bring rating and her next drama is downgrade considering budget.she isnt getting best movie roles anywhere kim tae ri and kim go eun get better movies. Kim go eun has bigger srama with koreas number one writer. Kim tae ri will comeback on tv with bigger project and she is top movie actress . Suzy isnt even close
    She is not ahead of anyone in her gen. She is in top tier bcoz of her plastic face but not ahead. Even her strength cfs is not like they used to be 3 or 4 years back

    • VB is not a flop internationally maybe in SK though ratings didn’t raise the roof but Suzy’s role was pivotal to the show and in all fairness she did well regardless of the storyline and whatever made it unbearable to viewers and a pet peeve she actually held her own. She deserves credit for that alone and character wise she did her bit. It’s a start and I remain cautiously optimistic but VB didn’t fail because of Suzy there were other mitigating factors she is not one of them. I’m being fair.

      • Her fans claim her as some ratings magnet but she wasnt able to bring ratings in korea and domestic market matters. It decide whether a show is hit or not and suzy isnt jun ji hyun or song hye kyo in overseas market who r internationally popular. Even park shin hye is way bigger than suzy outside korea and i dont even like psh. Suzy popularity is in korea and she failed in ratings. Vagabond is not descendants of the sun or boys over flowers or my love from star or sunshine in internationally popularity and impact. It is a flop. sbs had to divide episode in 3 parts to show the ratings of peak out of 3 parts but overall average is just over 8. Not even 10 %. Cable dramas did better. it is flop and suzy has no star power
        She is a flop movie actress. Her next roles r not even note worthy and now she cant bring ratings
        Last movie where she had to carry it flopped miserably
        Ginger suzy arrogant fans deserve facts when they keep saying she is most in demand actress when kim tae ri and kim go eun and now yoona has better movie careers and get best offers.
        In drama land where her fans say she gets best roles. I disagree. Kim tae ri had blockbuster in mr sunshine. Kim go eun show is biggest next year with lee min ho. shin se kyung is doing good too
        so no she doesnt get the best offers. No actress will accept flowerpot show piece roles sorry to say
        A star has to bring ratings in first few weeks to show star power and suzy failed to do so
        And her fans theory that she gets best offers and others get scraps is false and is proven. Even now her cfs r not on par with what she had few years back. Iu has more cf deals.
        In gallup drama ranking suzy failed to make list in top 10 overall and in movie ranking she is no where. she is no top movie actress
        Her fans need facts who keep saying she is best and gets best offers lmao. her next role is ha jung woo’s wife role in volcano movie. Do u see kim tae ri doing such useless roe? she is doing alien movie with thieves director. so how suzy get best roles thing is true? Her fans r proven false over and over. And her acting has no scope in role and she accepted such role where she has nothing to show. She knows that . i just find it hilarious that her fans say other actresses get no roles and she gets all roles which is untrue. It took her 5 years to land a useless role in movie. Park bo gum and suzy movie is only one where she must have some decent role and she has to prove she can sell tickets or not. so no , top movie directors has better options. Kim tae ri topped polls of top movie actress of her gen. so how suzy is ahead? her arrogant fans need reality check. and vagabond is flop. Its no dots overseas

      • Well regardless if her fans praise her for whatever reason she shouldn’t be responsible for VB not succeeding in the domestic market it’s still trending on Netflix and garnered popularity internationally so that’s a plus and a fact. I’m being objective when I say she’s still young and still learning so I’m prepared to give her the benefit of the doubt that she chooses her roles wisely. I don’t follow Kim Tae Ri so can’t comment but I know that Suzy is trying to take her acting seriously (move to Soop proves this) and hey she’ll always attract negative attention but at least acknowledge she’s making some positive steps to better herself. Her fans can say whatever they want to glorify her achievements that’s what fans do. For me I’m pointing out just an opinion.

      • Ginger her fans put down others to glorofy her. If i read abovr commrnts. Giving them actual facts is necessary amd show is not bb overseas. Netflix has spend money they will promote but it is not afact that is is hitm noone talks about it lile they do with other big k dramas which become hit overseas she was always known as lee kim ho’s ex gf overseas .i have to disagree. If she is called star she should bring ratings and she failed miserably and overseas she is not a big name like others. Her strength was korea and she cant bring ratings . Where is the improvement? She is doing acting for decade now and she hasnt improved a bit . I dont agree with u ginger but i r entitles to ur opinionm i dont see a single improvememt after decade and her fans need to learn some fact if they pull down other actresses. Her show is megaflop. As simple as that and it is not some blockbuster overseas. It glopped in ratings everywhere. Suzy is flop kpvie actress and now flop drama actress. Her next show is even a degrade in terms of budget. And there she will have no big male lead to help her bring ratings. Only time she had to carry a project was her last mobie and it flopped. She is bad and i will call it out.

      • Suzy is one of many actors in VB and to pinpoint the so called failure of the drama is unfair outright so we will agree to disagree. She’s just one of the many players in a game and I guess she’ll always bear the brunt of criticism however I like to see progress and for me she’s progressing. We’ll leave it at that. Cheers for the exchange though?

    • @adyjunjihyun keep barking suzy is the the best idol actress and 2nd only to kim tae ri among 20s actresses. you’re the one who keeps bringing up other names like kim go eun, iu, yoona, not us. but sorry none of them are as popular and buzzworthy as suzy. suzy is also a better actress than iu and yoona and has the awards and daesangs to back it up.

      • @Marie It’s okay let let have her say it’s allgood let it go no use going on let it go. You’re going to go around in circles.

  20. I totally adore Nam Joo Hyuk in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. Will watch Cheese in The Trap to see more of him. Regardless of all the criticism directed at him, my spidey senses tell me that NJH will hit the big leagues one day. He has perfect comedic timing and cheekiness to shine in comedic roles yet easily switch to vulnerable pathos required for emotional scenes. I was totally weeping when his character in WFKBJ felt that he was abandoned and rejected by his birth mother. K-actors that can make me cry are extremely rare yet this unknown dark horse turned on my waterworks. All the best to him is say and ignore all his naysayers.

  21. Btw i m quite shocked that after mid to late 80s gen actors, korean new wave of actors hasnt become superstars. Last batch of superstars r lmh sjk ksh pbg. But later on i dont see any new gen actor as super star. Maybe eunwoo will become one bcoz of his actor visuals. Or maybe this guy

    • I think the Hallyu Korean wave has hit saturation point in K-dramas. Now the millennials are all about BTS and K-pop music. Actors with serious acting chops are being sidelined but idols who cross over to acting are getting more attention and popularity in TV. Korean cinema is still holding strong with films like Parasite, Train To Busan and Okja gaining prominence in Asia and the west. The older fan base of middle age women who used to swoon over Bae Yong Joon and Won Bin is slowly dying with the emergence of streaming apps like Netflix, Viki, etc which change the viewing habits of the younger generation. Unless K-drama can come up with a new genre that captivates all ages of fans, there will be no more superstar K-drama actors or actresses.

    • Sorry, but how LMH, KSH, SHK and PBG even found each other in one “generation” when there is strange gap between each other? Like literally they became famous 1-2 years apart from each other in the span of like 10 years and suddenly there is “no big superstars today”? PBG was still a thing just like only 2 years ago. And last year JHI and PSJ split between each other popularity. Only this year no drama hit big. So, yeah, there is no such a thing as “new generation”. With drama market around Asia getting big, since everyone learned how to copy k-dramas and their dramas hitting big in their respective country, all the guys above except maybe LMH (2009 BOF version of him) and KSH (MBFTS era) never were universally big anyway. Their popularity were comparable between each other. Wait until next big drama hits and whatever guy in it will get a credit for being “Hallyu King” or whatever. For a moment Gong Yoo, LWD and Hyun Bin also were as big as KSH and PBG. But truth is k-drama world has a lot of new faces and a lot old “2nd lead” guys getting their moment to shine. LMH, KSH, LJS had less competitive days when they hit big in Asia, so it just felt like they’re “bigger”.

      • I think it’s just a matter of time for Nam Joo Hyuk and Cha Eun Woo to hit big for the mid to late 90s generation of actors. Although acting is questionable, they have the visuals and the star power. All they need is an above-average rated hallyu type of drama and they’re on their way. I would have said Yeo Jin Goo too but it seems he lacks the visuals/star power of those two despite being a good actor and having had two dramas hit >10% this year.

    • PBG is 93 lines, not 80s actor. He is part of new generation.
      I doubt CEW Will make it, even as an idol his popularity is weak. My bet Will be on JDY and NJH. But still PBG is a wall for this young actors.

      • CEW is big with the kpop teenagers, you won’t see them in SK ratings bcoz they all stream online. PBG is with the ahjummas. JDY and NJH are good with the 20+.

      • CEW visual maybe almost perfect but his expression is too awkward . He only so so in my id gangnam beauty ciz his character doesn’t need a lot of expression . Hope he take acting lesson so he could improve tho

      • @candycane Nope PBG’s teenagers fanbase is big too, did you check Gallup? In kpop his album sold better than astro, its mean his teenagers fanbase is bigger than astro fanbase, and we still not count his ahjumma fans. Thats why PBG is a wall.

        @heysayjump CEW is super handsome, but if he want to stay in kdramaland he better improved his acting because there’s always a new young boy with good look everyears. Before CEW there’s L btw

      • I did not check Gallup. I know who I like. It’s ok, I am not Korean so whatever they like does not apply to me anyways.

  22. My dear Suzy, just turn this down and lets focus with wonderland. This writer wont make it this far without LJS, and NJH is a no no actor. You will be the only one who carry this drama. Please turn this offer, taking too much project is not good. You will be fine with wonderland.

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