Crash Landing on You Will Not Air Episodes 7-8 Next Week for Better Drama Quality, Resuming Weekend of January 11th

Man, tvN is either trolling me or genuinely want to do its darndest to make the best drama possible. The network announced that it will skip a weekend of airing new episodes of Crash Landing on You, next weekend January 4th it will not air episodes 7 and 8 which will instead air the following weekend of the 11th. The reason given is that the production wants to have slower filming and more post-production time for the cast and crew, since the drama is still filming and sounds like it will catch up soon with the available footage. I’m on principle fine with this especially to give the crew rest, but when it’s a drama I’m as addicted to as Crash this is totally inhumane torture! Next weekend there will be Crash airing during its time slot but will be two drama specials to catch new viewers up.


Crash Landing on You Will Not Air Episodes 7-8 Next Week for Better Drama Quality, Resuming Weekend of January 11th — 24 Comments

  1. I think it’s good that they get a break but it’s strange since the ratings are climbing and one would think tvN will want to capitalise quickly on this winning drama for them. It looks poised to go past 10% and perhaps even beyond.
    I’m worried it may be Kim Jung Hyun? He had some health issues previously and had to exit time. I hope he’s fine, his career won’t survive a second case of this especially in such a high profile setting

    Regardless I’m all for quality. I like the episodes as they are but perhaps we have some good twist and turns coming that requires more work. Can’t wait!

  2. I was all agreed when I read about your previous article about Crash – that Christmas and New Year did not fall during the weekend or Crash broadcast will be cancelled. But a few hours later, got the news there will be no new episodes this week! My heart breaks. The waiting is absolute torture! Especially after that cliffhanger!

  3. When it comes to drama, people only see the actors but don’t see the jobs of the staff and crew. While actors rest after the shoot, PDs have to continue working to the editing room to give us the best episodes.

    While it’s a torture to wait, I understand.

  4. I have an uncanny feeling that Dispatch 1/1 couple was likely to be Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin and heavy negotiations were made to stop the disclosure since it potentially might derail the hype the drama is gathering right now. Hyun Bin is experiencing explosive popularity at the moment especially in China and locally. Drama is also on track to become the next MFTS and DOTS. Might be the same situation like the one with Kang Daniel and Jihyo in that Dispatch reached a settlement with his company to only release the news a week after his album drops. The break might be a just in case those involved can’t reach a proper settlement. Gives them time to work on a backup plan as well. Thanks for reading this conspiracy theory. Never know. Haha… in korea most people think them being a real life couple is an open secret.

    • While HB and SHJ have explosive chemistry in the drama, the reason I love Crash Landing from the get-go, but I do think they are not dating.?

      • Dispatch never follows a schedule to drop dating news. As and when they feel like it. Its just this year something def fishy going on. Fingers crossed for march 😉

    • WELL. I’m definetly shipping this couple lol I mean.. it’s true tho, the rumors in korea are strong about them after the pictures buying groceries on a USA market, and now being on camera together specially with the bts of the drama, they’re all crazed making conclutions of them dating..
      But whatever happen between them I just hope this didn’t repeat, it’s torture wait for the episodes every week and in my home even my parents (both) are desperately waiting too ;(

  5. Compared to his last drama, MoA, this is a very much watered-down performance, although he is still excellently smexy and all.
    I also don’t feel the so called special chemistry with SYJ. He is simply good with all his female leads.

  6. Beg to differ with the opinion of HYB & SYJ lacking chemistry … I have never seen this man smile so often like he does with this show. Even if they’re not together IRL, it makes the chemistry even more ticklish cuz they sure look & feel good together! Also, nice to have a proper rom-com with two people of the same age & actually are friends. Difficult to wait two weeks but definitely worth it! And why is he sobbing in the preview??! Torture, indeed.

    • I am being naughty when I say this. I am counting down the number of kiss scenes HB will have with SYJ in CL to see if the record will surpass the one he did with HJW in SG. This is strictly tongue-in-cheek humour (not many people understand my dry sense of Kiwi humour from Aotearoa unfortunately). Not dissing or shipping anyone with anyone here, love both SYJ and HJW. Just purely based on physical/sexual chemistry between 2 TV characters in a K-drama. I think SYJ will come out the better kisser, the one in the boat was steamy, hair pulling and all. Lol. Bring it on Binnie, can’t wait for the romance to pick up pace.

    • SYJ can definitely bring on more steamssss judging from all her previous movies, this does not necessarily mean she will have romance with anyone in real life. Still good luck in your Shipping ?

      • Not shipping A with B or any pairing in real life. They can marry a Martian or Venusian for all I care but I am comparing chemistry level from same actor or actress in different roles with different leads. I wrote the above comment after discussing Park Min Young’s chemistry with her male leads in Healer with Ji Chang Wook, WWWSK with Park Seo Joon and HPL with Kim Jae Wook with other PMY fans in another fan blog. We even gave a rating to see which chemistry rates the highest. This is all done in a fun, light-hearted way focusing solely on character chemistry without pairing PMY with anyone in real life. Just waiting for CL to produce some truly iconic chemistry scenes or memorable kiss scenes that other people will copy later on like the famous coffee foam kiss in SG, the nobleman standing on a boat holding the mermaid’s hand scene from Legend of the Blue Seas. I keep thinking that HB holding up a scented candle for SYJ to look for him at the crowded market when she got lost is the beginning of the hopefully many iconic romantic scenes to come.

  7. My gosh!!! Dont skip even a day of showing this!!! Cant wait to know what happen to Hyun Bin!!!! Im dying to see him alive!!! Im from the Philippines!!! Please put Hyun Bin on Netflix again!!

  8. This is sad news as I was avidly awaiting this. Hope this doesn’t lead to a drop in the ratings as it’s best to keep building on the momentum it currently has. Hyun Bin and SYJ have such smexy chemistry – its a joy to watch.

  9. What thw. I’ve waited excitedly for 6 days until 10pm of today only to find out that it’s not airing until next week?!?! I deleted already all my social media accounts except only for netflix just for crash landing. What is this sorcery? Torture, indeed!!!

  10. Omg it’s said Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin will get marry after this drama end. Someone in Korea told me this break is to prepare for their wedding. Our Binjin heart finally is here.

    • Don’t be so delusional lol . Don’t act like you are their shipper, when you just bunch of troll people. SYJ will not marrying anyone

  11. Doesn’t make sense,the raitings reach the higher level…so why postponed..but well is not options just wait…

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