Episode 8 of Crash Landing on You Leaps Forward in Ratings, Skipping 10% to Go Straight to 11.349%

Goodness does the success of this drama continue to surprise me but it’s been a pleasure from the first episode on so let’s keep the faith the momentum and quality continues. This Sunday’s episode 8 of Crash Landing on You hit 11.349% ratings, a 2% ratings increase from the last episode which is even more incredible since it’s a cable drama. It has Goblin like legs though Goblin hit 12% in episode 3 but stayed between 11-13% for the duration of its run until the final 3 episodes broke past into the 16% range. Crash is at halfway so plenty more runway to flex its wing and also plenty more angst to come if you can believe. I love this drama so much, it’s not about Se Ri and Jung Hyuk loving each other and now sacrificing for the other, it’s that we understand how hard it was for each to get to that point, to fall for another so completely and why that love is special enough to risk everything for. The ending of episode 8 was a total Secret Garden episode 17 ending moment, that epic and so much at stake in how the emotion felt by Jung Hyuk was heart rending.


Episode 8 of Crash Landing on You Leaps Forward in Ratings, Skipping 10% to Go Straight to 11.349% — 27 Comments

  1. Its halfway there. For eg that hotel show hit 10% in 10th episode. Eight episodes left. Average of 8 episodes is 8.4% so far and it will end with double digit average. Huge win! If such high content stays every week. Final episode might touch 18 to 20% and average might end up more than 11 or 12%. For eg mr sunshine hold highest average for cable show around 12% and 10% for cable drama is like 20% for channel like sbs. The week break affected 7th episode ratings but 8th one recivered big way
    The way drama ends on cliffhanger this week people will be tuned out. Because it is getting exciting and more emotional drama.
    Oh my god son ye jin such a fanatasic actress. Great at emotional scenes. N hyun bin is great too.
    I am hookedup. Cant wait for next week and it happens every week. So no point i see ratings going low and it has become huge oveeseas too. I really dont see any new gen actress who can emote like son ye jin. Just imagining woozie in such role scares me! Lol this drama makes vagaflop looks bigger flop on public channel lmao!!!

  2. I still waiting for this show to end its run before deciding to watch it but I’m getting a tad worried.

    There’s some recent rumbling in certain sites and twitter (for example user netizen drama) about the quality going down with poor dialogue and one dimensional villain and becoming kind of stale. The saving grace is the romance of the leads. And It’s only half way into the show… I’m mighty glad I held back from starting because I’m sorry this kind of show won’t deliver esp since I have high hopes due to loving Hyun Bin and the writer most famous work Love from another Star(story was okay but the leads made the show so winnable and fresh).

  3. @laura watch it. I’m a nick picky watcher, while I like Hyun bin I say it as it is if it sucks it sucks but no.. not for this drama. the quality is definitely not decreasing per episode. I thought episode 8 hit a high in terms of quality (it was a little Long only in my opinion) but I like it all.

    Back to the drama
    I really really like how he said: is this what you really mean? And when she says yes , he just goes “I understand, so Don’t cry anymore” and then turns around and walk away.
    Omg I swear , it sounds so cheesy as I type but no it’s a really quality moment. And how much I love it that the noble idiocracy only lasted 1 minute and she’s goes running off to find him. Someone like that, no way you let him go.
    This drama, I heart both male and female lead!

    • Its hilarious how easily shaken she is and when it comes to mr ri, she betrays anybody. The dialogues are golden. Some are so funny in serious situations that I have to do a double take if its for real. Thank you Netflix

    • I loved that scene as well, like, he knows and understand what she really mean behind those words. And i’m really tired for those noble idiocracy so i was hyped when she ran after him, without enough gas 😆😆😆

  4. Lol overreaactions. If u wanna watch critically acclaimed boring shows feel free to. This show is full money with entertainment value like my love from the star. And i cant wait for next week. It always leave u in edge by end so u have to wait for next week. Infact a hit show like hotel luna reached 10% in episode 10. so it is on way to beat it and also becoming highest rated shows of all time on cable. So far average for 8 episodes is 8.4% and i dont see next 8 episodes falling down with audience hookedup and final episode might reach 18 to 20%. In the end average of whole show will end up with more than 10 % which is blockbuster average for cable drama. Highest rated cable drama is mr sunshine with over 12% ratings. This show is blockbuster so far! Lol look at vagaflop on pblic channel it looks even bigger flop and imagining woozie in crying scene just makes me laugh. LOok at son ye jin act ine pisode 8. Her eyes speak volumes

  5. I really have no complaint about this drama and I would say, they did a good job with marketing it as a cheesy romcom with ridiculous plot, so viewers actually tuned in the first place, expecting to ridicule it but end up loving it. It’s better than coming in at high expectation only to be let down.

    The romance definitely dig on me and all the actors are perfectly cast. And can I say how terrific the actor who played the villain, Jo Cheol Kang. He is scary as hell while maintaining that calm tone when speaking.

    I am happy CLOY doing so well and I hope the rating continue to increase.

  6. Think I am the odd one here. I am really not into this. From epi 1 till now is all about going back and unable to. I feel that the story just doesn’t make sense and there isn’t much development. Though HB is one of my fav actor, I am not sure if I should continue. Dr Kim on the other hand is so interesting.

  7. I love Hyun Bin to death and watched all his dramas. About CLOY, I watch from episode 1 to now, thinking if I should continue or not. It’s not going anywhere but just back and forth focusing on how to make the audience swoon over the main leads. No solid background or make any sense. The only thing I like about this drama is how it’s giving me the old goodie Korean dramas vibe. Sorry to say I’m not digging the comedy too. I don’t know but it just not for me. Sorry Hyun Bin, I love you and your performance so much but this well be your first drama I’m dropping.

  8. Dan’s character get my symphathy!how she struggle about the 6 years failed engangement not true love!oh come on he dont deserved your love!my god story become so classic and easy to catch!it’s HB by the way,but he’s character become so annoying lately..whatever the first couple do i dont care,they’ll got an happy ending
    Maybe the second couple will born immediately??cant wait watching them!

  9. Am I’m the only one who is not feeling Son Ye Jin performance. I also don’t like her character. She is an unbeatable person who is hard to go down for anyone. Out of the blue she is following everyone in North Korea direction and is super friendly. Making everyone falling in love with her. I also don’t like Hyun Bins character. No it’s not working. I ff in every episodes. Debating if I should continue. Maybe no.

  10. @stardust, loved that scene, too. Jung Hyuk could have pulled the macho act of dragging her with him or be jealous of the con-man about to marry her … but he does that …asks a simple question … even if he may not know she was doing it for him, he can walk away knowing she is going home. By wiping away her tears, he understood. Of course, my heart dropped!

    And for the others doubting the beauty of this drama, read Bitches Over Dramas blog to see her excellent breakdown of the last scene in Episode 8.

    Also, been listening to a song that said “our love is a never ending goodbye” -fits them right? If that’s overreaction, then I’m guilty and proud of it.

  11. I guess am one of few but seriously not into this at all. Am still hanging on but these days kdramas are just not it, am in a serious drama slump and I need a fantastic one to get me out of it… Can anyone help?

      • Whatever haters, rating speaks volume. They only start at 6 and now climbing and surpass MOA highest rate already. I simply love episode 8. Both leads gave splendid performance and i mesmerised with lead actress in this episode.

  12. I am who really doesn’t give a damn about Ratings at all. IF a drama speaks to me, it speaks to me.

    Of all the offerings out:
    1) Crash is entertaining but the plot is ridiculous. The only thing keeping me tuned in is the humour, the dialogue … Hyun-bin not really Son Ye-jin but their interactions and his crew.
    2) Chocolate is slow but like Chocolates in a box – it is interesting every week and touches a spot.
    3) Dr Kim – very good so far in both episodes.

    Not watching anything else.

  13. I am a viewer who doesn’t get excited over Ratings hype. And really don’t give a damn about Ratings at all.

    IF a drama speaks to me, well it speaks to me regardless of whatever its Ratings are.

    Of all the offerings out:
    1) Crash is entertaining but the plot is quite ridiculous. The only thing keeping me tuned in is the humour, the dialogue … Hyun-bin not really Son Ye-jin sorry … their interactions and his crew.

    2) Chocolate is slow but like Chocolates in a box – it is interesting every week and touches a spot.

    3) Dr Kim – very good so far in both episodes.

    Not watching anything else.

  14. Guess I’m not alone because I really don’t like this drama. I decided to watch it because of the buzz it created. I don’t have a favorite actor or actresses to be biase over. Usually watch anything that will entertained me. Everything about the drama is a big disappointment to me. I try to enjoy it but can’t. CLOY drama is just a mashup of all the dramas the writer has wrote before to make viewers fall in love with Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin. Instead of giving the audience an actual story with a reasonable background. This is the type of drama that only a certain actors and actresses can pull off. Which to me Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin are not, so it’s a bye for me too. My friend watched it and also dropped it.

  15. Lol I’m surprised many don’t like this drama. I watched, no fast-forwarded through all 8 eps. Nothing about it hooks me. There’s no plot at all, no climax nothing, and I don’t find this sort of borderline slapstick duh comedy stuff funny at all. Neither of the leads are that good at this sort of “comedic” stuff and they both don’t draw me in. I actually think HB looked miles better in Alhambra than here. The writer simply put random scenes together to make the audience swoon over the leads. I actually think it’s her worst written drama. Even legend of the blue sea wasn’t this meh. Alhambra had its faults but is still a much better watch than this – a complete snoozefest.

  16. @Eve – I guess you won’t see the quality of the drama if you fast forwarded through the scenes. How then, can you form an objective opinion? Admittedly, all dramas are not for everyone and what you may find a snoozefest would be really interesting to another person. This particular drama builds a lot on dialogue and non-vocally expressed chemistry, so in fast fowarding through the scenes, you may miss the suspense and what truly makes the drama interesting and captivating. I admit that I watched the first episode mostly to criticize the unbelievable plot. But the way it was laid out suspended my incredulousness and I found the plot relatable and believable. Acting is on point from all the cast and crew and the characters are sympathetic. Son Ye Jin is giving one of her best performances in a drama and Hyun Bin’s smiles are very sweet, soft and endearing. Supporting characters Kim Jung Hyun and Seo Ji Hye are endearingly human. What’s not to love? What I really like about the drama is that it covers life in N. Korea in a non-condemning, everyday manner which gives the viewer a different perspective from life in Seoul. I admire the writer for choosing to cast the location of the drama outside of S. Korea; it brings a freshness to the drama that most other dramas lack. I’m curious about the next episodes, I want to see, if they will at any point feature the rest of the drama in Seoul.

  17. I agree with @jusash. CLOY plot is quite ridiculous. I already know it is not based on real political situation and it is ok. But all the minions act so cartoonish, and some overacts a bit too cringey. The female lead being in her late 30’s and a supposedly successful business woman behaving like an airhead is not believable. The second leads are both very annoying. So far I enjoy the craziness but the plot is quite empty. It has too much cheese to my liking, but I am still watching because of HB. Ratings only speak volume in South Korea as we all know what those ahjummas like, Mr Sunshine has the highest rating but I cannot watch Lee Santa. Do not call those who voice their dislike a hater, because not everyone has the same taste. I am also watching Dr Kim, always enjoy HSK’s performance, and story is strong so far. The third drama I am watching is Touch, it is very refreshing, funny and entertaining. I like the comedy here more than the cheesy CLOY. For those who love putting on makeup and want some easy light watch, give Touch a try.

  18. Alot of the comments that are a ‘nay’ for CLOY actually reflect the circumstances in the show–

    “going nowhere”, “going round in circles”, “slow” — it is a reflection of North Korea.

    Nobody there can get in or out, nobody there is very much privy to all the entertainment we have in our capitalist countries, most of them live a slow, mundane life.

    I would be frustrated and bored out of my ears living like that too. Can you sense the frustration and desperation of not being able to get out?

    And yet Seri manages to make the best of what she has, instead of sitting and whining around. She puts her faith and trust in soldiers who CAN kill her. She uses her charm offensive. She is both vulnerable and strong. I’ve lived in a comm. country for a good number of years, and you play all the games you can get, to stay alive/ get on a good side/ maintain being on the good side. This is not Seoul where she can get her way just by clout or connections. She is nobody.

    I think its important to remember: it is vastly different for an outsider looking on into a closed country and coming up with opinions on how the citizens should be like, vs living in a closed country with propaganda all your life. The writer has tried her best to convey that, but since NK is still closed, there is artistic license as well. Same goes for audiences.

    I’m not saying there aren’t cheesy scenes- gawd i nearly rolled my eyes when Hyun Bin’s voiceover about “i will protect her” while rolling down the fields in that motorbike came on my screen.

    But the beauty of this drama isn’t its dialogue; its the emoting and microexpressions of the cast that would be missed if you fast forwarded the drama or picked special scenes.

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